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    An Interview with Doug Alexander and his trip on the Amtrak Inspection Train

    in Hobbies

    On this episode of APRHF's Let's Talk Trains, we visit with Doug Alexander, whom was selected to ride last month's Amtrak's Inspection Train from New Orleans, Louisiana to Jacksonville, Florida. We started out by asking him describe his passion for trains and passenger railroading. Then we asked about heavy passenger rail in his area of the country. We then moved on to have him revisit his trip on board the inspection train.

    A litte background...

    Doug Alexander is a fourth-generation native of Atlanta, Georgia where he grew up and still lives with his family. Doug has been an active proponent of rail transportation literally since childhood. His first effort, at age six, was to design a tram system for his summer day camp. The bulk of Alexander’s career has been spent in marketing and market communications, though he spent six years as Rail Program Manager for the nowdefunct Georgia Rail Passenger Authority, and five years in various positions at the Georgia Department of Transportation. Alexander also served eight years as a city-wide elected member of the Atlanta City Council, from 1994 until 2002. He was vice-chairman of the Council’s Transportation Committee and served on Georgia Municipal Association’s Transportation & Community Development Committee, ultimately chairing that committee for two years.Alexander earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Boston University with additional studies in journalism at the Univ. of Georgia and architecture at Harvard University. His hobbies include sailing, model railroading and photography. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, Anne, and their sons, Wilson and Julian and their dog, a beaglebasset mix named Rainey

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    Russell Price Morning Show

    in Marketing

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    Interview with Terri Hall about the Lone Star Rail project

    in Politics Conservative

    Local Tyranny – Terri Hall from Texas TURF talks about the rail project that won’t die. Even with the bomb shell that Union Pacific Railroad will NOT allow their railway to be used, the Lone Star Rail project continues to spend money and developed a rail commuter project. This is yet another project that is spending taxpayer money in the name of “mass transportation”. Listen and learn. 

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    Ken Ward and the SAPD Crisis

    in Politics Conservative

    Local Tyranny – Ken Ward from Texas Watchdog.org reports on how crime is exploding in San Antonio, while police officers are over worked and undermanned.  Short more than 200 officers, the San Antonio Police Department is ramping up recruiting. But barely one in 10 applicants makes the cut. The police union says the thin blue line is fraying amid rising violent crime in America’s seventh largest city. 

    In the meantime, the San Antonio Establishment led by the City Manager and supported by the SA Chamber, continues to attack an essential part of government (public safety) in favor of building stadiums, downtown hotels, and rail system.

    Listen and learn, because the defense of freedom and liberty starts in your backyard. 

  • B'ham Public Transportation Talk

    in Regional

    Our weekly internet talk radio show is excited to have as our guest, Pastor Lawton Higgs, Sr. a noted activist for the poor, homeless and improved race relations who is also an activist for public transportation in support of a better life for all. 

    We'll discuss the need for public transportation, the different types of public transportation, the challenges it faces, and how we all benefit from it, especially in the Birmingham area.

    We will entertain call ins and social media questions as well.

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    #WorldWideRadioShow "420 + 1 SHOW"

    in Podcasting

    Thousands sent up a cheer and a collective plume of marijuana smoke at the stroke of 4:20 p.m. Yesterday in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

    Mexican smugglers dig 800-yard rail pathway — complete with elevator

    The musician Prince has died at his home in Minnesota, a family member says. He was 57

    Chyna, the WWE star who became one of the best-known and most-popular female professional wrestlers in history, has died at age 45.

    World's oldest dog dies


    Michael Strahan is a no show at charity event he was set to host

    #ConorMcGregor "I am not retired" cuz @goofybone called him A #BITCH


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    Benghazi-Emails-FBI? Does Hillary Have to Worry? No, But Trump Has RICO Worries.

    in Politics

    Last night my show got a VERY late start. My apologies to all who tuned in when my show was supposed to start...This is NOT the 1st time I have had problems logging in to my show's page. We are working on it.

    New York Came Out For Hillary - BIG LEAGUE. YUUUUUUGELY.

