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After choosing a Live Food Vegan Lifestyle over surgery, the Doctor told Rebecca Johnson that she was making a fatal decision. That was in 2000, over twelve years ago. This national cover model turned "plant-based" nutritional expert information and recipes based on nutrition science that we now know defies many conditions and disease while promoting vitality, youth and beauty.

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Hear this amazing real life story as we discuss the "process of healing" and faith. After getting hit by an MTA bus, Victoria is living out a miraculous healing. While sedated, her sister refused the surgeon's recommendation to amputate her leg,... more

At one point I became totally overwhelmed by the thought that my own body was against me. Everything and anything that could go wrong seemed to be. I had a host of symptoms: anemia, high blood pressure, acne, ezcema and more. But... more

Bloomberg Business says "Americans spend $40 billion a year on weight-loss programs and products." Rebecca Reisner wrote, " Most offensive are alleged fitness experts who issue such advice as: ?Keep your nose out of carrots,... more

Hear from Jared Koch, author of Clean Plates, Steve Meyorowitz, the Sproutman, and Sarah Gross, event creator at the first ever NYC Vegetarian Food Festival held on April 3, 2011.

GMO, GEO, Organic and Sustainable, these are some of the terms found to describe food. But what do they mean? How does it impact you? The National Organic Program (NOP) certification requirements are decided by the USDA... more

We are learning more every day about how what goes in our bodies effects every area of our lives. Our bodies have several intricate systems that contribute to our overall health, the largest of which is elimination. Learn how to eat and cleanse... more

Ashley Julin, an Armed Forces Veteran, photographer and juicing expert, and Joanna Faillace, Certified Biblical Health Coach, Author & Speaker and Host of Cable TV’s Super-Naturally Healthy Cooking Show. Eating healthy can be a... more

Every day foods and snacks include hard to pronounce additives that over a period of time inhibit digestion and the metabolizing of food. Learn how to decipher ingredients so you can make a choice for health for you and your family.