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    NYPD and mistaken identity

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    we talking about the James Blake NYPD situation

    9/11 anniversary

    NFL Kickoff weekend

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    EX-NYPD Officer who killed Akia Gurley gets probabation/Flint Water Crisis

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    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Tues. April., 19th, 10pm-12midnight EST with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network.  Ex-NYPD Officer Peter Liang gets Probabation and Community Service in the killing of Akai Gurely.

    CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com and listen to the podcasts.


    1) Update on the #FlintWaterCrisis.  Mayor Karen Weaver was interviewed by Roland Martin and talked about how very little has changed in Flint, MI.  2)  If you remember we talked about Bill O'Reilly's idotic last week stating that most of African American youth are ill-educated and have tattoos on their forehead therefore they are not trained for employment.  Roland Martin responded to some more crazy comments that Bill had. 3) Maurice Ashly, the 1st African American Chess Grandmaster has been inducted into the U.S. Chess Hall of Fame. 4)  Have you ever what a "Delegate" is and why are Delegates so important in this years Presidential Campaign?

    DETROIT: FREE EVENT - Sat. April 23rd, 2016, 2pm-7pm, Screening and Discussion of "Resurrecting Black Wall Street" with Michael Imhotep.  Visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com for more information or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/771738726295951/?active_tab=highlights.

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    NYPD Officers Killed

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    In this episode, blogger Sacerdotus speaks on the recent tragedy involving two of New York's Finests.  On Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 2:45 PM, two NYPD officers were assasinated in cold blood by a derange man seeking his own twisted version of justice. The tragedy has effected America as we mourn the loss of these heroes and suffer with their families. 



    Source of Images: Google Images

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    Munity? - NYPD Turns Their Backs on The Mayor

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    Angry police officers turn their backs on de Blasio as he speaks at slain NYPD officer's funeral: Furious scenes outside church as heartbroken wife and sons mourn with 23,000 comrades

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2888422/Angry-police-officers-turn-backs-Blasio-speaks-slain-NYPD-officer-s-funeral-Furious-scenes-outside-church-heartbroken-wife-sons-mourn-thousands-comrades.html#ixzz3ND2jhG00

    Photo being shared by NYPD on Twitter purporting to be uniformed officers gathered for the funeral of slain officer Raphael Ramos is actually from the 2007 funeral of another cop

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2888853/Photo-shared-NYPD-Twitter-purporting-uniformed-officers-gathered-funeral-slain-officer-Raphael-Ramos-actually-2007-funeral-cop.html#ixzz3ND34DN1k

    War On The Poor? Michigan Gov Approves Drug Testing Welfare Recipients


    What happened to Sheneque Proctor?


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    Sick: NYPD Police Officers Executed in Revenge Killing

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    NYPD Police officers Rafeal Ramos and Wenjian Liu were both shot in the head and killed Saturday by a man seeking revenge in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. 

    The shooter, Ismaaiyl Brinsley, started the morning off by shooting his ex-girlfriend in the stomach.  Following the initial shooting, he traveled to New York City.  During his quick trip, he boasted of his plans to kill cops in the name of Eric Garner and Mike Brown via Instagram.

    These heinous acts of violence is pure evil.  It follows numerous protests in NYC, Ferguson and other cities across the country in the wake of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases. 

    Last week in NYC, protesters chanted, "What do we want?  Dead cops.  When do we want it? Now," as they marched.  It seems their threatening language has become reality.

    Our president, the attorney general, Al Sharpton and the likes have all made statements that are only designed to fuel the flames of racial tension in our country.  

    If we don't put an end to the racial divide in our nation, we will see more police brutality and the ushering in of a new type of police state like we've never seen before.  The strategy of divide and conquer will be successful in one of its most primitive forms.

    It's time for all Americans to come together and stand up for what is right and what is wrong, regardless of race.

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    Ramsey Orta Harrassed By NYPD - Trumped Up Charges - In Need of Funds For Bail

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    UPDATE:  Ramsey Orta Has Been Released. April 11, 2015

    Ramsey Orta has been the subject of targeting after filiming the NYPD murder of Eric Garner.

    3.21.15 Press Conference - https://youtu.be/vHJeFkMs_d8

    The video stated that someone would pay the 16,250 in bail. Please note update below.

    Update: 03-21-15: Ramsey Orta still needs to raise $16,250 bail PLUS legal fees. Please contribute whatever you can to http://www.gofundme.com/of948k


  • Homicided In Blue - 2 NYPD offficers murdered

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    Man who executed two cops shot his girlfriend in Baltimore then traveled to New York and BRAGGED on Instagram that he was going to get revenge for Eric Garner and Mike Brown before launching deadly attack and finally killing himself
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2882105/Two-New-York-police-officers-shot-Brooklyn.html#ixzz3MVb17iZa

    PICTURED: The father-of-one New York cop and his newly-wed partner who were 'assassinated' as they sat in their squad car
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2882268/Quite-simply-assassinated-NYPD-commissioner-slams-tragic-murder-two-cops-five-days-Christmas-reveals-one-recently-married-13-year-old-son.html#ixzz3MVbXreKD

    Defiant North Korea offers to hold a JOINT investigation into Sony hack - as Kim Jong Un accuses Obama of a 'childish attempt to frame us' for cyber attack

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2881698/North-Korea-offers-joint-investigation-Sony-hack-threatens-consequences-U-S-refuses.html#ixzz3MVdVQ2Gn

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    In The Streets with Beverley Smith: "We are the Predators" (Episode 61)

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    "We are the Predators." So say members of the NY Police Dept in a video that has gone viral. Several police officers went on the air at a New York City television station to whistle-blow on the racist, predatory culture of the NYPD. They speak out on the NYPD's quota system and racist policies. This video can be viewed on the "In The Streets" FB page.

