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Venezuela's collapse: Does it give warning to a tottering America?

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A friend send us a link this week to a report out of Venezuela that newborns are dying in hospital from exposure to bacteria spread by an infestation of opposums at the facility. The report also said restroom service was spotty as well. 


Six years ago, there was many a Lefty who touted Venezuela's "constitutional right" to health care as a model for the U.S. to follow. Even just a couple years back, as consumer goods began to be in short supply, and the Venezuelan economy was faultering, many an American or European Lefty dismissed such reports as media hype, just biased bashing of a popular socialist regime. 


The facade of prosperity is now long gone. Venezuela's hit the wall. It's in full collapse, and despite a government crackdown on news reporting, those stories that do get out paint an ever more dire picture. 


So, is this just the stuff of another South American country falling on hard times, or do Venezuela's hard times hold clues of what may be taking shape in our own USA?


If you're still among those who insist such a downfall can't happen here, join us Friday at one o'clock Eastern as we connect some of this week's dots that, when connected, suggest we really are living in unparalleled perilous times. 



Apologies for the lateness in posting this week's show outlook. Doug's been under a jury duty summons all week, and we weren't sure he'd be clear by show time. The summons has been lifted, we're clear for Friday's show.