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    Shadow Talk with Astrologer Sherene Schostak: North Node in Libra

    in Spirituality

    ** Prerecorded Podcast ** In this edition I sit down with astrologer and fellow Scorpio, Sherene Schostak, to discuss the lunar nodes leaving Scorpio/Taurus for Libra/Aries. What can we learn from this shift? And what are we still learning from Saturn in Scorpio, which recently went retrograde?

    We're also going on an astrology retreat to Ocho Rios, Jamaica! Check it out: http://empoweringastrology.com/april-astrology-retreat-in-ocho-rios-jamaica

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    Shadow Talk with Astrologer Sherene Schostak: Cardinal Grand Cross Debrief

    in Spirituality

    ** Prerecorded Podcast ** In this edition I sit down again with astrologer and fellow Scorpio, Sherene Schostak, to get a debrief on April's monumental cardinal grand cross. We also look ahead to the Scorpio Full Moon, Mars in Scorpio, and Jupiter in Leo. Sherene also discuses her work with Project 40, a Jungian inspired forty day journey towards deeper awareness and transformation.

    You can find Project 40 at www.jungianauthenticmovement.com/project40/

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    Shadow Talk with Astrologer Sherene Schostak: Eclipse Season

    in Spirituality

    I this pre-recorded episode I'm joined once again by my friend and fellow Scorpio Sherene Shostak. We talk about the astrology of October, eclipses, the shadow, Pluto, Scorpio, and jealousy. We aslo recorded this while staying in beautiful Sedona, Arizona.

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    SWAG Radio Presents: The Giovannis and Sherene Holly

    in Books

    Kenni York is the author of over 11 titles to date. Kenni's love for the literary arts drives her every move. She has ghost written several novels, teaches creative writing classes for youth and adults in Atlanta, serves as the creative and executive producer for the online series Literary Ladies of the ATL, while still finding the time to pen her own titles. Kenni's works have a creative flare that is a combination of mind blowing dialogue, vivid details, and compelling story lines. Her goal is to make a difference with  all of her projects and not just a dollar.

    In southern Dallas, Texas, Sunny Giovanni, or "Gio" as she likes to be called, was born on the fifth day of June in 1989. Born to a mother who was a teacher and a graduate from Texas A&M University, you couldn't so much as watch a Disney movie if you hadn't read the book before hand. Gio has had a very strong history with literature, diversifying from poetry (winning placements in oratorical contests), to thriller short stories as a way to vent her frustrations.

    My name is Sherene Holly Cain. I was born prematurely 3 months early in a car to Gwendolyn Baker and Sammie Holly. I was raised in Compton, CA. I'm 40+ and married to a wonderful man by the name of Darrell Cain. I have 3 beautiful children. My oldest son Demetri is 23 and I have a set of twins, I'munique and Shameek, age 15.

    I love reading, singing, cooking, and of course writing. I have a full time government job but hope to one day pursue my writing on a full time basis. Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I wrote a stage play at age 9 and several poems, songs and short stories thereafter. 

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    Empowering Women: In Life and Health with Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla

    in Health

    Farzanna S. Haffizulla, MD, FACP

    Dr. Farzanna Sherene Haffizulla, the 2014-2015 National President of the American Medical Women’s Association, graduated summa cum laude and with University Honors in Molecular Biology and Microbiology from the University of Central Florida. She completed medical school at The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. She founded and opened her own concierge, hybrid medical practice in 2008 after practicing in a traditional setting for 5 years. Her innovative, creative approach to medical practice allows her to efficiently fuse traditional clinical practice with technology.

    Dr. Haffizulla was recently featured in “Practice Link” magazine’s Winter 2014 edition featuring her medical practice and work/life balance techniques. Dr. Haffizulla has earned several awards including a Quality First Award from the Florida Healthcare Coalition, a leading physician of the world award from The International Association of Healthcare Professionals and was selected as an outstanding woman in healthcare by the International Women’s Leadership Association.

    Dr. Haffizulla served as the President of the South Florida chapter of AMWA and she founded national AMWA’s fellowship program and the Preventive Medicine Task Force. She has also served as the fundraising co-chair and as a member of governance, finance, membership and global outreach committees.

    She is also a nationally recognized speaker and expert on work/life balance and published “Harmony of the Spheres: Career, Family and Community” in 2011. She also founded and runs a work/life balance site BusyMomMD.com. She was a guest on several radio shows and has been invited as keynote speaker at several local and national events. She lives in South Florida with her husband Dr. Jason Haffizulla and her four children Zarina, Anisa, Nadia and Adam.

