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    Vegas Vince: $50K in 4 Days!

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    Vegas Vince unplugged with the latest spin on sales, marketing, and life. Another Bad Ass episope from Behind The 8-Ball.
    FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER VINCE WILL REVEAL A DEVASTATING TECHNIQUE THAT CAN  PUT 50k IN YOUR POCKET USING SCHOOLS, TAKE HOME FLIERS, UGLY SIGNS, AND HOUSES...... PEOPLE DAMN NEAR GIVE YOU FOR FREE. Believe it or not...it's true. Learn this bad-ass technique along with how to double or triple any business within 30 days! You aint heard this before.
    This goes beyond bad-assery....and Vinnie has kept this one quiet for a long time.....with the exception of my 4 private coaching clients......but I've decided to offer the explosive technique to my loyal listeners  free.
    A Vegas Vince Joint   in association with Legend Productions. Produced, Arranged, Written and Composed by Vegas Vince.
    VegasVinceLegend@gmail.com. Airfare, hotel, and all meals are INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.

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    Vegas Vince: Gambling, Moonshine, Ginseng, & Blackmail

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    Vegas Vince goes solo and unplugged and back to the basics... as he discusses a variety of underground niches that can make you rich as well as how to beat the Las Vegas casinos. For you hardcore fans of the old shows, this one is for you! No interviews....just bad-ass, under-the-radar content you can take to the bank. Vince also discusses a recent blackmail attempt made against him and how he has dealt with it. Starting with this show, we go back "old school" and deliver the content that made Sales and Marketing Behind the 8-Ball the most cutting edge marketing show on BTR. This one kicks ass.....minus ass kissing .ADULTS ONLY! XXX

    Produced, Arranged, Composed, and Written by Vegas Vince. Another Vegas Vince Joint in association with Stay Legendary Productions. Copyright 2014.'






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    Vegas Vince: How To Beat The Las Vegas Casinos Pt. 1

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    When it comes to professional gambling there are NO systems or magic formulas. Las Vegas is designed with one purpose in mind: to seperate you from your money while providing the illusion that you're "having a good time" as u get "sucked in to the bright lights, free drinks, hookers, and all the rest of the ether designed to make you a LOSER. Stop being a sucker.

    Can the casinos actually be beaten? Yes. Will most of you ever have the disipline required to make it happen? Truthfully? NO. You'd rather "play"...then WIN. For those few who actually want to win, tune in to a short but blistering episode exposing what it takes to consistently walk away a winner like I have. For the rest of you who are interested in the free buffets and other sucker traps.....don't waste your time. This show aint for LOOOOOSERS!

    Another Vegas Vince Joint. In association with "Stay Legendary" tm Productions. Produced, Arranged, Composed, and Written by Vegas Vince. Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved

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    Vegas Vince ; Christmas Behind The 8-Ball

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    Based on the popularity of last years show, Vinnie returns with just a mic and a bottle of Jack and gives another off the cuff rant on marketing and life behind the 8-ball.
    For those of you who don't exactly have the easiest time during the holidays.....tune in. You might learn something and get a laugh or two.
    Another Vegas Vince Production:

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    Vegas Vince Exposes Internet Marketing Reptilians!

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    The most controversial Vegas Vince episode in nearly 4 glorious years of laying the smack down on sales, marketing, and life.
    LIVE AND UNCUT....Vince will reveal his long awaited list of marketers who are either Illuminati, Reptilians, Shapeshifters...or a combination of all 3.
    Let there be know doubt the guilty must be exposed...and the NEW WORLD ORDER OF MARKETERS WILL NOT DETER ME!
    Names will be dropped. Heads will fall. CATCH THE TRAIN WRECK LIVE...AND THE FOLLOW COMMENTS AT WWW.MarketingKnockout.Com where we will post the list the day of the show.
    STAY LEGENDARY.  vegas vince xxx

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    VEGAS VINCE: Requiem For A Salesman

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    Marketing Wiseguy Vegas Vince returns with another Sales and Marketing Behind the 8-Ball classic that will change the way you do business and look at life! This show is all about what it takes to become a Legend....being the best in the world at what you do. Fresh off his epic Christmas Behind The 8-Ball Episode....Vegas Vince returns to Blog Talk Radio and delivers his "A Game" all over again. The sales and marketing show that set the standard on btr...delivers the knock out punch one more time. STOP THE PRESS: Vince and Jim Straw???

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    Reverse Engineering? This is a strange title and a strange show...but as usual, Vegas Vince brings a bad ass spin that will open the minds of YOU marketers and show YOU how to easily exploit hidden opportunities to make big money via the art of reverse engineering. As usual Vince's personal life is in shambles but he'll hide nothing in another classic Sales and Marketing Behind The 8-Ball Classic.

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    Vegas Vince breaks down the highly anticipated Barter Secrets launch. Please go to www.BarterIsBest.Com for more powerful, free case studies and learn how to "buy high, sell low....and still bank big profits!"

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    Vegas Vince: Reveals The Billion Dollar Barter Conspiracy

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    Vegas Vince blows the lid off the multi billion dollar Barter Industry conspiracy....and reveals why the barter industry does NOT want him to launch the upcoming Barter Arbitrage product. Another uncut, powerful case study that blows the lid off the Barter Industry as only Vegas Vince can! Learn how to exploit this secret billion dollar industry now! Go to www.BarterIsBest.Com for more awesome free content..and get ready! BARTER ARBITRAGE LAUNCHES SOON.

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    Vegas Vince welcomes legendary salesman Frank DiBono to the house... in the most controversial Behind The 8-Ball episode ever!

    Frank DiBono was also the inspiration for the Alec Baldwin character in the classic sales film-- GLENGARY GLEN ROSS...and served as a consultant for the movie BOILER ROOM.

    The late great copywriter Gary C. Halbert once called DiBono-- "the greatest...most frightening direct phone closer he'd ever seen..."

    Brooklyn born Frank "Frankie" DiBono has sold nearly $25,000,000 worth of goods and services in a career that has spanned nearly 20 years.

    For the first time ever, the KING OF THE BOILER ROOM reveals all, in his first public interview ever. Frankie DiBono is LIVE, UNCUT, AND BRUTALLY HONEST!


    Vegas Vince and Frankie DiBono rock the house in the a Sales and Marketing Behind The 8-Ball classic they will be talking about for a long time.

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    Vegas Vince And Sylvia Rolfe Live XXX

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    Vegas Vince and Sylvia Rolfe behind the 8-Ball talking about life, love, and sex calenders. Oh yeah...and sales and marketing too!