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Passing time while waiting for collapse, and some points to ponder while we wait

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Paul Ryan was a no-show. So was Mitch McConnell. 

But Obama on Monday signed the federal budget bill crammed through by Republicans last week. The deal eliminates any cap on the federal debut through the remainder of Obama's final term in office. Obama says he applauds this as part of a "longer term, more responsible budget process." 


You may have also seen in the past week or so that an heir to the Disney forture now spends her money and time creating documentaries touting progressive causes. Abigail Disney's latest venture chronicles an evangelical minister whose outlook on guns has undergone conversion, and he now preaches gun control. 

Wonder what Abby's Uncle Walk would say of such things? 

Would Disney's Swiss Family Robinson have been a better movie if the Robinson's had declared their island a gun free zone? 

Even the Leftists are finding things to be spiralling out of control. Especially on college campuses. Meanwhile, the left's attempt at mainstream media keeps dishing lines about today's conservatives being a rising form of fascism. 

Try to connect today's dots, and it looks like scribbling. Expect no better when the dots are from today's leaders, who lead with the immaturity of a raging child with a box of broken crayons.

So back to our headline, how are you passing the time on the way to collapse? How much time do you think we have left?