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    The hottest program in running,The Natural Running Network

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    Introduction to the most innovative training network for runners, "The Natural Running Network". Learn why this program is so different than a typical running club, the benefits and how you can become a member. We will also discuss The Natural Running Network's Coaching Program Certification. The program host is Richard Diaz of dhp elite training with over 25 year's experience in the field of human performance and clinical diagnostics of athletic energetics. This will be a highly informative program with interviews of some fascinating athletes and highly respected coaches.

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    The Natural Running Network Q&A Show!

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    Running your first marathon? Are you dealing with nagging injuries? Have questions about heart rate, hydration or program design? Need some great advice? This is the show for you!
    Today’s Q&A is our first of a weekly series of Q&A between you our audience and our Host Richard Diaz and guests. We encourage our fans and visitors to call in live or chat us up to ask any question they may have on the topics of running, fitness or nutrition. This will be a shorter format only 30 minutes but our goal is to provide straight answers to your burning questions, it should be awesome!
    Our Friday show has historically provided excellent information regarding: heart rate, running form, functional strength, program design, hydration, nutrition and much more, however we felt the need to expand our offerings. We could not imagine backing away from the amazing featured guest interviews, yet we know that our audience is hungry for information, so now we have two shows, one dedicated to Q&A every Tuesday morning 9:00 am (PST) and our feature guest interview show each Friday morning at 8:30 am (PST).

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    Powerful Tips to Improve Grip Strength and Running Injury Free

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    Learn simple exercises that will greatly reduce your incident of upper and lower body injuries that are common among runners and OCR athletes from the ground up offered by Dr. Emily Splichal, world renowned podiatrist and human movement specialist.  In the sport of Obstacle Racing there are a lot of demands placed on grip strength. Improper approach to training and racing can result in extensive injuries to both the upper and lower extremities. Dr. Emily shares a few exercise techniques that develop “stability from the ground up- foot to core” by adopting these simple exercises you will gain a significant improvements in running skill, upper body strength while greatly reducing the incident of injury.  

    The Host of “The Natural Running Network” Richard Diaz says: “This episode provides the most useful take away training advice we have offered all year. Dr. Emily is on the cutting edge of evidence based sports science and her research on the subject of developing functional stability is unparalleled. If you put your body to task, you should not only listen to this episode over and over until you completely understand these concepts, you should also share it with your friends”.


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    How to Run Faster while avoiding injury

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    In all recreational and competitive running events from your first 5K to a marathon or Spartan Ultra Beast, athletes tend to get injured.  Generally injuries come about when the weekly mileage increases along with the intensity. Our host Richard Diaz, founder of diaz human performance and The Natural Running Network, has a long history of training runners to perform optimally with his unique approach to what he refers to as “Motor Skill Drills”.  Diaz feels that the key to running fast and avoiding injuries is directly tied to the way you run not how much or how hard you run.  Before you blame your running shoes for your last injury, you should listen to this episode.

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    Running for Your Life

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    This episode was drawn from our archive of shows done 2 years ago.  It is an interview with Gilbert Tuhabonye a genocide survivor, world class runner and now an amazing running coach thriving in Austin Texas. This show is hands down one of them most powerful interviews we had ever done and if you had not hear this story, you really need to listen. It’s about faith, running, hope and achievement.

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    Building Better Athletes through Knowledge... a Q&A Session

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    During our last episode in where Richard Diaz covered the finer points of proper running skills, the show was met with a lot of favor. Many people wrote and asked for more of this type of Q&A format. Hoping to satisfy this request, we reached out to the social media and prompted our audience to send in questions for Richard to address. Topics include: How to effectively employ heart rate, what to do with muscle tears vs strains or sprains, running shoe selection, when and how to include rest in training, questions on cadence, muscle mass and more.

    OCR athletes are hungry for information and most found is anecdotal. The sport is too young for foundational advice which leaves a wide path for misinformation. The goal is to cut through much of the misconceptions and provide logical advice without chasing intangible conclusions. If you enjoy this episode let us know. Our aim is to serve.

    Find more like this by visiting www.naturalrunningnetwork.com 

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    9-year old girl Completes 24-hour BattleFrog. So begins the Controversy.

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    When I first heard that a 9 year old girl had completed a 24 hour BattleFrog obstacle race it was revealed to me in a blog post written by Ekaterina Solovieva, aka., “Solo”, herself a seasoned adventure/obstacle racer/psychologist.  Her catchy title: “A 9-year old completed a 24-hour obstacle race and why I am not impressed”.  I had to better understand why someone would “go there” and needed to dig into this topic simply because, well… it’s just really interesting. Anyone one who is or has raised children must be curious.  Is this a good or bad idea, should race promoters allow this to take place? Lots to think about and we tried to cover it from all angles.  If you care to read the blog for yourself here is the link to “Solo’s” Blog page: www.solovieva.com/not-impressed/

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    The Best of 2012 from The Natural Running Network

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    We compiled segments from three of some of our best interviews to share with you as we move into the New Year. Any one of of these interviews are fascinating in their own right, now get a piece of all 3 in one broadcast.

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    The Next BIG DEAL in Training Technology

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    In previous episodes I had interviewed various coaching experts; guys like Jim Vance and Hunter Allen, both world renowned in endurance sport. We spoke on the evolution of training metrics, such as heart rate, power and the apps in which to gather this information.  All the while behind the scenes, techo-geeks were hard at work developing ways to finally create a reliable gadget that can allow runners to gain the benefits that cyclist have come to appreciate and depend on for several years. We all have come to believe that this is the next BIG Deal in running performance.

    Listen as our host Richard Diaz interviews Johnny Ross, founder and CEO of Medhab Inc. A company that is at the forefront of this evolution in sports performance the first precision power meter for runners; RPM2 (pronounced RPM Squared). Find out what these unique training insoles can do for you and why a serious athlete, someone who works hard to improve and or has struggled with injuries would want to own a pair.

  • Ryan Atkins "Live" Worlds Toughest Mudder Champion

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    Are you are a fan of Obstacle Racing?  Maybe you follow the heroes of the sport and want a chance to ask the reigning World’s Toughest Mudder Champion Ryan Atkins a few questions… well here is your chance! This Friday 9/4/15 8:30 am PST.  Richard Diaz has asked Ryan to come onto “The Natural Running Network Live” to discuss his training, his awesome race season, and his prep for The Spartan World Championship and his decision to go team vs. solo and defend his title as World’s Toughest Mudder Champion.  This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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    High on Marijuana-The New Running Supplement

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    Once an illegal substance, Marijuana is now gaining popularity among Runners as a training enhancement.  Legal in 28 states many runners are smoking pot to improve performance. Join our host Richard Diaz and Jimmy Reed as they visit, “Runners who get high”.

    Once considered taboo, smoking or possessing marijuana could land you in jail.  Now there is a growing trend and experimentation in the benefits of cannabis use among competitive runners.  The vaporize it, eat, rub it on tired and sore muscles and swear by the benefits provided opposed to taking other over the counter and prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs.   It’s an interesting topic and The Natural Running Network is going to tackle it head on.