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    The Fear of Poverty

    in Business

     John Dr. Sharon Johnson discussing the fear of poverty.

     Fear of property is a state of mind, nothing else. But it is  sufficient to destroys one's chances of achievement in any undertaken, a truthwhich became painfully evident during the depression.  ~ Napoleon  Hill


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    Overcoming Poverty and the Wealth Gap

    in Lifestyle

    The disparity in poverty and the wage gap may, on the onset, seem to economically affect the disadvantaged families of color. However, in reality it also worsens political outcomes for the entire country.

    Join host Kay Quinn as she and co-hosts Raymond Kirk and Michael Flemons discuss the different ways poverty and the current racial wealth gap trend keeps many families of color in a state of increasing inequality - which is ultimately the source of economic instability and increasing volatility.  

    REAL Talk is a community oriented show that focuses and engage dialog on very real issues that repeatedly plague and disenfranchise local communities.  It is designed to open the lines of communication to address the hard issues many are afraid to discuss in this climate of racial divide.

    We can no longer ignore the elephant in the room.  This is our time to engage the proverbial elephant head on.  REAL Talk... always informative, always real, always explosive!

    Are you ready?  Call in, share your thoughts, and let the conversations begin...

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    Poverty in America, is it Colorblind?

    in Politics Progressive

    After listening to the firestorm that came after Bernie statement about "white people not understanding what is like to be poor" We decided to explore poverty in America and is it colorblind.Join this very important conversation. Also Join us for our Bern Treatment with Anoa Changa. We will also start looking a who is running in Georgia who feels the bern...So come join us on the porch sip some good ole iced tea.. Call in @ 657 383 0995 (please limit comments to 2mins)

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    The Ravages of Poverty, The Human Toll

    in Politics

    Join us as we talk in terms of communities, neighborhoods but race-induced poverty is an individually felt experience. The loss of a father to hopelessness, the loss of a son to the streets, prison or death, the the loss of children to addiction, the cyclical violence, these are the real ravages of poverty.

    This is social injustice!

    Join us at www.thesmokingglasshour.com or 773-897-6398

    Special Guest: Dave Lamont, Nikki Bedrick, Vanessa M. Humphrey-Ghazi,Aaron Hopkins, Anjerrio Kameron and Corey Jackson, et al.

    A Progressive Conversation, Join Us.

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    Passing Through The Dimension Of Poverty

    in Spirituality

    Poverty is a dimention that you want to pass through NOT stay in.

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    Poverty Pimpin

    in Comedy

    Welcome back to the Comedy Report: Jennyblock.

    Thank you for supporting me as you can see my team and I have been working on making this better each time so I appreciate all of those that are sticking with me through my process. THANK YOU!!

    This week we are going to get into some serious topics that have been on my radar. 

    Missed you last week but don’t worry I catch you up with the RATCHET news report about what has been trending the most like : 

    Recap of the show from April 1st
    Blacc Chyna and Rob Kardashin 
    Warriors making history
    Kobe Retires: #mambaout
    Safe to drive on the BAY AREA freeways

     Now lets get off into the real deal.....

    Poverty Pimping: "Any social worker, do-gooder, social service agency or faith-based organization who comes into a hood not their own and plays at being the savior to folks that don't need savin’.” - Davey D admitting to being a poverty pimping

    Flint Water Crisis:

    Judge Mathis: " this is a terriost attack against low income communities..."
    What's in the water

    Richmond Fellowship

    Programmed designed to assist young people in implementing a different mentality when dealing with issues in their community
    Special guest speaker Sal Garcia : https://www.facebook.com/sal.garcia

    Please leave comments and please SHARE SHARE SHARE 

    Next weeks topic:   BAY BUSINESSES


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    Top Causes of Child Poverty in the Richest Nation-Part II

    in Family

    Do you know some of the factors that contribute to child poverty ? You may be surprised at some of the risk factors and what your elected officials are doing or not doing when it comes to improving the lives of low income families in your state or across the Union? Well, join us on April 18, 2016 @ 6:30 p.m. by dialing 713-955-0734 and listen in as we discuss contributing. factors to child poverty and how these factors put working families at risk.

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    3-Step Plan To Get Out of Poverty

    in Christianity

    There are three major steps one must take to break the yoke of poverty in your life. Poverty is a prison and many of God's people have been taken captive and continue to be bound by lack, debt and systemic poverty. Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. So this year, 2016, we are going to learn the steps, consistently take the steps and walk right right out of poverty and into our wealthy place. Join me here at Waves of Glory on blogtalkradio, Wednesday @ 10:00am eastern.

  • Spiritual Remedies for Poverty Consciousness

    in Spirituality

    Poverty consciousness can greatly hinder spiritual growth.  The old paradigm preached that you should be poor and meager and expect your riches in Heaven.  The new paradigm affords us the ability to be spiritually mature and abundant in other areas of life.  In this episode we will discuss spiritual ways to eradicate poverty consciousness once and for all!  Also, poverty consciousness does NOT only equate to finances and material gains.  Tune in to find out how to tap into your god-given right to be abundant, fruitful and prosperous.  

    Call in number is 858-365-5534 to listen and/or chime in

    Visit 3rdEyeActivation.com - for metaphysical & spiritual information, products, and services.

    Ali's NEW website Salimyers.com & FREE Spiritual Growth Course

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    What are the true causes of poverty and crime in the black community?

    in Politics

    Join us every Sunday at 10:00am on the Voices of New Afrika, the show dedicated to the liberation of New Afrikan people.This week's topic is, "What are the true causes of poverty, crime and other problems in the black(New Afrikan) community?" Call in at 657.383.1616.

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    God has given you the Power to get wealth to establish His Covenant upon the earth.  So that you can not only have a good prosperous life and Kingdom Living, but also for you to be able to help people who are in poverty.  Our Children should be able to live in luxury.  And have things not only what they need but also what they can enjoy.  This will help to stop selling of drugs, stealing, prostituting, etc. Then jails will not be so full.  It is  time for us to change our thinking and we will change our lives.  As a man thinks in his heart so is he.