    She now has more than 10,000,000 Popular Votes. Hillary, ALONE cracked the 1,000,000 vote mark - just as I said she would - which is MORE votes than ALL the repubs COMBINED. Their combined NY Primary vote count is under 870,000.

    Hillary got almost 60% of the vote to Bernie's about 40%. I am NOT using hard numbers, because only 99% of the vote has been tallied. (This is a common practice. Some absentee ballots still need to be included in the total, and the validity of provisional ballots need to be verified.)

    So, NOW what, Bernie?

    And Trump? He spent exactly 30 minutes as a somewhat gracious, mature candidate last night - calling Cruz, "Senator Cruz," and Kasich, "Governor Kasich."

    Today, he is right back to his clown-car passenger self, calling Cruz, "Lying Ted," and Hillary, "Cooked Hillary."

    But it is Trump who is facing Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization - RICO Charges - NOT Hillary. Not even Cruz, although he may be facing the SEC and the FEC concerning certain loans, and he DID lie about Ben Carson...

    ...But even THAT does NOT rise to the level of deceit practiced by Trump. Think Atlantic City/eminent domain. Think FOUR bankruptcies. Think Trump non-University.

    So...join me - LIVE - Tonight at 11:30 to discuss who gets to go on, who should leave, and who won't leave the race to the White House.

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    Talking in Circles: Food City 500 Review, Heat Races in XFINITY, Truck News

    in Sports

    On this episode of Talking in Circles we break down the Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway. Carl Edwards locked himself into the Chase and showed people that JGR is on a rail in the 2016 season. Matt DiBenedetto, Clint Bowyer, Trevor Bayne all had great runs- we discuss that. 

    We discuss that and the NASCAR XFINITY Fitzgereld Glider Kits 300 at Bristol, including the inagural race featuring Heat races. We'll discuss what we thought about the racing and what can be done with that. Erik Jones won the race and the money. 

    Also Ben Kennedy is out a ride in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series as he and Red Horse Racing part ways. What does that mean for the rest of the 2016 for Kennedy and Red Horse Racing? 

    Plus we take your phone calls at 917-889-8280. 

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    Ever wonder what it would be like to live thru Atlas Shrugged? Maybe it's here

    in Politics Conservative

    We're living in a world as messed up as the one a quarter way through Atlas Shrugged, but few are willing to yet admit anything's gone wrong.

    Did you see where Washington DC may shut down its entire Metrorail subway lines for six months for "repairs"?

    Seem normal to you?

    Sure, a subway system might eventually get fixed. Then again, maybe not. But that's a micro-issue..  

    On a macro level, the entirety of Western Civilization is being undermined by "progressive" notions on one end, and by Islamic pressures on the other. 

    From college campuses, to urban neighborhoods, to suburban schools now beset upon by Common Core curriculum, the fabric of American society is tearing. But most folks still don't see the danger, or they cower in fear, not wanting to breach politically correct protocols

    Europe and America still have much farther to fall, and the pace is accelerating. Nothing gets fixed because too many still deny there's a problem.

    Talking about it Friday at noon Eastern. 

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    Deepertruth: The Eucharistic Miracle of Mogoro Italy, 1604

    in Religion

    As Father Salvatore was distributing Holy Communion, he recognized the two men in line coming to the Communion rail. With reservation, they both were given Holy Communion when they became violently agitated. Both men spit the Eucharist our of their mouths complaining the Host had burned their tongues. Quite shaken, Father quickly went to retrieve the Sacred Consecrated Hosts that had been lodged behind the Altar rail when he realized thatthe Hosts had left an imprint on the stone cold floor.

    Father had the area cleaned several times but the imprints could not be washed off the floor. Father asked the two men what happened and they told him that upon receiving the Sacred Host, the Host became like a hot burning ember scorching their tongues. Both men had the same affect.

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    Are Chinese high-speed trains coming to America?

    in Politics

    What do you know about high-speed train travel? The Chinese are making a big pitch to bring their high-speed rail knowledge to the United States. The Chinese hope to tap into the lucrative high-speed market which is slowly but surely coming to America. Join us as we discuss this possible Chinese invasion of our high-speed rail plans.