    A black couple in Aiken, South Carolina were forced into illegal roadside body and cavity searches after being pulled over. Her breasts were exposed and fondled. He was subjected to an anal probe in broad daylight. No drugs were found. The officers are still working on the force.

    Judge orders a cop to taser an unarmed, peaceful defendant in a Maryland courtroom.

    A black man in Mississippi was dragged from his car, pepper sprayed and Tasered when cops pulled him over for playing his music too loud.

    A Houston trans man is accusing the Hoston PD of huniliation, brutality, and false arrest after they mocked him and beat him up for standing on a public sidewalk talking on the phone.

    In San Francisco, the cops feel some kinda way about their racist, murderous emails coming to light. How do they respond? With MORE racist, hateful emails.

    The lieutenant involved in the beat-down of a Brooklyn mailman has been stripped of his gun and badge.  But he's still on the force.

    Ferguson police officer who just got fired for racist emails was Darren Wilson's supervisor. You surprised?

    According to a study at the University of Virginia, 11 of the 222 medical students polled did not believe that black people feel pain. Is there any surprise that the police treat blacks like animals when some supposedly intelligent and educated medical students don't seem to believe that we are fully human?

    All this and more. Tuesday, April 5, 6pm PST



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    The Authors Corner a book review of the suspense thriller "The Second Precinct".

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    The Case of the Second Precinct is a story about the life and death of a New York City Police Officer who if not for his family ties would have lived and died in disgrace. It was common knowledge that the cops of the 31st Street Precinct in the Bronx regularly put in 10 to 12 hours a day.But only a few outside the walls of the 31st precinct knew what really went on during and after work. The Second Precinct is better known as the Riverton Avenue Clubhouse a secret police sanctioned criminal empire. Follow Marshal Harry Bailey as he takes on his toughest undercover assignment ever and goes deep into the belly of a crime infested 10 square block corner of the City. Bailey goes undercover to find, expose and take down another one of New York City’s criminal masterminds; a criminal who learned to cover his activities from inside the system. The question is, is this criminal mastermind too deeply hidden behind the NYPD’s Blue Wall?

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    The NYPD Exposed: The Most Corrupt Police Department In America?

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    The time has come to set the record straight on one of the most corrupt police forces in America, THE NYPD!

    Pastor Damon Richardson has had enough of the denial that has been executed not only by many in the Black Clergy but in the Black Community as a whole.

    It appears that to many are muzzled because of their fear of losing their jobs or smearing their public persona as to not have the spotlight placed on them which might cause them to lose what they have.

    It's the equivalent to the old plantations and the unwritten rules therein that are played out in the new year of 2015 that shows how far we HAVEN'T progressed.

    On the other hand we have the New York City Police Department, an agency that has a history of brutality, criminal activity and gangster-like tactics when dealing with the people of color there.

    The abuse of power, the beat downs, the killings, the exploitation and all that is executed behind a badge and a gun has reached a boiling point in the society to cause the people to be anxious and ready for a righteous revolution!

    While it would be unwise to fight this war in a manner that they will win hands down, we must be smart in our execution of it because we the people hold the power because we outnumber themby far.

    But before we attack the problem we must know exactly what the problem is and tonight we will go in on the transgressions of the New York City Police Department with fire, intensity and intelligence from a Man Of God who can articulate it like no other!

    A man to whom we know and love: Pastor Damon Richardson!

    This is truly one program that you do not want to miss!

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    Why Harriet Tubman On The $20 Bill Is An Insult To Her And Black Women

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    Listen to The Michael Imhotep Show, Wed. April, 20th, 10pm-12midnight EST (7pm – 9pm PST) with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network.  Harriet Tubman is going to be the new face of the $20 Bill. Is this a good thing since African American Women are devalued in this society?

    1) The killer of Akia Gurley, former NYPD Officer Peter Liang only gets a slap on the wrist after killing Akai.  2) There were 3 charges filed in the Flint Water Crisis case today.  We explained what happened and what this means. 

    DETROIT: FREE EVENT - Sat. April 23rd, 2016, 2pm-7pm, Screening and Discussion of "Resurrecting Black Wall Street – The Blueprint" with host Michael Imhotep.  Michael Imhotep will also do a presentation called “Redistributing The Pain: How African Americans Historically Fought Back With Economic Boycotts & Cooperative Economics”.  Visit http://AfricanHistoryNetwork.com for more information or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/771738726295951/?active_tab=highlights.


    CALL IN WITH Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.  POST YOUR COMMENTS.  WE MAY READ THEM ON AIR.  Listen online at http://tunein.com/radio/Empowerment-Radio-Network-s199313/ or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com and for the podcasts.