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Don and Doug connect the dots in perilous times. Conservative talk and analysis of political, economic and social matters.

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Latest word on the White House "whistleblower"? Being reported as having worked previously with VP Biden. Has DC thrown in the towel on any attempt to even pretend to have a legitimate government? Personality and egos have run... more

Donald Trump may win reelection. Not be because he's won a lot of new followers. But because he's the candidate, maybe the only one, who's not talking about confiscating guns, mandating change to your diet. He's not vowing to shut... more

Very surreal times. News media jumped all over the notion that the mass shooter in Odessa, Texas bought his rifle in a private party sale. But did he really? Or did he buy a black market rifle in a black market transaction? Media is slow to... more

Stock market looking shaky. Gun and ammo market holding its own, and likely to surge. Rising violence... including violence and protests targeting ICE. A crown in Philly taunted police, even as officers six officers were wounded in a... more

Did you watch this week's Democratic Party debates? Ratings were soft on Tuesday, ramped up a little on Wednesday. Was anyone a stand out? Is anyone really impressed with any of these candidates? The Democrats look a lot like... more

It's like 2015 all over again. Trump tweets, and the media rushes to react. It worked to Trump's advantage in the 2016 election cycle. Will it work for 2020? Meanwhile, most media didn't pay a lot of attention when a self-proclaimed... more

Been some strange things happening lately. Anti-Trumpers, who looked the other way when Obama was "detaining children in cages" and had them sleeing on the floors, now get upset when Trump orders beds for children in those faclities.... more

The 2020 election cycle is ramping up. But what's really been gained in the past two and a half years under a Trump presidency? Where's the wall? Has illegal immigration been halted? Has the Supreme Court shifted in discernable ways?... more

So much talk. Democrats still grasp for straws from the Mueller report. Some still talk of impeaching Trump. But for the most part, it's talk. Nothing more. For far at least. Still, are things any better on the Republican side? Still a bunch of fainted... more

Forget governance. The Congress, under Democrats, remains obsessed with anti-Trump theater. Deepening questions about spying on the Trump campaign. And on the Trump transition team. Do we get to know the genesis of this... more