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  • The Diversity of Girls and Women of Color: Standards of Beauty

    in Culture

    Historically the diversity of girls and women of color has been ignored, insulted, and

    “We live in a society that does not always embrace the diversity of girls and women of color. Research has thoroughly documented how negative stereotypes, negative perceptions, and standards of beauty do not include or embrace the diversity of girls and women of color. Low values placed on girls and women of color with respect to their voices, emotional needs, abilities, and physical attributes (hair, skin color, body image, and other phenotypes) affect the psychological, emotional, physical and social well-being of girls and women of color.” (Culbreth, 2014)

    Join Dr. Culbreth and guests, Professor Celeste Atkins, Professor LaToya Lee and Dr. Julie Jung-Kim for a thought-provoking discussion on standards of beauty and how girls and women of color are treated disparately in society because of their skin color, race, hair, weight, etc.  Topics will include colorism, racism, weight, body shamming, the foundation of beautiful among other topics and suggestions for moving forward. 

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    The Importance of Celebrating, Embracing & Empowering Girls & Women of Color

    in Culture

    Join Dr. Culbreth for an update on the celebration activities as the countdown to the official launch of the National Girls and Women of Color Council, Inc. begins!

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    Women of Color Breaking Down Race and Color Barriers

    in Culture

    Race and color barriers are still issues that affect the overall well-being and advancement of women of color in the millennium. Join Dr. Culbreth and guests, Professor Samii Kennedy Benson, Professor Charish Halliburton, Dr. Lata Murti, and Professor Evelyn Reynolds for a thought-provoking discussion on race and color barriers that attempt to stagnate the well-being and advancement of women of color. Topics include racism, colorism, white privilege, white superiority, occupational sabotage, lack of respect, interracial and interracial diversity, the problem with tolerance, education, inequality, on being marginalized, invisibility, disparate treatment, film, media and music industries, intimidation, standards of beauty, among a plethora of topics. The highlight of the show will be our esteemed guests’ recommendations and strategies for breaking down race and color barriers.  

    Listener Line:  914-338-1308 - Call in to listen live, ask questions, comments or share.



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    The Impact of Social Media on Girls and Women of Color

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    Social media has become the means of communicating, connecting, networking, sharing, and activism in the twenty-first century.  We have witnessed social media as a medium for news, events, advertising, public shaming, and publishing, etc. However, the question of how social media impacts girls and women of color is one that promises to view social media in a different light.  

    Join Dr. Culbreth, Professor Charish Halliburton and Dr. Alessandra Rosa for an enlightening discussion on how social media impacts the lives of girls and women of color in the twenty-first century psychologically, emotionally, physically and socially. Topics include racism, colorism, and other isms, social justice, mixed race identity, movements, selfies, self-esteem, bullying, professionalism, education, politics, personal issue, bullying, dangers, risks, and the pros and cons of using social media among other topics. 

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    Fighting Infertility for Women of Color

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    Did you know that  7.3 million people in the United States are affected by issues of infertility but black women are twice as likely as white women to experience these issues. Still, black women are less likely to seek treatment, according to experts.

    “Popular culture may portray black men and women as hyper-fertile, baby-making machines,” Rev. Stacey says. “But the reality is that many of us are suffering in silence trying to conceive and we don't have anyone to turn to.” Fertility for Colored Girls is unique because it offers a holistic approach to fertility infertility: expert advice of nutritionists, obstetricians and gynecologists address the biological solutions; adoption agencies and family planning experts address alternative options and a prayer/support circle available for women and couples address the issue from a faith perspective.

    Join us this week as we talk with the organization creator, Rev. Dr. Stacy Edwards-Dunn, who not just knows about the subject, but along with her husband have experienced this process in their lives, and are now providing hope for others.  Call in, join the conversation and investigate some solutions you might not knew were available.  That is this Tuesday night at 8:00pm on Healing and Hope for the Heart!.

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    The Effects of Colorism on Girls and Women of Color

    in Culture

    The Effects of Colorism on Girls and Women of Color: An Interview with the Award Winning Filmmaker of Yellow Fever, Ng’endo Mukii.

    Join Dr. Culbreth and Kenyan filmmaker Ng'endo Mukii for a discussion on Ms. Mukii's film Yellow Fever, a film focusing on the effects of colorism on the self-image and self-esteem of girls and women of color. 


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    Women of Color: More Than Just A Trend/Stereotype

    in Culture

    Join Dr. Culbreth and Dr. Jung-Kim for a discussion on how girls and women of color are depicted in media, in print, and in their daily lives.


