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    Starting Over: Life After NDE

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    Tonight on Paranormal Kool-Aid join Cara and Belinda as they welcome Steve Barry and Lyn and Jeff Bowling to the show. We'll be discussing their Near Death Experiences: what happened, if there were commonalities, and finally how it effected their lives.  How does such an experience change the person you become? What's it like starting over after seeing the other side? 

    It's going to be a great show! So make sure you tune in and listen!!!

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    Discussions on Paranormal Phenomena: Ghost/Spirits, Psychics/Mediums, Hauntings, Demonic Possession, Ufology, Alien Abduction, Time Travel, NDE's, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, Conspiracies & All Things Unexplained.

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    The NDE/Astral Projection Show

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    Have you ever wanted to learn how to astral project yourself into the universe in order to meet your spirit guides and see Earth from a higher view-point? What about NDE’s? Have you ever wondered whether they are real and what really happens after death? Then this is the show for you. We will discuss various methods in order to astral project and try it in a SAFE MANNER at home, one step at a time as well as listen to some NDE’s to see whether most NDE’s have something in common. Finally, we will combine these things with the concepts of Ascension and Expansion and discuss what the future of this 3D world will look like—will we ascend into the 5th dimension or stay in this 3D reality in order to ascend together or not at all…tune into this special show, because I think we will learn a lot about the nature of reality, who we really are as human beings and where we are going next…..namaste


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    Ghost Whisperers&Spirits Attaching- Past Life Regression,NDE, & PSYCHIC READING

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    I will go into detail what a Ghost Whisperer is and the truth by a Ghost Whisperer.  Some movies get it right that you see and others are not even close.  It is true that someone who dies traumatically like Patrick Swayze's character in, "Ghosts" do not go into the light until unfinished business is completed.  So, they are there to bring justice to who killed them and they may also be there to protect someone who is in imminent danger.  Once they cross into the light they do remain on the other side.  However, they can come and visit us from time to time especially when they know their loved ones are very sad and going through very troubled times. These loved ones who passed are your true spirit guides.

    There is someone who I feel was murdered and did not commit suicide. This was brought to my attention and I believe from a ghost whisperer.  Without knowing anything I had visions that there were powerful people behind it and it's regarding the death of Sandra Blank. It's on Youtube when the TX cop stopped her for a traffic violation. I need to see more of the vids. As she was upset when asked how she felt the cop made her get out of her car and handcuffed her and said she was under arrest. You could only hear her as her head was banged into the sidewalk and the cop saying he was kicked. Three days later they said she had committed suicide in her cell.

    FREE PSYCHIC READINGS 2 HOUR SHOW! NDE's and past life regression sessions can attach spirits. I will cover all.

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    Love and Light,



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    NDE Trickery, Deception in your life, Temptation&Psychic Readings

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    I really received a strong vision after watching a Near Death Experience on Youtube last night and that this woman was being deceived by a dark force.  You might call demonic forces. She had committed suicide and had a NDE and what she was told I knew it was trickery.  I want you to be careful when you watch these videos of Near Death Experience's.  I will explain as I am a sensitive, clairvoyant and empath. 

    I personally warned this woman in a comment.  I could see that she was very close to oppression which occurs before possession.  Right now is the time on Earth which has very strong deception coming in and I see it. I know it.  Be careful who you listen to and follow your intuition.  

    Be careful of temptation which is also very strong right now.  You will never see it coming.  However, I am going to have you see it coming as well as the deception.  People are changing right now.  There are good people and there always will be but you need to be careful and I am here to help you and guide you. 

    I will not hurt you or deceive you in any way and this is my mission.  

    I will answer your psychic questions as well. You can call and listen to the show or listen in the chat room. 

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    I can read as good or better than a celebrity psychic.  As I have been contacted by a TV producer and I have been in touch regarding something else which is up and coming and signed release forms of videos, I am going to offer the producer my gift to be used on TV.  

    Love and Light, 


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    Part II-Ghost Whisperer&Spirits Attach NDE&PastLife Regression&FREE PSYCHIC

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    Part II - What is truly a ghost whisperer?  There are some movies which have been used and some are accurate related to the Ghost Whisperer who the TV show was based on. You might feel cold spots and this is a ghost trying to communicate with you in a waking state. They communicate also in a dream state and they will give you clues throughout the day. These ghosts did not step into the white light because of unfinished business which usually means they died tragically and they want their story to be heard and justice to be done.  They might also be here to protect a loved one who is in danger.

    Spirits who attach will be discussed as well based on the true Ghost Whisperer.  This is very interesting as it does confirm what I always said when someone has a near death experience a spirit hops on with them so to speak to be brought back into our dimension.  They often will stay with the person who has had the NDE.  When you get a past life regression done under hynosis you must be very careful she states as spirits will also attach and come back with you. I wll go into details.


