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    Episode 25 Bestselling author Susan Shapiro goes behind her genre crossing prose

    in Writing

    In this Behind the Prose exclusive, I interview Shapiro, who was my thesis mentor while I was an MFA student in the Creative Writing Program at The New School, where she's taught writing since 1993 and won a Distinguished Teaching Award.

    The first time I took her highly popular "Instant Gratification Takes Too Long" Journalism course, I - like many of the other students -published a personal essay (on the website The Frisky.) I have to credit Shapiro with guiding my foray into the world of creative nonfiction. Once you listen to this interview, you’ll know exactly why I call her New York City’s Writer-in-Residence.

    I’m not the only student whose writing life has been changed by her insight. More than 85 of her students have landed book deals over the last 10 years. The latest is Aspen Matis whose memoir Girl in the Woods is out this month from HarperCollins. Shapiro's students’ successes are reflective of a philosophy she lives by: publishing karma.

    You can benefit from Sue's good publishing karma tomorrow at her open-to-the-public free Secrets of Publishing Panel at The New School, 63 Fifth Avenue, Starr Foundation Hall, UL 102, Lower Level, University Center. Joining Shapiro will be Aspen Matis, her literary agent Ryan Harbage, Heliotrope book editor Naomi Rosenblatt, and Daniel Jones, the editor of what might be the personal essayists’ holy grail, the “Modern Love” column in The New York Times.

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    NPR Best Books 2014 author Cameron Conaway talks poetry and prose

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    Author Cameron Conaway is a triple threat. He writes. He teaches. He fights. The latter was literal several years ago when he stepped into the ring as a Mixed Martial Artist but now his battles are on the world stage, raising awareness for preventable diseases like malaria through poetry and prose.

    His latest book, Malaria, Poems, is born of that call to advocacy. NPR selected the book, which is “spliced” (his science-influenced word) with facts about malaria, as a “Best Books of 2014.”  In February, Newsweek published Cameron’s article, “A Working Malaria Vaccine that Can’t Get Money.”

    In the midst of touring for Malaria, Poems, teaching classes at Penn State Brandywine, and getting ready to travel overseas, I caught up with Cameron at a reading at Penn State Berks.In our interview which will be released on March 15, Cameron discusses the craft in his Newsweek article and in his poem, “Silence, Anopheles,” as well as what martial arts taught him about writing, how he broke into Newsweek, and whether a poet can retain his voice in prose.

    In this episode, I also talk about my obsession with McSweeney's Internet Tendency and in a new segment called Writer's Psych with Dr. Ike, I find out if it's healthy or not!

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    Go Behind the Prose with Jennifer Genest, fiction and nonfiction writer

    in Writing

    On Sunday, January 25, 2015, Jennifer Genest, MFA will join me on Behind the Prose to discuss two of her recent publications in the genres of fiction and creative nonfiction.

    We will be close reading and discussing her flash fiction story "Ways to Prepare White Perch" and her creative non-fiction essay "Her Fighting Weight - A Postpartum Experience," published in New Delta Review and The Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review.

    Genest holds and MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles and was a Peter Taylor Fellow for the 2013 Kenyon Review Writers Workshop. Currently, she is shopping her literary novel, The Mending Wall.

    Listen at 6 PM EST / 3 PM PST this Sunday on BlogTalkRadio.



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    Women of Faith Segment: Christine Walters

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    Author Christine Walters joins us in another episode of La Femme de Prose. Sharing her story of abuse, struggle and survival, her book Ginny and Me: Reflections of What God Can Do aims to bring awareness to the different things Christine experienced. Mixed heritage, childhood abuse and dealing with the mental illness of a loved one are all contained in her book as she shares the pain of her struggles and testifies of her victory through God. With a background in human services management, Christine seeks to bring light to the darkness that is consuming many as they struggle with mental health and family dysfunction. Find out more about Christine and her books at http://www.authorchristinewalters.com/

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    Love, Peace and Energy

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    In today’s episode we focus on energy healing, starting the show off with author Marilyn Lawrence. Marilyn will discuss some of the books she’s written, such as I Gave the Sun a Bath and From Pink to Blue. She will also discuss how she helps people connect with spiritual communication when they’re looking for certain answers and will also talk about the core of her inspiration. Find out more about Marilyn at http://marilynlawrence.com/blog/.

    Our second segment of the show features massage therapist, author and metaphysics expert Amy Stewart. Amy will discuss her book, The Living Rainbow and will share her experiences about her practice and will talk about her journey in the realm of metaphysics. She will also take us into the world of her practise, what inspired her and what she woud like to see happen in the areas that pertain to healing through the power of touch. Check out more about Amy and her work at http://www.amystewart.massagetherapy.com/ and http://www.thelivingrainbowbook.com/

    For more information on La Femme de Prose, visit us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/LaFemmeProse/

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    Prose and Ivy Chicago Cubs Internet show #2

    in Sports

    In this episode of The Prose and Ivy Chicago Cubs Internet Show, host Ryan Maloney discusses Milton Bradley's suspension, the 2010 rotation and lineup outlook, takes a look at Kosuke Fukudome's career thus far with the Cubs, and explains why Ryne Sandberg shouldn't manage in the majors until 2011. Call in and share your thoughts!

