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    When doctors discovered that gonorrhea affected all classes of girls back in the late 19th Century, they dismissed any evidence about the transmission of the disease from fathers to daughters, and instead blamed --you guessed it-- women for the spread of the disease. It was poor housekeeping, not daddy dearest, accounting for the STD/ Author Lynn Sacco, assistant professor in the Department of History at the University of Tennessee wrote "Unspeakable: Father - Daughter Incest in American History," to explore the role of medicine and society in detecting and dealing wiht incest historically, and she reseearched how the experts threw scientific knowledge to the winds rather than face the issue of father- daughter incest. Easier to blame the mothers than to face a harsh reality.

    Sacco has documented medical history and social attitudes about incest and sex crimes over the last two hundred years and how the problem was ignored in order to sustain an image of the ideal white family and paternal authority.

    Prof. Sacco earned degrees in journalism and English from Marquette University, a lwa degree from John Marshall Law School and practiced law for several years in Chicago. She went on to get a doctorate in history from the University of Southern Californie, and has been with the University of Tennessee history department since 2004.

    Join us as we talk about the history if incest, medicine, feminism, society and sexuality in America.


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    Dearborn Healing Festival - June 16-18 - Ford Field Park - BHTE

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    Dr. David Nichols, Founder of Heart of the Father Ministries in the year 2000, is an anointed evangelist whom the Lord has blessed with the gift of a miraclous ministry wherever he works, whether it is in India, Africa, or in the USA! Along with wife Sherry they have traveled around the world, preaching and teaching the message of Father's unconditional love expressed through His Son, Jesus.

    David is an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God (USA). He holds an earned Ph.D. in  New Testament from Marquette University. Thirty-one years of ministry evangelism, pastoring, college teaching and administration have equipped David and Sherry to be voices of renewal, revival, healing, salvation, and evangelism in these days.

    God is using Dr. David Nichols to call his sons and daughters home to the Father.


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    Wayne Breitbarth LinkedIn from skeptic to proponent why and how LinkedIn is used

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    Once a skeptic and now an outspoken proponent of LinkedIn, Wayne Breitbarth is passionate about helping business professionals—from entry level to CEO—learn how to combine their previous experience and relationships with this innovative tool in order to more successfully brand and market themselves and their businesses.Wayne’s diverse professional background uniquely positions him to assist not only individuals but corporate entities as well. With thirty years’ experience in the areas of operations, finance, management, consulting, and business ownership, he is able to “put it all together” for his corporate and individual clients.

    In addition to his consulting work, Wayne is a dynamic speaker. His practical yet entertaining presentations have inspired audiences both locally, at many of Milwaukee’s most prominent companies and organizations, and nationally, at conventions, industry association events, and corporate training sessions. His audiences have included Inc. Magazine, the American Marketing Association, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

    Wayne’s critically acclaimed book “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-start Your Business, Brand, and Job Search” has helped tens of thousands access the full power of LinkedIn.

    Wayne is a Certified Public Accountant and received a BBA from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and an MBA from Marquette University. He is the CEO of Power Formula LLC and resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    Contact Wayne at wayne@powerformula.net or (414) 313-7785.

    Strategies of Success
    Brian A Cohen DTM Host

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    Agitator Radio

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    Sheila M. Murphy was born in Colorado to parents who instilled in her the importance of caring for others.  Ms. Murphy graduated from Marquette University in 1959. In 1989, Ms. Murphy became an Associate Judge, one of 11 chosen and the only woman in a field of 257 candidates.  In 1992, Judge Murphy ran as an independent Democrat and was elected by 1.2 million votes to the Circuit Court of Cook County.  Judge Murphy served as Presiding Judge of the Sixth District from 1992 to 1999.  During that time, a child care waiting room and domestic violence and drug treatment courts were opened.  With a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, a school was opened in the lower level for children who had been suspended or expelled from schools.

    As Presiding Judge, Judge Murphy did not limit her duties to judicial administration but heard cases as well including the post conviction petition of Verneal Jimerson who had been sentenced to death.  She ordered DNA testing for Mr. Jimerson and co-defendants, which exonerated all of them.   Judge Murphy is a recipient of the Kenneth Wilson Award, which honor was bestowed on her in June of 2009 by the Cook County Bar Association, the oldest black bar association in North America.  The American Bar Association and the National Association of Women Judges jointly awarded Judge Murphy an award for her restorative justice work.

    Sheila Murphy is past Chair of the International Bar Association Judge’s Forum.  She was named as an Illinois State Bar Association Laureate in 2009.    In 2011 Judge Murphy became an Adjunct Professor at The John Marshall Law School.  She teaches Restorative Justice with Professor Michael P. Seng and has taught law students in China, the Czech Republic and Taiwan.

