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Taui is the public relations affiliate for the Ausar Auset Society, one of the world's leading instructors of Kamitic (ancient Egyptian) spirituality. Ausar Auset is an international Kamitic Spiritual organization that was founded 37 years ago. Its founder, Ra Un Nefer Amen is the author of the Metu Neter volumes (3 to date), the Metu Neter oracle, Tree of Life Meditation Systems, Qi Gong Success, Nuk Au Neter (the world's first and only correct translation of the so called Egyptian Book of the Dead/Pert Em Hru, and many other books on Kamitic spirituality, I Ching and Qi Gong.

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One of the best kept secrets of spirituality is that mantras or words of power are the chief keys to the power of mind over matter. Mantras, words of power, angels, names of God and so-called "deities" are one and the same. Join Ra Un Nefer... more

The Winter Solstice begins December 22nd5:30am (GMT), 12:30am EST and ends Dec. 25thmidnight. Everything that happens in your spirit, good and bad, is directly determined by your spirit. If you do not care for the way your life is going,... more

Metu Neter, volume 6, Ra Initiation; Ra Un Nefer Amen's latest book will show you how. The book explains in great detail how to use the 75 words of power to improve your life in over 200 areas of life. You will find mantras that will help you... more

Ra Un Nefer Amen has now released one of the most important books in the Metu Neter series. Ra Un Nefer Amen's latest publication. Ra is the Holy Spirit of God and of man. It is composed of 11 faculties and 72 sub faculties. The Ra... more

Ra Un Nefer Amen discusses how you can learn to manage your weight and to improve your health with the meditation system taught in Metu Neter, volume 5. In this volume of the Metu Neter series Mr. Amen focuses on the brain-spirit... more

Several meditation techniques have been clinically proven to lower blood pressure. You can learn a special application developed by Ra Un Nefer Amen of the Zazen meditation technique as taught in his latest book Metu... more

Join Ra Un Nefer Amen, author of the best selling Metu Neter series as he discusses the latest addition to the series. In volume 5, the author integrates the spiritual teachings of ancient Egypt with leading scientific discoveries of natural... more

Het Heru, aka Venus, Aphrodite, Oshum Erzulie, etc. represents the faculty of the spirit (sub-conscious mind) that is responsible for our artistic, romantic, inventive, creative, socializing talents. The amount of talent exhibited by a person depends... more

The Kamitic Spiritual system and religion has two basic divisions. One focuses on the Divine Self and was known as the Ausarian initiation system, and the other on the Divine Spirit and was known as the Ra initiation system. Ra Un Nefer... more

Bazi, aka Four Pillars is the real Chinese Astrology. It reveals the ten modalities of the life-force (qi) that are responsible for all events in a person's life. Ra Un Nefer Amen will share how you can learn about the careers that are best for you... more