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    10 Important Things To Increase Your MSP Sales.

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    Our next presentation of the “The MSP Show” on “Blog Talk Radio has the potential to boost your sales success. You’ll learn 10 things you need to know to increase your sales:

    3 Myths that keep you from greater sales and success,
    3 Secrets to successfully program your mind with a winner’s image to double your business this year,
    3 Tricky Truths that make it difficult to be a successful MSP, and
    The #1 Secret to avoid low sales forever

    Join Daniel LeFave, Coaching Expert and MSP Marketing Expert Stuart Crawford for this 30-minute presentation so you can change your thinking and increase your sales.

    About Dan LeFave

    Dan LeFave is co-author of the Stepping Stones to Success with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield & Dr. Denis Waitley. His teaching inspires people to grow and be their highest and best self, and to make a difference in the world. His coaching helps people bridge the gap between their current results and what they want to achieve, producing optimal results anywhere, anyhow and anytime. Dan is a highly sought-after trainer on the topics of motivation and achievement, and a passionate speaker. For more information about Dan, visit: http://www.danlefave.com/

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    Interview With An MSP Successfully UsingTelemarketing!

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    We have a chance to speak with the Dir of Operations at Sling Stone IT and get an inside look and how they are successful selling managed services.  We will be interviewing Tyler Lawrence who also oversees the sales and marketing for this computer business based in San Diego and Orange County, CA.
    We will be focusing our discussion on how they have been able to leverage their use of outbound telemarketing to generate sales leads that they have been able to convert into new customers.  The two main areas that have set them apart from many of their peers is how they have improved their IT service delivery model along with keeping their foot on the marketing gas pedal!
    If you're an MSP that is looking to grow your computer business then make sure to tune in Next Thursday Nov 10th at 2:00 Central and see if you can glean some secrets from this marketing Guru who is currently in the trenches selling managed services!

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    Master Your MSP Security Offering

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    What does your IT security plan look like?  Is security a big concern for your clients?  
    In 2012, you must have a security practice in place to help your clients stay concerned and productive.  Security threats are always on the rise and threats exist everywhere.
    Join MSP Coach, Stuart Crawford and MSP Security Specialist Wendy Frank for a 30 minute discussion on how to build your own MSP security practice.  Wendy will also share some tips and tricks to better secure your clients.
    Wendy L. Frank, President, Accell Security, Inc. and Accell Technology, Inc.
    Wendy L. Frank, CISSP, CISA, MCSE, MCT, is President of Accell Security, Inc. and Accell Technology, Inc., providers of Level 3 and complex technology, security and compliance consulting and project management services to small, midmarket and enterprise client organizations. She currently serves as the Public Advocacy Liaison for the CompTIA IT Security Community. A highly-certified security professional, Ms. Frank built decades of extensive experience in architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing and non-profit finance. Prior to the founding of Accell Security and Accell Technology, Ms. Frank founded Accell, Inc., a combined technology advisory, commercial construction and general contractor firm, serving commercial and government clients from Maine to Florida. Ms. Frank holds B.Sc. degrees in Accounting and Computer Science. 

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    MSP Marketing 101 - Get Back To Basics

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    Join Coach Stu Selbst and MSP Consultant Stuart Crawford for a great MSP Show.  This time we discuss MSP Marketing with our good friend Dan Goldstein from MSP help desk firm, GMS Live Expert.
    During our show we will discuss the basics of MSP marketing and get a vendors perspective on what we are doing.  
    We will discuss what it takes to really get your MSP marketing strategy work and moving in the right direction.  We will share tips around outsourcing your marketing and what you need to be on the look out for.
    Join us...

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    Interview With Mark Woldman, President of MSP Sales Pros!

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    I am excited to announce that we will be interviewing Mark Woldman, President of MSP Sales Pro, on MSP Telemarketing's Blog Talk Radio Show this coming Thursday Oct 13th at 2:00pm Central.  If you're a computer business owner that is looking to grow marketing share, then don't miss this opportunity to hear proven sales and marketing strategies from an industry Guru like Mark.
    The exciting part about this interview is that we will learn how Mark has a more unique approach to his branding, content and sales training process for IT marketing because it's not a cookie cutter approach.  While he does have a solid approach it's really customized.... well I better save something for the interview.
    So if you have been unimpressed with some of the other 'guru's' out there then this might be a chance to hear a really fresh new approach.  If you haven't heard of Mark Woldman before then it's important to know that he proved his mettle training Kaseya users to improve their sales process before striking out on his own at MSP Sales Pros.

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    The MSP Show LIVE from Autotask Community Live

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    The MSP Show is on the road again!  Join us from the show floor at Autotask Community Live in Miami, Florida.  Special guests and insight from one of the top IT conferences of the calendar year.

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    Kick Butt Client Services - The Best Way To Grow Your MSP Business

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    Join MSP Business Coach Stuart Selbst with MSP Marketing Professional Stuart Crawford and talk client services.

    Awesome client service creates armies of raving fans who can't stop talking about you and singing your praises. We all heard about the benefits of rock solid word of mouth marketing that spreads like a California wildfire. Now join Stu and Stu as we share our tips to creating strong and effective client services that rock your MSP world.

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    Don't Quit - Your MSP Success Is Just Around The Corner

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    Do you give up to easily?

    For many, success is just around the corner but for some...they quit too early.

    Wayne Clements reminds us of some of the tough or hard things we need to do to run a successful business.  

    This is a very special MSP show.  Wayne Clements is a successful business coach from Calgary, Alberta, Canada who helps business owners each day tackle many of the challenges they face.

    Read more about Wayne on his LinkedIn profile at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/wayne-clements/15/11/809



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    Real Solutions For MSP Partners

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    Join MSP Marketing Professional, Stuart Crawford with IT Control Solutions President, Sheldon Waters..

    itControl was born out of the frustration and pain from over 20 years of delivering IT service, support and management on a daily basis in an active outsourced IT service provider practice.

    While managing over 280 independent network systems, this group of highly talented experienced professionals in business process, service delivery, computing technology and sophisticated extreme programming shared the vision to make itControl Suite a reality.

    After 3 years of intense development and real life day to day testing, the system has matured and proven successful in both corporate IT departments and outsourced IT service providers.

    Learn more about IT Control Solutions at http://www.itcontrolsolutions.com.

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    Creating MSP Online Marketing That Sticks

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    Everyone wants more business correct? Should we rephrase this question, everyone wants better business?

    Join MSP Marketing Specialist, Stuart Crawford from Ulistic with Kate Hunt as we discuss how you can create online marketing campaigns that simply rock.

    We will help shed some light on how to craft calls to action, writing web copy, turn visitors into prospects and how to select search terms that hit your target market.

    Tune in to our MSP Show and learn how to excel in your Managed Services business.

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    OK, you are a MSP, where do you turn next?

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    Join Stuart Crawford and Jim Hamilton from MSP Partners as we discuss the MSP Partners organization. MSP Partners was founded by Cisco, Intel, Ingram Micro, Level Platforms and Microsoft, and further sponsored by many other worldwide IT Leaders, dedicated to:

    Educating IT solution providers about the benefits and implementation strategies for successful managed services.

    Assisting solution providers in "taking the first step" into managed services and providing new growth strategies for