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    Networking Secrets for Sales and Marketing Professionals in Aviation Industry

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    Secrets, tactics and techniques for expanding your network with aviation thought-leades and decision makers.   Mark Leeper is an expert at building a large and lucrative network of buyers and influencers in your field. In this interview, we ask for his secrets for NBAA, HAI, Oshkosh and other important trade shows.

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    Guerrilla Sales and Marketing

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    Orvel Ray Wilson is our guest tonight.  He is an expert in Guerrilla Sales and Marketing.  He's the author of 5 books on the subject that are bestsellers.  He's an accomplished coach and speaker.  In an international poll, he's been voted one of the Top 5 Sales and Marketing Speakers for 5 years straight.  In this episode of Chalk Talk, you'll learn how to differentite your business so that people notice you, remember you and do business with you instead of your competiiton!

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    The Sales and Marketing Answer Men: Your Path to Careers in Sales and Marketing

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    Marketing and Sales are responsible for aligning and connecting the needs of customers with the capabilities of products and people. Success in the sales & marketing relies heavily on a strong functional skill base, a track record of delivering results and good interpersonal and organizational skill sets.

    Marketing careers span four basic functions:

    Product Strategy and Management
    New Product Discovery and Development
    Integrated Marketing Communications
    Customer Insight and Market Research

    Sales careers span three main functions:

    Account Management
    Inside Sales
    Customer Service Management

    On this episode of the Sales & Marketing Answer Men find out how our hosts Dan and Bill successfully landed in their chosen careers.

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    Sales and Marketing Answer Men - Getting Qualified Leads

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    On today's episode of The Sales & Marketing Answer Men, discover the difference between a qualified sales and a qualified marketing lead and  find out when it's right to participate in RFP processes soliciting your business.

    Plus  Dan will tell you why it's a good idea to always leave a voice mail message.

    Dan Stalp, President of Sandler Sales Training and Bill Brelsford, owner of Rebar Business Builders answer your sales and marketing questions each Thursday morning.  To ask a question anytime go online  :http://www.salesandmarketinganswermen.com

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    Do You Know the Interplay Between Sales and Marketing?

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    Business owners need to understand how to connect their marketing with sales to be effective in getting new clients.

    Does your sales efforts support your marketing proposition. Are you selling before you've qualified your prospects interest?  Do you understand what your client really wants?  Are you asking for the business?  Is your marketing compelling enough to get them to contact you?  And are you making the right impression so that selling is more relaxed?

    Join Steve, Rick and Bill to learn how to create a marketing plan that generates leads and a sales approach that closes deals.  

    Steve Smith – GrowthSourceCoaching.com

    Bill Bernard – WFBLegalConsulting.com

    Rick Moscoso – R2VisualStudios.com

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    Aviation Marketing - Defeating Sales Phobia

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    Nothing Happens ‘Till Somebody Sells Something!

    We’re big fans of automated marketing, especially "inbound marketing," which brings in qualified, interested leads.

    And I enjoy gadgets and technology as much as the next person

    But products and services, especially high-end, high-risk items like aviation products and services, don't simply "sell themselves." There is no gadget, software or trick that will sell them for you.

    In this internet-driven, customer-centric, vending-machine, self-service checkout world, is “sales” really necessary as a profession?

    If you are in business and if you are successful, you probably already know these three things:

     Products do not “sell themselves.”*
     Technology does not sell products.
     “Inbound marketing” is a great step, but even it does not sell products.

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    The Sales and Marketing Answer Men Can Being a Great Sales Person Be Taught?

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    Ever heard of the small business planner?  It’s a new app and it may be just the thing for business owners with seasonal selling demands. Do you believe a sales person is trained or is born with “the gift”?  Dan and Bill share their views plus

    What do you do when your prospect won’t return your calls?

    Dan Stalp, President of Sandler Sales Training and Bill Brelsford, owner of Rebar Business Builders answer your sales and marketing questions each Thursday morning.  To ask a question anytime go online  :http://www.salesandmarketinganswermen.com

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    Colin Daymude- Systems for Marketing!

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    Topics we cover in this conversation:

    Why a system is important, even (or especially) for small businesses who don’t have any money to waste.
    How Henry Ford didn’t invent the automobile, but became successful by automating the process
    How “slacking off” after the sale is why businesses (and marriages!) often fail
    How most businesses become overwhelmed with the first three phases:

    The Eight Phases of the Perfect Customer Lifecycle

    Generating Interest
    Capturing Leads
    Educating and building trust
    Converting the lead
    Processing the sale
    Fulfilling,  “wowing” & educating
    Upselling and cross-selling
    Creating advocates (testimonials, referrals, continuing the relationship)

    Colin Daymude is an entrepreneur, national speaker, trainer, coach and author of 4 books and numerous industry white papers, Colin founded The Annual Mortgage Marketing Review Conference and was former CEO of the fastest growing training company in the US. Colin has personally and/or through Infusionsoft consulted with thousands of businesses and has been described as being on the “cutting edge as a speaker and marketing expert”.

    Colin coordinates partner relationships for Infusionsoft and understands entrepreneurs.

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    Bob Jones of ATP's Ask Bob - The importance of Personality in Aviation Marketing

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    Everyone enjoys working with people they feel they know.  Bob Jones makes ATP customers feel like “insiders” by letting them in on some of the personality and internal fun at ATP.

    Topics we cover in this conversation:

    How “interesting” trumps “professional”
    How to let customers in on the crazy things that happen in any office.
    How to get great blog ideas – (hint – it’s easier than you think)
    Aviation people ARE into social media, we discuss which ones they interact on the most
    How to get your company involved with blogging and social media, and to coordinate the efforts of a team (or teams, if you count marketing, sales & tech folks) without squashing spontaneity.
    How aviation people tend to be “hot” or “cold” on social media, few are “lukewarm” – How to deal with both extremes and keep communications open.

    Bob Jones has been with ATP for 16 years. He is a Product Marketing Specialist for ATP and Managing Editor of AskBob.aero

    Prior to joining ATP Bob owned a FBO in Livermore CA with 141, 145 and 135 certificates

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    Ed Tech Sales: 2016 Job Market Revealed!

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    Hiring trends for ed tech sales professional and shifts in compensation for school sales specialists -- these are important indicators of the health of the educational technology industry. If you sell products and services to educators, staying on top of the job market is essential. If you are a manager looking for ed tech sales talent, how will you compete for the best sales professionals? What does the big picture look like for ed tech sales in 2016? What sales skills are ed tech companies looking for? Are inside sales channels gaining ground or is a field team the preferred way to sell to school administrators? These are some of the questions we unpack during our fast-paced annual K-12 industry forecast with sales recruiter, Mark Phillips, of HireEducation. Mark joins host Glen McCandless. In just 15 minutes we unpack the hiring landscape for professionals in the 2016 school market. Don't miss out!

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