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    Cinema in Noir - New Year Resolutions and Golden Globe Coverage!

    in Film

    January 2016 edition of Cinema in Noir. Hosted by Candice Frederick, Kimberly Renee, and ReBecca Theodore-Vachon, "Cinema in Noir" covers the latest casting news, reviews, and interviews with the best and brightest talent in film. On this edition we reveal what we’d like to see from Hollywood this year and what we’re promising of ourselves as film critics. We will also discuss the Golden Globe nominees and our thoughts on the 2015-2016 award season.


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    New Year Resolutions

    in Spirituality

    Join Jess and I as we discuss the New Year and just how YOU are going to change it for the better. How can you manifest? What does meditation do? What are your goals?

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    Ditch New Year Resolutions- Try Visioning Instead

    in Family

    In 2012, a study done by the University of Scraton revealed that 45 % of Americans make new year resolutions, but only 8% actually succeed at keeping them. Why set yourself up for failure when you can succeed: Instead of making resolutions, why not join me and Dream-visualize??  Don't start 2016 trying to "fix" all the wrong things let's dream/hope- this is the only way to disrupt old habits and patterns and create something truly new.  The call-in number for the show is 713-955-0734.You cannot afford to miss this episode; be one of the first  ten (10) people to take the journey with me. See you then!

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    New Year Resolutions

    in Social Networking

    We all have something in the upcoming year that we want to improve on in our lives and I would like to hear from you! We will be talking about upcoming events as well. Step Ya Game Up into the upcoming year as we play the best in old school hip hop.

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    10 New Year Resolutions for Single Moms That Make Life A Little Lighter

    in Christianity

    The New Year is underway! Today I want to give you 10 Resolutions that I believe will make your life a little lighter and a bit easier. Join me today and resolve to have a great 2016!

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    New year resolutions and how to make them a success!

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Psychic coffee shop Radio Show, hosted by Aeson Knight and Sophera Light,

    Giving you information on a topics and often will have guest stopping by to share with us a cup of Joe and Some good conversation. So set back enjoy a cup of coffee and join in with the conversation. Aeson Knight is a master psychic of more than 22 years. He is a certified clairvoyant who host an international clientele from average house wives to government officials. And then I learned the art of Tarot reading to focus more on the question at hand. This gives me the ability to help other people along their path. This has become my mission in life. Reading radioshow1itself is as natural to me as breathing is to you, except I have learned to focus in on you and your life, so

    I can answer your specific question. So if you have a question, just ask it.


    Sophera Light, is an empath, a clairvoyant and have done some channeling work as well. I am also a tarot reader, Reiki Master, Pow-wow practitioner which all have assisted me in my spiritual journey. Her Name that has meaning of love, loyalty and courage and that is what I would like to offer and share with you in a reading.

    These Two energies combined this promises to be an inspirational, as well as empowering hour of your week. Each week we will be co-hosting the psychic coffee shop where we encourage you to relax with a cup of coffee and tune into a comfortable environment that will provide you with answers and solutions to the issues you are dealing with in life. It is our goal to not only provide you will pertinent subject matters that pertain to your life, including current event discussion, but offer you tools and information to assist you on your life path journey.

     This Week we will be talking about new year resolutions and how to make them a success Listen in

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    2014 Year in Review & 2015 New Year Resolutions

    in Current Events

    Call 347-215-7225 & discuss 2014 Year in Review with Current Events & Pop Culture & your own Year Recap & your 2015 New Year Resolutions?!?

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    RealitySpirituality Radio-New Year Resolutions? Really? & Ask Rebecca Anything!

    in Self Help

    Topics: (1) Seven reasons why New Year resolutions subtract from your happiness. (2) What is the BEST gift you can give to the people you love?

    Rebecca L. Norrington is first and foremost a student of the Universe and ITs Laws. She is a “self-proclaimed” Happiness Specialist. Call in LIVE (646) 564-9619 to receive answers to your questions. In addition to answering questions you will learn how to:

    Experience more Peace and Contentment in Your Life
    Raise your Personal Vibration
    Change your Perspective
    Flow rather than Resist
    Empower Self

    Rebecca has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, along with decades of education on topics from Spirituality to Human Behavior. Rebecca is also a Radio & TV Personality, Author, Speaker, Fitness Instructor and Reiki Practitioner.

    RealitySpirituality Radio focuses our moment by moment experience and how to add to your happiness - regardless of your circumstances. RealitySpirituality Radio is heard every Sunday at 7 AM (PST).




    Archived shows available to listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realityspirituality

    Email: info@rebeccanorrington.com

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    Create Some Fun Family New Year Resolutions

    in Christianity

    Happy New Year! Are you excited for 2016 and what it may bring for your family? Why not create some family resolutions and goals! This is a great time to reflect on the past year and decide what you want to do together as a family in 2016. I'll give you a couple tips on how you can start creating your family New Years Resolutions today! 

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    Out with New Year Resolutions. Put work with those word!

    in Motivation

    Live This Wednesday January 7, 2015

    9:00pm- 10:00pm EST

    Topic: " Out with New Year Resolutions. Put work with those word!"

    Listen via:
               www.joettasportsandbeyond.com   click on Radio
                       Call in number (646) 787-1680
    To ask questions or make a comment
    Live Every Wednesday 9pm -10pm Eastern Standard Time

    "Checking in with Joetta” is an interactive show that will provide informative conversations about topics such as health, education, finances, fitness, empowerment, sports, relationships, and motivational tactics. These topics will be discussed with business & financial leaders, educators, sports legends, entrepreneurs, health & wellness advocates and historical icons.

    "Checking in with Joetta" will serve as a useful, informative and thought provoking resource for ALL adults, teens & children.
    Call (646) 787-1680 to participate in the show.
    Feel free to call to ask questions or make a comment
    Live Every Wednesday


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    Being grateful, insights for New Year, resolutions- Tarot &Intuitive readings

    in Spirituality

    I'm Del - Owner and Creator of "youhavethepowerwithin.com

    I will talk about New Years resolutions briefly in the beginning, before doing readings- this is what needs to happen..

    - I often work with people who are stuck, confused and worry about what their next step is going to be; I use my Intuitive, mediumship and Reiki Master abilities and guide them in specific ways they need to move forward, and have more clarity, harmony and flow. Being grateful for what you have is highly moving to your life, when you are grateful- more happens in your life.

    I am doing readings a little different than 1 at a time. I'm doing a little different than before- I'm going to try to take 1-2 callers at a time- doing small gallery type readings- being open without having a preset question- more happens. It is ok to ask a question, just know this that its not about what you want to know that comes thru- all though those things will come, its about what you are needing at the time that comes thru. So someone you may or may not want to hear from may come through- I get information about this person and its usually more times than not, its what you are needing at this moment, this serves as a reminder. Just listen to what comes thru- be open and more things will happen in your life.

    Be sure to tune into "thedelandallisonshow" we will be doing more mini readings- Intuitive and astrology".