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    MichICAN NRP The Perception Deception Show 12-30-15 Lets find some Meeting place

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    Join Us, 8PM EST for a 2 Hour conversation on the future of Cannabis in Michigan.
    12-30-15 - Update on Petition Printing and lets find 5 places around the state to meet
    for Face to Face meetings.   Around Detroit, Around Lansing  Mt Pleasant, Clare
    Cheyboygan area and one more in Marquette area.   This way anyone and everyone
    that has questions, wants to Volunteer to Petition or Donate to the Campaign. needs
    more information can get it at one of these 5 meetings we will set up

    Guest Call In Line:
    (646) 668-2239

    Tune In, Join In, Get Heard, Not Done!

    This isn't your controlled talking points Cannabis Minded Radio Show.
    This is a show to discuss the unthinkable, Actual Repeal of Prohibition in Michigan.
    You can keep up to date with upcoming shows, guests, and
    other show informaiton including Archived shows at

    Join us on PalTalk here in the Abrogate Prohibition Michigan Campaign group.
    Paltalk is Free, Easy to use, and allows 250 of us to communicate at once.

    The views and opinions expressed on the MichICAN Nightly Radio Show are those of the
    hosts, and guests, authors or organizations, and are not necessarily those
    of this station, it’s management or other Hosts or advertisers. The shows found on
    the BlogTalkRadio can promote any lifestyle, belief, religion, political affiliation
    or other personal practice. These shows are for entertainment purposes only and are
    not intended to offer legal advice, or to treat, diagnose and/or claim any cure of
    disease or condition.  Although the Host of this show have made every reasonable
    effort to be factually accurate, no responsibility is assumed for editorial or clerical
    errors or error occasioned by honest mistake. All information contained on this Website
    is subject to change.

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    Marquette Falbo and Ironman, Griff Long

    in Health

    Marquette is excited to interview Griff Long on the show today! 
    Griff is the Vice President of Operations at a large corporation, Ironman finisher, a member of the Team USA Triathlon 2013 and 2014, USA triathlon coach, certified CrossFit coach, husband, and dad. He tells us how he prepares for triathlons and what keeps him going. Tune in to hear his story!  

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    Green Bay Packers-Oakland Raiders preview; Wisconsin RB Corey Clement returning

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    The Green Bay Packers head out west to play the Oakland Raiders. We chat with Acme Packing Company's Tex Western to break down Aaron Rodgers vs. Khalil Mack and Charles Woodson.

    The Wisconsin Badgers are struggling on the basketball court with losses to UW-Milwaukee and Marquette last week. Can they turn the ship around?

    Plus we discuss UW linebacker Joe Schobert and his accomplishments, along with Corey Clement reportedly staying with the Badgers for one more season.


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    Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast

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    Listen to this edition of the Pan-African Journal broadcast live from the Emergency Conference to Save Rev. Edward Pinkney. The conference is being held in Detroit at the St. Matthews-St. Joseph Episcopal Church and will feature speakers on the struggle to free Michigan's political prisoner who was framed for fighting corporate racism in Berrien County Michigan, located in the southwest region of the state. Rev. Pinkney is now being held in Marquette prison in northern Michigan and is subjected to constant harrassment and the denial of phone access. His case represents one of the most egregious forms of human rights violations in the United States today.

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    The CBB Super Show! 11-9-15

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    Tonight's show is all about the Big East! We will go team by team and tell you about all the players you need to know about. Your host Walter Waddell will guide you through the conference as we are just a few days away from #CBB #DFS!

  • Author Amy Reichert & THE COINCIDENCE OF COCONUT CAKE on Authors on the Air LIVE

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes  Amy E. Reichert to the studio.  Her book, The Coincidence of Coconut Cake,  is on my short list for romance book of the year. Here's what I found out about Amy:  Amy Reichert earned her MA in Literature from Marquette University, and honed her writing and editing skills as a technical writer (which is exactly as exciting as it sounds). As a newly minted member of the local library board, she loves helping readers find new books to love. She's a life-long Wisconsin resident with (allegedly) a very noticeable accent, a patient husband, and two too-smart-for-their-own-good kids. When time allows, she loves to read, collect more cookbooks than she could possibly use, and test the limits of her DVR.


    You're going to want to learn the recipe for this cake!

    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. http://authorsontheair.com. http://facebook.com/authorsontheair. Tweet @authorsontheair @PamStackHost


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    Big East Coast Bias Podcast #5 - Marquette

    in Basketball

    Discussing the outlook for the Marquette Golden Eagles in the 2014-15 season.