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  • 01:24

    Pussy Bottom Face

    in Comedy

    Comedian Kyle Grooms & musician Butter join Kurt & Sherrod to talk about the controversy about Beyoncé's new album, the homeless in Austin, Texas and the weirdness of the alt right movement

  • 00:00

    Prince of the City

    in Comedy

    If you guess how the opening clip pertains to Prince, well, you win. Of course we talk about Prince this week but in the way only the Dave Juskow Podcast can bring it to you -- through a roundabout way only a complete idiot would ever think of. BUT, that's the fun. My guest, the great Memo Salazar, and I hash out details for the second installment of The Year of the Godfather at the Comedy Cellar. It's just two pals talking. If you're a fan of the show, you'll like this episode. :)

  • 01:41

    Prince-casting A Murderer

    in Comedy

    Prince passed away, and there are new developments in the Steven Avery case! Big week. Nathan is joined by Taylor Ketchum to go over new leads, Prince's death, how people react to celebrities deaths and what's happening at Chillers. Check it out!

    @nathanmacintosh Twitter/Instagram

  • 00:58

    Boofing 2028’

    in Comedy

    On this weeks Rabbit Hole, Mike is hot off a confrontation with his plumber as we get into who's spying on you through your technology, Tim has a story of a man who was drugged and tracked by the military & the details of the Panama papers

  • 00:57

    Vulnerable Z

    in Comedy

    This week on In The Conversation, Damien and Ali sit down to discuss a variety of topics, including the Baby Bryan Williams VS the Breakfast Club incident, Damien's new truTV show, Comedy Knockout, and Beyonce's new album/ film, Lemonade.
    Come to see ITC live on 5/22 at Cake Shop in the Lower East Side, NYC. Get your tix here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2517473

  • 01:20

    Swimming In The River

    in Comedy

    Yamaneika is joined by comic Cyrus McQueen on this week's episode of Rantin' And Ravin' to discuss a variety of topics including the 2016 election, Post Office war stories, cultural appropriation, the struggle of black artists, and a lot more. Plus, The ManSamp Report with Chris about NASA's Saffire I experiment. Check it out.

  • 01:00

    Thursday At 5pm Is The Best Time To Text A Potential Mate (@OfficeTalk1)

    in Comedy

    Jared is joined on this week's Tuesday episode of The JTrain Podcast by Trip, the creator of @OfficeTalk on Instagram, to read your emails and answer questions about next level texting, how to pick a college roommate, anxiety about switching majors, and ideal post-grad vacations. Plus, Hypotheticals and the news with ManSamp. Check it out, and tune in on Friday!

  • 00:05

    Jazz Rant - Cyclists, are you on a vehicle or not?

    in Comedy

    Why do a lot of cyclists believe they can do whatever they want? If you are a vehicle, there are rules.

    Twitter/ Instagram @nathanmacintosh

  • 00:54


    in Comedy

    The guys hit the road this week from a hotel room at the Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, TX & get into Joe's clogged toilet in Grand Rapids, the Boston Marathon, & Mark getting psychoanalyzed before a hook up. Go on iTunes and give the pod a #5StarLunch review!

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  • 00:55

    Always Have Airplane Mode On When A Girl Sleeps Over (@ComedyOutliers)

    in Comedy

    On this week's Friday episode of The JTrain Podcast, Jared is joined by comics Mike Brown and Brandon Collins to read your emails and answer questions about dealing with your girl getting "you up?" texts, picking up hot girls hanging out at your townhouse's community pool, being confident as a guy hooking up with an older woman, handling intrafrat fighting, and what to do when your potential hookup is in a non-monogamous marriage. Plus, Hypotheticals and the new with ManSamp. Check it out.

  • 00:00

    XCIII. Fat-Guy Perfect (Dave Smith)

    in Comedy

    Prince, Chyna, & other celebrity deaths, women dressing for spring, Luis off the wagon, favorite places to visit & live, Conor McGregor being taken off UFC 200 card, what old Disney princesses would look like, real ass questions, and more with Zac Amico, Kris Tinkle, Chris Scopo, and guest lead-host Dave Smith!