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    Guest - Kim Davis on Unjust Treatment in MI's Criminal System -3/11 @11:30 am ET

    in Politics Progressive

    Welcome to Independent Underground Radio LIVE - MICHIGAN'S TOP POLITICO PODCAST - Aired each Tuesday & Thursday @ 11am ET.

    Guest Kim Davis, Author of Police, Lawyers and Judges Bullies with Power - A True Story will visit the show to discuss unjust treatment in Michigan's Criminal Justice System.

    Should Michigan increase it's pitiful minimum wage of $7.40 an hour? According to Michigan GOP Chairman Bobby Schostak said Democrats calls for increasing the minimum equals a "power grab" wage hike during a conference call with reporters. Is this true or blatantly false? 

    The fight to extend Federal Unemployment Beneftis continue in the US House of Representatives where Democrats plan on using a "discharge petition" long-shot move to restore payments to jobless workers on halt since December 28, 2013. Will this work or is it too little, too late?

    Independent Underground Radio LIVE FEATURED FOUR YEAR ON BTR -Progressive Talk Radio- podcast based out of Ann Arbor covering Michigan and National Politics, breaking news and more. As Michigan's Top Politico podcast, IU Radio LIVE had over 200K podcast downloads in 2013 alone!

    Host Monica RW is an owner/writer for the popular Independent Underground News website, media consultant for ROJS Media LLC, a experienced grassroots and elected local political leader, and brings her researched Independent opinions to the political issues of the day.

    Call into the show with your thoughts and opinions at 347-934-0185 or tweet us @IUNewsTalk.

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    Wyoming Delaware 2013 or Philadelphia Mississippi 1963?

    in Politics

      Four members of the Independent News Hour attended the Town of Wyoming monthy meeting in Wyoming Delaware on Monday June 3 at 7:30 p.m. EST at the Wyoming town hall annex located on railroad avenue in Wyoming Delaware.    We were there to support Wyoming resident Sherene Lindo. Ms. Lindo served honorably in the United States Air Force, is a registered nurse, and is currently also studying to be a paralegal.    Since 2004 there has been a stream of complaints involving her next door neighbor apparently racially motivated. On Sunday June 19, 2012 her neighbor shot her dog, "Hemi" who had somehow gotten out of the fenced back yard with two other dogs and allegedly attacked a cat.     Title 9 of the Delaware State Code is fairly specific about the circumstances a dog may be shot under and a cat isn't justification to shoot a dog. There is also the question of how the three dogs got out of the yard, the Independent News Hour team went on site and inspected the fence, it was solid and the gates in excellent condition.    So far no charges have been filed against the neighbor, even though this is but one incident in a nine year period of harassment the mayor insists this isn't a 'town matter'. We tend to disagree.    Do we have 1963 style disparity in 2013 Delaware? That may be the case. Join us for a compelling discussion. Call in's welcome. 

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    Fire in Colorado, SCOTUS Decisions To Make You Hot With Rage

    in Politics Conservative

    This week I will tell my own personal story of the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado even though I am one of the fortunate who suffered no personal loss or damage.
    And how could Sherene and I NOT discuss the horrible events of this week.  The horror that, I confess, I have called the death of the Constitution, the death of the Republic? 
    It's been a tough week all the way around and the best way to deal with it is to share it with you.  Won't you give me a call and tell me how you feel about the week's events?

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    The MADASHECC Radio Show - The Dangers of Islam Revealed

    in Politics Conservative

    Special co-host today is Sherene, blogger for MADASHECC and daughter to a one-time Iranian Muslim.  
    Following the path that I ave felt compelled to retread, I will begin a series on the dangers of Islam.  It is my opinion that every Christians, especially, but also every freedom-loving person in this nation needs to take up this cause and fight back.  The fight against the creeping Sharia here in the U.S.A. can only be fought in the court of public opinion, so we have a LOT of work to do in that regard.
    Join me tonite and open your mind and heart to the truth about Islam.  This show must be shared with everyone and especially with those who insist that there is such a thing as "moderate Islam". 

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    Mentionable: Watercooler Topics Include Newt Gingrich's Exit

    in Current Events

    Anything goes if it is "mentionable" with hosts Dan and Dave Davidson.. Join the conversation with callers Sandra from Oregon, Becca from Ohio and Sherene and Alice from Texas as they discuss Newt Gingrich's exit from the presidential race and the latest with Rick Santorum

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    Cafe con Sherene Hulugalle

    in Environment

    Join me for cafe con Eco-Florist Sherene Hulugalle. Find out what makes her Wisteria Lane Flower Shop so special and how Sherene lives La Buena Life.