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    Original Football Guru

    in Sports

    Original Football Guru / May 3rd

    Chris Bellina discusses the Fantasy rankings of Quarterbacks and Tight Ends at 9:00pm ET/6:00pm PT

    www.SportzAddix.com 646-378-1303


  • Behind Closed Doors-The Morning Show: "Fuck Yo' Feelings" Friday

    in Current Events

    Good morning friends and BTR family! Welcome back to another episode of "Fuck Yo Feelings" Friday. In this episode, we re-visit the original "Give Him Free" case. For those of you who have been 10 toes down since the beginning, we thank you for the love and continued support. However, there is still work to be done. Since the show's debut a few months back, there have been recent updates and new evidence that can very well bring "Him" home for good. Please tune in and show your support.

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    Exposing and Confronting Sexual Perversion!

    in Religion


    The alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.

    "All great evil is the perversion of a good"

    "A twisted perversion of the truth"

    Sexual behavior or desire that is considered abnormal or unacceptable.

    Looking at all aspects of sex in the church and the world!

    Have you been involved in domestic violence?

    Are you the perpetrator or victim? 

    Are you homophobic?

    Is incest now acceptable by people in the church?

    Why do some people practice child sexual abuse? 

    How do we stop sexual trafficking? 

    What is sexual perversion?

    What does the Bible say about Sex?

    What is the story of incest in America?

    Is Beastiality practiced in America?


    Dr. Loren Due

    P O Box 18, Victorville, CA 92393

    Office: (760) 951 9484


    Email: lorendue@gmail.com

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    Nats Nightly: Nationals drop series opener to Cubs, 5-2 in Wrigley Field

    in Baseball

    Chicago's Cubs had the Washington Nationals shut out through 8 2/3 before Jayson Werth hit a two-run blast to left off Travis Wood, but it wasn't enough as the Nats dropped the series opener in Wrigley Field by a score of 5-2. Joe Ross was solid again for the Nationals, but a rough inning in the fourth led to the only two runs he allowed while on the mound. Cubs' starter Kyle Hendricks tossed six scoreless to earn the win. Three more to go in Chicago...

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    The Ripped Review # 67

    in Music


    I was at AMA during happy hour, getting my usual fantastic flower from them, annnnddd i saw this stuff called "Colorado cannabis syrup." I had a yolo moment.... sighh... and decided to try it since i've been wanting to try some "tree lean" (another cannabis lean type brand.) I'm not a Promethazine connoisseur, so i thought maybe ill try this "Colorado cannabis syrup" and see what the "lean" fuss is about. I decided to get the raspberry flavor. there was grape and cherry and original as well. the guy at the counter told me to get anything but the original. I opened it, and smelled it. EEEWWW! It smelled foul as hell. It literally smells like freshly paved asphalt steaming in the hot summer sun. Not appetizing, but i gave it the benefit of the doubt. I initially tried a little bit on the tip of my finger, and almost puked. Now i know what you going to say " but its supposed to be like cough syrup and cough syrup tastes awful" well..... i was a weird kid, and i actually liked the taste of cough syrup when i was little, but I'm sure as the pope is catholic that this stuff tastes like licking a bathtub drain. So to help try and get this stuff down, i went with the original plan i had, and mixed this stuff with sprite in a freshly opened sprite bottle like "lean" is mixed. Still not good enough. It's a half hour later and I'm still trying to choke down this "sprite-phalt" concoction. Now.... it does get you high, both head and body, since its a hybrid syrup, but i would never recommend to ANYONE. you want some "purple drank?" with weed in it or whatever..... than id recommend a purple passion... or even a chocolate or something....

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    Tha Study Hall with Frank, Jason and Andrew

    in Sports

    Welcome back to Tha Study Hall, join us tonight (5/5) at 9:00 PM EST for a fully loaded edition of the show. 

