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    How To Stop Or Reverse Cavities Naturally With Dr. Judene Benoit

    in Health

    Dr. Judene Bemoit visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to discuss,"How To Stop Cavities".

    Dr. Judene Benoit is a dentist in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

    She is passionate about helping people improve their teeth and their lives using simple, natural techniques.

    Dr. Judene uses a blended approach to dentistry; combining information taught in dental schools and research from scientific dental journals with her love of whole food and whole person holistic thinking to get real results and great success.

    Visit: http://judenedds.com/ for more information


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    #043: Capturing the DCEU: An Interview with Clay Enos

    in Books

    This week Londyn and co-host Adam Silverstein are joined by the brilliant photographer Clay Enos! Beginning with Zack Snyder's film Watchmen, Enos has created the posters and promotional pictures for DCEU live action films such as 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice', 'Wonder Woman' and 'Suicide Squad'! Enos dives into his inspirations, creative processes and experiences being THE photographer to DC Comics' superheroes, so listen in and discover great behind the scenes stories about capturing on film our newest cinematic Batman! All on this weeks exciting episode of History of the Batman with Londyn!

    Produced by Mason Booker and Adam Silverstein.

    Engineered by Mason Booker

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    Moors Heritage and History School near HARLEM Corporation at Northwest Amexem

    in Education

    Join us Wednesday 4 May 1436 @ 7:30pm for Moors Heritage & History School live broadcast:

    Live Broadcast of Moors Heritage and History School near HARLEM Corporation at

    Northwest Amexem

    This is the Uniting of Asia - Family

    We must activate our voice with law and speak with our Writs!!!

    Listen via the internet @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mhhs-eyeswideopen, or to listen via telephone, call 347-945-5899, Press '1' to speak to the Host and for those listening via the Internet, the Chat Room will be open immediately.

    Remember to check us out on Facebook:
    https://www.facebook.com/MHHSEyesWideOpen, and please select like. Also we are also on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/MHHSEyesWideOpn

    Please also send us an email @ mhhseyeswideopen@gmail.com so we can compile an email list for blitzing and also send us emails with the appellation, Corporate State and/or county along with ransom amount for any Moor who has been kidnapped and is currently being held hostage.

    Thank you, this is greatly appreciated. We here at Moor Heritage and History School Eyes Wide Open thank you for coming together so that we may together be uplifted.


    Moors Heritage & History School in association with RVBey Publications, Moorish Nation Public Records, Moorish News

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    Only knowledge of world history qualifies people for interracial relationship

    in Religion

    World history is a subject that embraces all humanity, not just certain nations, ethnic groups, or civilizations. Why should schools ask teachers and students to investigate a subject that encompasses the whole world and its peoples? World History for Us All emphasizes three rationales for investigating the human past.

    You are not to follow the ignorant world, subject your incling to the words of world history, they are accurate beyond anything that you know.


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    The BCS Experience: History-Arts-Culture-Politics in Review and Discussion

    in Education

    This week's topic: A discussion on how mainstream media are censoring and restricting political, social, economic, and spiritual commentary from our professional and award winning African American Journalists...!!!

    The featured call-in guest is Maynard Eaton.  Maynard Eaton is an 8 time Emmy Award Winning Television News and Pioneer Print Journalist who was recently dismissed from- The Saporta Report - which has ignited a firestorm of protest claiming racism and censorship as the cause of his release...!!!

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    UK Makes History, #KentuckyDerby, #NBAPlayoffs #NFLDraft2016 & More!

    in Sports

    Vinny and Terry have tons of stuff to talk about as always! Coach Floreal and Kentucky Track have made history.

     The First Saturday In May is this Saturday, yes it's time for the Kentucky Derby. Who will win the 142nd running? Mor Spirit is in lane 17, where's there's never been a winner, will this change this weekend?

    The NBA Playoffs roll on. We look back at the wild ending of game 2 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs. How many more "we missed it reports" will we see from the refs?

    Josh Forrest was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams, we'll discuss that as well as all of the free agent signings. Gonna be fun!

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    Storys of history technology philosophy and more.

    in Health

    Stories that will change the way you see your world!

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    5% Series: The History of Allah's Paradise (Asbury Park). An Interview w/ TRUST

    in Culture

    The 5 PERCENTERS FORUM presents:



    Growing up as a child in the Nation of Islam, “Trust Allah” at 13 years old first heard and accepted the teachings of the 5% Nation in 1969 in Asbury Park, NJ. After leaving his Muslim household at 14 years old, he became a ward of the state and was placed in the care of the first family in the 5% Nation (Eyezame and Earth) in Neptune, NJ.

    As part of the first wave of 5 Percenters who came immediately after the assassination of the Father Allah, The Firstborns of Allah's Paradise all were taught by and bonded with the 5% Elders, the Firstborns of Mecca and Medina, Allah's Sons (A-Allah and B-Allah) and the First Fruits of Allah's 5% while attending the 1969-70 Parliaments at Mt. Morris Park, Fort Greene and were instrumental in the first annual Show & Prove in Mecca (Harlem) 1971. They were the first to bring busloads from out of town to 5% functions. Allah's Paradise became "a home away from home" for many 5% in New York City, and the city became recognized as a stronghold for the 5% Nation to this very day.

    TRUST Allah and others moved to Newark and other New Jersey cities in the early 1970s and helped spread the teachings of the 5% Nation.

    Today TRUTH is recognized as a prolific teacher in the Black Community via his Study Groups in History and the Knowledge of Self, and is recognized as a strong historian of 5% Nation and Nation of Islam history.

    Don't miss this powerful interview!

    with co-hosts Wakeel Allah, Understanding Allah, Allahmal Allah and YOU (THE CALLERS)!

    Wed. 5/4/16 at 8pm EST 
    Call in # (646)595-4289

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    Walter Cruttenden - Speaker at Contact in the Desert on Aquarian Radio

    in Education

    Walter Cruttenden is the Director of the Binary Research Institute in Newport Beach, California where he explores the cause and consequences of solar system motion. This is the focus of his book Lost Star of Myth and Time and documentary The Great Year, narrated by James Earl Jones. Walter's new children's book, The Great Year Adventure with Tommy the Time-Traveling Turtle, describes the Great Year in a way that even grownups can understand!

    Cruttenden is also the host of the popular podcast series The Cosmic Influence on iTunes, and the annual Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK), both of which bring together authors and scientists from around the world discussing the implications of the great precession cycle on archaeology, anthropology, consciousness, history and Mother Earth Herself.

    Websites: www.cpakonline.com, www.binaryresearchinstitute.orgLink to BRI You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/BinaryResearchInst

    CPAK Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CPAK-Exploring-Ancient-Mysteries-254851654581489/


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    The New Normal Radio on LiveParanormal.com

    in Paranormal

    The New Normal Radio on LiveParanormal.com

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    Bunkhouse Stampede Radio Episode 14 - Koko B. Ware belongs, dammit!

    in Wrestling

    By listener request, Gavin and whoever joins him will go through a list of the top "What If" scenarios in wrestling that almost happened. After that, though, Gavin and Pat will discuss in depth exactly why everyone that ever said that Koko B. Ware doesn't deserve to be in the WWE Hall of Fame is amazingly wrong. Seriously. They couldn't be more wrong if they thought Ted Cruz was going to win the Republican nomination.