    Women of color as trends?
    The continued insults (conscious/unconscious and intentional/unintentional)
    Defying negative stereotypes
    So much more than a stereotype (morals, ethics, sexuality, etc.)
    When apologies are not enough
    The reality of it all
    Psychic prisons and breaking free
    One size does not fit all
    Deeper thought processes
    On being bigger, better and bolder
    Keep the faith
    Why we must celebrate, embrace, and empower girls and women of color

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    Mental and Physical Health Issues Affecting Girls and Women of Color

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    Mental health is a hot topic in the media in light of recent events in society however discussion on how mental health issues affect girls and women of color is a topic that is rarely discussed openly.

    Join Dr. Culbreth, Professor Charish Halliburton and Ms. Sonia Renee Brown for a discussion on mental and physical health issues that affect girls and women of color.  Topics will focus on how racism and colorism affect mental health; identity, socioeconomics, culture, race, and ethnicity, poverty, violence and mental illness, girls of color and mental health in the classroom, peers, mental health and the workplace, stress or mental health issues,  labels, professional women of color and mental health, professional help, resources and support.  Topics involving physical health issues will include physical exams, major health issues affecting girls and women of color, nutrition, and exercise.

    Call in to ask questions, comment or share by dialing 914-338-1308



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    Hot Topics: What Do Women of Color Have to Say!

    in Women

    Join host Ola Jackson on Monday, April 6,  at 11:30 - 12:00 pm (est) for a candid conversation about issues facing women of color. Whether they are topics trending in the media, in business; or career and lifestyle matters. Also, listen in on our future segments for the single ladies. You'll also enjoy our, Your Stylish Ways, style tips.

    Joining me for the kickoff of our new show is Tara Sherry-Torres, founder of Cafe Con Leche. Cafe Con Leche connects the Pittsburgh Latino community, promotes Latino culture in Pittsburgh and creates a space for dialogue and creative problem solving.  In 2010, Tara graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Master's degree in Social Work with a concentration in Community Organizing.  She is a 2014 Pittsburgh Magazine 40 Under 40 recipient and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2015 People to Meet. 

    A Professional speaker, businesswoman, blogger and life strategist, Dionna Rojas. Dionna is married to an Hispanic man and is the proud mom of two biracial children.  Her business brings practical and inspirational insights to clients who are working to improve their purpose, parenting, and career transitions. A born social worker and social entrepreneur, she is focused on transforming biblical principles and life experiences into strategies that enhances and improves individual lives. 

    About our host: Ola Jackson is the founder of OWN: Onyx Woman Network, for 24 years her business has been a voice and given a voice to women of color via a magazine, a television talk show, a blog, conferences and public relations and marketing services. She is also the Creator of NEW: New Evolving Women, they create media content aimed at women of color. If you would like to be a guest, or have show ideas, contact us at; women@thenewnetworktv.com. See more at: www.thenewnetworktv.com

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    Only women of color matter? - Jobs are STILL disappearing - the CRUZ affair!

    in Politics

    Hr1 ...  Women of color get preference over whites at universities. AND... Are schools teaching police brutality as the norm? AND... Instructor suspended for advocating free speech and civil discourse.

    Hr2 ... Regardless of what the Obama Administration keep saying, jobs keep disappearing. AND... Media mogul, Xander Gibb talks about jumping the GOP ship, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Christianity, atheism, Satanism, & banning Easter.

    Hr3 ... Confused ‘Devout Catholic’ teacher says she lost her faith because The Church wouldn’t pay for her IUD. AND... Radio commentator, Edward Woodson weighs in on the Ted Cruz "affairs" fiasco, presidential prediction, and the Washington DC Donor Elite Party!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Women of Color in Business: Living the Dream

    in Self Help

    More and more women are calling the shots in boardrooms.  One-third of women owned businesses are owned and operated by women of color.  Funding has become more accessible and the drive to succeed is beyond imagination.  These Power Move Makers are excelling in fields that may surprise you.  Tonight we the pleasure of peeking into the Mind Set of Paula Anderson, Owner and Operator of Pace Consulting. 

    JOIN US!

    Knowledge Always Empowers!

    So, Let’s Talk!

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    Wednesday, January 28, 2014 @ 10pm EST

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    Pace Consulting

    Paula Anderson, CEO




    Upcoming Events: 

    February 20-21, 2015

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    Keynote Speaker:  Marcos Mercado