    Private readings at mia0899cs@gmail.com

    Love and Light


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    Dannion Brinkley: NDE Survivor and Beacon of Light

    in Spirituality

    Dannion Brinkley is an inspiring internationally renowned New York Times Best Selling author and speaker who had three of the most complete Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) ever recorded. A recipient of the President's Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service, Dannion co-founded The Twilight Brigade, Compassion in Action so no veteran at the end of life will be alone. Dannion has spent many thousands of hours at bedsides of dying veterans. Over 5500 Twilight Brigade volunteers are at work in VA hospitals and hospices nationwide assisting with end-of-life care.

    Dannion is the author of the internationally bestselling books Saved by the Light, At Peace in the Light and Secrets of the Light. Saved by the Light  (VHS) was the highest-rated made-for-television movie of all time. 

    Dannion's web site: Dannion.com

    Program music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer (LarrySeyer.com), included in this podcast with his permission. Visit FrontierBeyondFear.com to learn about the inspirational outreach of this program, now in its 6th year.


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    Russell is a skeptic-turned-experiencer who's book "Overlords of the Singularity" recommended by Clifford Stone, military witness of the ET presence. Russell states:

    "I've been an agnostic material reductionist most of my life, with scientific friends and associates, all skeptical of UFOs and the paranormal, psychics etc. I'm 60 years of age. 2009 was when I had a heart attack/NDE. Following that experience, a friend invited me to a haunted house with fellow ghost hunters /EVP equip, etc. that sparked the next several years of research into UFOs and related phenomenon, all of which I saw in the light of my NDE - a "flash of insight" into the interdimensional nature of reality, and it led to the completion of the "Overlords" book."

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    Bruce Gold~Near Death Experiencer/Healer

    in Paranormal

    Bruce Gold

    Bruce Gold has never been to The Old City of Jerusalem, the  Himalaya’s, Machu Picchu, or any other exotic location where miracles  are thought to take place. He doesn’t dress in Tribal Robes and call himself any  other name than the one he came into this world with. He was born and raised,  and realized his gift of healing in his hometown, of Los Angeles, California.  Bruce’s gift, as a Conduit for the Transference of Positive Healing Energies, came as a result of a conscious near death  experience, which occurred while he was driving alone on a crowded Los Angeles  Freeway in May of 2002. The thing he is most sure of today, is that he was most definitely not alone during that fateful ride.He has been sharing his gift of healing from the moment he first recognized it. He has a non-invasive technique of energy transference, that reaches his recipients almost immediately. He has worked successfully on both Human Beings and Animals. Bruce’s modality has been used both in person, as well as over the phone sessions for distance healing.  Bruce  makes it clear to his client’s that they are the Healers, and he is there strictly as an intermediary, bringing back to them the well of their own  energies.  His otherness  as he refers to it,  lasted most of his adult life. He had fallen into a deep depression which  appeared early on, and was seriously misdiagnosed, and mistreated with improper  medications that could have led him to ending his own life. Living in a  walking coma for over twelve years,  he literally watched every dream he ever had vanish before his  eyes...For more information and to make an appointment call: 310-475-2093.  His website-http://www.bgspiritualhealer.com

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    power of perception writers with DeBorah

    in Motivation

    DeBorah is a retired homeschooler who writes poetry that is published on several web sites over the internet including naturalpoetess.com. Currently DeBorah is writing a book about her NDE and how anyone can use the power of gratitude and positive spiritual affirmations to not only change their consciousness but heal those hidden scars. During her reign as Miss Wheelchair Ohio 1997 she spent time advocating for moms and  all persons with disabilities. She was interviewed by her local media and several magazines some of which you can still find online such as New Mobility magazine. DeBorah has appeared on Huffington Post and  is on the cover of Accent on Living magazine. Currently DeBorah can be heard weekly on a  talkshoe radio show entitled the Indigo room. You can also hear her poetry on Speakeasy Cafe, hear her many interviews, laugh with her on every third Friday of the month on Get answers to life's questions as she is a certified laughter Yoga leader and hear her voice over work on several radio  shows all here on Blog Talk Radio. You can also find her poetry on inspirational storytellers.com Cosmo funnell.com and poem of the week. Co.Uk and articles that she has written on for Harriet.com good enough and Purpose Fairy.com with more 

  • TJ Morris ET Tarot Readings~Go to AscensionPsychics.com Free Mini-Read!

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    Theresa J Morris, known as T J Psychic Medium Tarot Reader has her ET Spirit Guide Connections she calls the Cosmos Connection. TJ has done Tarot Card Readings as a professional since her days working in book stores in Hawaii. 1990 -1994.

    Theresa began the original Psychic Network and read for the stars in Hollywood and many came to visit her in Honolulu and Waikiki. Theresa taught classes and shared her knowledge of the unexplained phenomenon and became a Ufologists over the years based on her on UFO sightings and ET experiences. TJ also has shared her own Life After Death experiences some call Near Death Experiences or NDE. All her education as an Investigatgor by trade allowed her to learn the best route for incorporating her own spiritual path to share with others while living on the planet. TJ is a lover of life and has the Ascension Psychics and the Ascension Center Church Organization for Universal Life Metaphysical Ministers and Lightworkers and Truthseekers. Theresa is a Guide and Life Coach while writing books she is also known as an Author on Amazon and Lulu and is a speaker at conferences as an ET Contactee Experiencer who uses her intuition to do readings.