    Please call in to debate with us: 657-383-0818

    We will be discussing:

    1. The Eagles Draft

    2. Sam Bradford's unhappiness

    3. The NBA Playoffs

    4. The NHL Playoffs

    5. The Kentucky Derby

    6 Don't Press that Button

    Sharon Stone pays tribute to Prince

    Skip Bayless on Johnny Football

    Monica Lewinsky on Lemonade

    Fan Gets Eagles 2019 Super Bowl Champs tattoo 

    Laremy Tunsil

    Jeb Bush on Dwyane Wade

    Jared Goff/Wendell Smallwood tweets from the past

    Broad St. Run autotweet

    Philly.com on the Phillies Pitching staff

    Trevor Ariza offers to fight a fan who heckled him

    Old Navy

    ESPN cutting the Bloody Sock Game

    50 Cent mocking a mentally handicapped airport employee

    Toronto politician mocks Miami fans

    Lupe Fiasco on Trump

    Follow us:

     Twitter: @thastudyhall    Facebook: http://www.facebook,com/thastudyhall

    Email the show: thastudyhall@yahoo.com

    Original theme song for the show produced by: Notebook http://www.notebooklives.com

    Don't forget to check out Momentum Shift Radio's other show: The Real Deal airing Saturday's at Noon


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    STAW, Stormbird

    in Television

    On this episode we will talk about the Romulan Stormbird for Star Trek Attack Wing. This is an old Klingon D7 battlecruiser that was traded with the Romulans in exchange for cloaking technology. The Romulans have needed a mid range ship since the game started, and, now they have one. This ship was featured in the TOS epsiode "Enterprise Incident". We will also pick our top 5 grossing movies of the summer, what will make our list? Captain America: Civil War, Star Trek Beyond, The Jungle Book,  or Independance Day 2?

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    Panther PowerChat: Open Rant

    in National

    This group follows the original philosophy's of Brother Huey Newton and Brother Bobby Seale including, Self Defense, The 10 Point Program,and The New Black Code. Here we will speak about the issues in our community and invite the People to dialogue with us and bring solutions to our community. It's time for us to be the leaders we have been waiting for no more waiting for what the people want and need now is the time to STAND UP!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE NOW AND ALWAYS! 

    To access the live show call in at (347)989-0100. Support the Panther PoweChat Radio station by calling in. Facebook is not the only place your voice can be heard!

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    Cosmic Truth with Janine & Patti 69 - What is the law of Resistance?

    in Spirituality

    Thursday, 7pm (UK) BST, 11am PST & 2p EST  (we are back to Wednesday as of May 11th) - Join Janine & Patti for live chat about the law of resistance on Cosmic Truth, voted 3rd Best Radio show in the USA with paranormal subjects. Plus, personal insight, spiritual guidance & healing over the airwaves. This is your opportunity to speak to the USA's No1 Psychic and No1 Medium and Tarot Reader in the World. And if you haven't checked out the original Cosmic Truth yet, there are more shows to listen to on YouTube, all merging science with spirituality, with Janine interviewing Scientists, Doctors, Animal Communicators, Healers, Psychics and more. You will find some of the most prominent speakers of our time on her show, from Dr Bruce Lipton to Diana Cooper

    Accurate advice about your career, love life, soul purpose and live healing on air. 

    www.crystalki.com   www.pattinegri.com 

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    #LetsTalkBusiness: Founder of @FanBoyFilmFest Michael Kanik

    in Entrepreneur

    Introducing The Fan Boy Film Festival, an online film festival for filmmakers who want to share their art with fans and interact with other filmmakers - www.fanboyfilmfestival.com 

    Are you a filmmaker with a great piece? Do you love films? Then The Fan Boy Film Festival is the place for you. Stream great new films, vote, and share the experience.

    There is no submission fee and they are awarding a $10,000 Grand Prize for the Best Film. 

    The Fan Boy Film Festival accepts features, documentaries, shorts, student films, web series, trailers, music videos and original trailers in the following genres: science fiction, drama, comedy, fantasy, horror, action, animation, superhero, and fan film.
    The experience is 100 percent FREE. No politics and no BS with an easy upload process and an enjoyable experience.

    And did I mention the money prizes?
    Feature Film - $10,000 Prize
    Film Captured Entirely on a Smart Device - $5,000 Prize
    Shorts - $10,000 Prize

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