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The CP Show

The CP Show


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A Realistic and Variety based show that wants to present Knowledge, Education, Historical and other types of Information on a variety amount of topics. Let's share the journey in learning from one another.

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Wanted to add some more context with regard to the quietly still talked about, but, overall not at all, Racial Dynamics in the Captial Rioting.

Let'ts talk about that: The Congressional Rioting, that happen last week. The Rhino on couch, that is still overall not and will not be talked about...Various things....Shhhh......!!!!

This is a additional Context to the Reparations!! The Cultural Mental Switchery against Black (Sell outs Be gone) Folks show. Feel free to click the follow button....for future shows, if you like. Either way, I hope you enjoy this upcoming... more

Reparations!!! How intesting, that in every turn, their are personnel, that want to play the "Denial" based mental game(s). Eventhough: 1. Has nothing to do with just "Monetary" (But others, who know, who they are, benefit off... more

Sometimes, it is forgotten, how truly life is short. The Money, The Looks, Cars, Title's, Materisitc Things, ultimately mean nothing, Enjoying them yes, Worshiping their inportance to inflate one's ego. Not really logical.

You are in for an enlightening and powerful discussion with Author: Playright, Director. Prof. Armstrong, who has book on Amazon called: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and the Power of Black Music. It is essential and neccessary to... more

What has happen to Love in relationships. In this episode. We will discuss two types of Love. 1. The love of a significant other (marriage..etc) or serious love relationship 2. The Love of (True) Friend

How do we want to be remembered when that time has come in the passing of this phase of life. Its not about any doctrine or anything of that sort. Its about asking the question,of questions,that too many times is not really thought of.

Very Simple, but, very complex. Is their strife between A percentage of African Americans and A percentage of Africans. It seems to be, which would be determined by the opinions of various personnel on how hey look at this subject.

How many people would say, they have fallen for foolishness from personnel that gave them the smooth talk of a slick based tongue of words at work or "friends" or from some "family" or someone you thought you were in love with and they end... more