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    Sports Mania

    in Sports

    Join Sports Mania for the hottest sports updates, interviews and trivia every Monday 7-8pm EST. The crew will keep you in the loop with the current world of sports from the NBA, NFL, PGA and everything in between. Call in and give us your take on the world of sports and see how much sports trivia you really know.

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    Ep31: Jessica Cameron II - Mania, Film Fests, Halloween & More!

    in Movies

    Ep31: Jessica Cameron II - Mania, Film Fests, Halloween & More!

    Scream Queen, Actress, Director & Producer returns to the Crypt to get us up to date

    on her latest projects, awards at recent Film Festivals and Halloween!!

    Don't look over your shoulder, Ignore the knock on your door, and tune into this episode of the Undead Podcast!!

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    Bowl Mania: Previews, predictions and more

    in Sports

    From the shores of Hawaii to the sunny beaches of Miami. From the Big Apple to the Big Easy. As we criss-cross the country watching teams play in college football's most prestigious bowls, we get set for Bowl Mania on a special edition of Wednesday Night Tailgate. 

    I'll give you all the picks for all the major bowls not part of the New Year's Six and I'll tell you the five bowls on my bucket list.

    Join us for a special afternoon edition of Wednesday Night Tailgate as I preview all the bowls.

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    Mitten Mania

    in Sports

    Michigan State and Uofm Hoops and Football Recruiting

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    Sports Midweek Madness/MLB Mania SUPER SHOW

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    Join us for the first ever SUPER SHOW, where we combine both Sports Midweek Madness AND MLB Mania for a two hour segment. Brad Miller, co-host of Sports Midweek Madness, Megan Whiteaker, co-host of MLB Mania will join Tyler Spence as we preview the NFL Draft, talk NBA and NHL playoffs, and the MLB season! Don't forget to call us in with any questions you have. Starts at 7 PM Pacific!

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    Getting in the Fastlane to Mania!

    in Entertainment

    On this edition: We have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and now are just under 3 weeks from the Fastlane PPV, where the winner of the Triple Threat Main Event goes to Wrestlemania to face that champion. Are cracks appearing in the relationship between Dean Ambrose and his brother, Roman Reigns? Which one asked for a trip to Suplex City? And just who IS the champ? Also: SCC's intrepid indie reporter, Beth, goes over the Beyond Wrestling show that took place last weekend in Massachusetts. And, we also discuss the new attitude of the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. All this and more! 

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    Wrestling Mania Radio (Episode 1)

    in Sports

    Join Shawn McIntosh As He Goes Over The WWE Week In Review...Including The Results Of The Most Recent WWE Pay Per View...

  • Sports Mania

    in Romance

    Sports Mania is back!

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    It's Malt Liquor Mania, BROTHER!

    in Entertainment

    Say goodbye to 2015 and say hello to 2016! Hopefully you had an enjoyable holiday season and are ready for some more celebrations on this weeks edition of Bumming With Bobcat! After a brief holiday recess this past week, we are ringing in 2016 with the NEW gold standard of podcasts, or is that Four Loko Gold?

    By now you have heard that Four Loko GOLD was named the special Christmas BWB Malt Beverage Of The Week. What exactly is Four Loko Gold? We will get to the bottom of this dilemma as we demand these types of answers!

    Did you know that January 1st isn't just New Years Day, it's also national Malt Liquor Day? Think you couldn't feel any worse after New Year's Eve? Think again! To celebrate this special day, we have named *SPOILER ALERT* Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor the BWB Forty Of The Week! Grab a bottle and join the party!

    The final week of the 2015 NFL regular season is upon us and that means the BWB NFL Pick 'Em league is coming to a close as well! Who will take home the top prize after this final Sunday of NFL action?

    As a special holiday treat the NEW AND IMPROVED bumwinebob.com was revealed on Christmas Eve! Have you checked it out and told all your friends to do the same as we approach the 100,000 hits mark?

    All that and MORE on this weeks episode! Want to be part of the show? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join the party. Cheers!

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    managing the landscape: moods, mantra,mania and more

    in Spirituality

    Every moment of everyday we are shifting and sifting through our moment by moment experience. How does our meditative stillness practice help us navigate better our inner landscape and can this keep us in peace with all? At times we forget to be present or maybe we have become exhausted or over stressed and under appreciated; all these will effect our moods and what we are telling our self and others may or may not be beneficial. Does this make us bad? NO! it makes us human! relax, reset, restore and realize we are on track, even if the track is muddy, bumpy and unclear. How to get back to the basics....quick. manage the landscape; feel better fast!

    This morning I awoke and gave gratitude for the day; then about 90 minutes later I felt as tho I had lost all power....quickly I managed my landscape by:

    hydrating...i had forgotten to drink a large glass of water

    ate some protein....my green tea and honey had set my blood sugar levels up for failure...and I was failing

    moved it! I took a run down the drive and regrounded myself. these are a few simple tools we must do over and over each day if we are to keep up our energy and our Power. How can we be a #powerfulpeacefulwomenrising if the tank is empty! there is more to our practice...

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    The Awakening - Rant-O-Mania

    in Politics Conservative

    For G_d, For Country, For Freedom.

    It's one of those nights where a rant is needed.

    Sorely needed.

    I wanted to thank all of you for your prayers that I requested a few weeks ago for my friend Sharku.  Sadly, Sharku passed away early this morning.....

    This comes from the son of my beloved friend Sharku:

    This morning at 5 am my father passed. For anyone who wants to join us we will be gathering Monday at 2 pm at my aunt's.  He Will forever be apart of my life and could not have asked for a better father and friend. My sister and I will be going to Burning man next year upon his wish to join half of his ashes to the sands of the Arizona basin. Rest in peace and I love you.

    Rest in peace brother - you fought a battle only a true warrior and patriot could muster.  Rest now, say "hi" to your Dad for me and thank him for his service.  I love you and miss you. - Holger