  • Sex Trafficking: A Discussion with Lucia Mann

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    Activist, Journalist and Author Lucia Mann joins us in our final episode of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. Lucia shares her personal experience with human and sex-trafficking, an epidemic that recieves little to no attention. Lucia's history of sex-trafficking in her family inspired her role today as an activist in helping women break out of the vicious cycle and live healthier lives. Lucia has written books on the topic, including her most recent book, Rented Silence. Lucia has recieved numerous awards for her work, including the 2011 Bronze Award by “Character Building Counts Book Awards". She has also delivered her message on many platforms, nationally and globally. Read more about Lucia and her work on http://www.luciamann.com/. 

    Book Titles:
    Rented Silence - amazon
    The Sicilian Veil of Shame - to be release next month
    Africa's Unfinished Symphony - amazon
    A Veil Of Blood Hangs Over Africa - amaozon
    Main Website:
    Social Media:
    Facebook - Lucia Mann author
    Best way for contact: EMail
    Book Availability;
    All internet sites: amazon etc - also available personally from me.

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    Strengthening a Community

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    Susan Sachs Fleischman joins us in this episode that highlights community involvement and growth. Ms. Fleischman comes with years of dedicated experience in corporate marketing and strategy that has helped the South Balitmore Learning Center (SBLC) shine in the most positive ways. She has been a part of the SBLC family for years, starting from its early days in need of support and direction to its current day position that includes community inpact and a state-of-the art building. Ms. Fleischman will also discuss the upcoming SBLC Gala that will be held on April 16th. For more information, please visit: http://www.southbaltimorelearns.org/.

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    Women in Education: The State of America's Schools

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    We start off with Ms. Linda M. Gilliam a retired educator who continues to dedicate her expertise to helping children learn more effectively. She uses a unique twist by bringing in her furry friends Moogli and Phenom to help her out:"Moogli and Me: Our Magical Adventures!" Moogli and Me is a humorous look at the UNLIKELY relationship between a retired race horse, Phenom Pharaoh and a barn cat, Magical Moogli who lives in his stable. Told in a photographically illustrated story book, emphasizing important values for children, this book will be a treasured addition to any child's library.  The book is available on Amazon and Create Space. Proceeds go toward St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital! www.teacheradvocate.com

    Our second segment features former principal Mrs Lillie Jessie, founder and CEO of Higher Expectations for Learning Institute based out of Woodbridge, Virginia. Mrs. Jessie's award-winning career in educational leadership includes the Governor of Virginia’s Board of Education Award for high achievement and had a wing of a local elementary school named after her. She is the creator of the award-winning Martin Luther King (MLK) Youth Oratorical Contest, one of the largest MLK programs in the nation serving the DC metropolitan area for 21 years. Most recently, Mrs. Jessie was the recipient of the Citizen of the Year Award from Omega Si Phi Fraternity. Mrs. Jessie continues to educate, inspire and train for the betterment of children's education. Her website is http://highexpectationslearning.com

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    More Community Love and More Poetry!

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    Join us in another unique episode of women accomplishing as we honor Women’s History Month with a chat with Jillian Storms, AIA, curator of the exhibit “The Early Women of Architecture in Maryland” which is currently on display until mid-May at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Ms. Storms shares with us the stories of two women highlighted in the exhibit: Gertrude Sawyer, AIA (1895-1996) and Mary Jack Craigo (1920-2001).


    Gertrude Sawyer began her architectural practice in the depression and lived to 101 after a long and successful career. Mary Jack Craigo, for many years the only woman in the Architectural Engineering Design Branch of the National Institute of Health, traveled to most every major research university in the United States, helping to design facilities and laboratories for medical research.  Both women serve our county in WWII, Gertrude as a Lt Commander in the Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps and Mary as a designer of patrol craft and PT boats for the Navy.  For more information on the women in the exhibit, go to:www.aiawam.com and to visit the exhibit, see:www.arch.umd.edu/exhibitions.


    In our second segment, is returning guest Sherry Rentschler, who also is in the creative arts and has served our country through her tenure with the U.S. Air Force. Sherry will discuss her background in poetry and read some of her favorite poems from her book Paper Bones. For more information on Sherry and her many publications, please visit www.sherryrentschler.com.


    NOTE: We experience technically difficulties at the start, but the program will begin after a long musical interlude.

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    The Energy Healing Episode

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    In today’s episode we focus on energy healing, starting the show off with author Marilyn Lawrence. Marilyn will discuss some of the books she’s written, such as I Gave the Sun a Bath and From Pink to Blue. She will also discuss how she helps people connect with spiritual communication when they’re looking for certain answers and will also talk about the core of her inspiration.

    Find out more about Marilyn at http://marilynlawrence.com/blog/.

    Our second segment of the show welcomes author Serena Jade who has written numerous books on Psychology, Mystic-Spirituality and social change. Serena will discuss some of her books with us on the show and will share her background as to how she was drawn to focus on the genre of spirituality. She will also share her journey and lessons on healing.

    Some books by Serena:

    Tantra: The Sexual Meditation,

    Eros and Psyche: An Ancient Soul Mate Story,

    The Body: Temple of the Ego and Soul.

    Intimacy: The Ultimate Destination

    Get all the contact and book information on Serena at http://serenajade7.wix.com/author. 

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