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    Listen to Malcolm Kelly, author and holistic philosopher, share Enlightenism insights on the show that’s changing how to think of POWER. On today’s show, Mr. Kelly continues to shed light on how to use Enlightenism to create “A Clear Path to Your Authentic Self.” He explains that the inner journey is one of unlearning and removing toxic beliefs and values from your conditioned consciousness. The path to your Authentic Self must be free of toxicity. (For further Enlightenism insights, read Malcolm Kelly’s book “Seeds From the Ashes”).

    Malcolm Kelly: Power of Mind Radio - “Practicing the Principles of Enlightenism – A Clear Path To Your Authentic Self:  Part 4”  | Thursday, April 28, 2016 | 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST | Listen Online: http://tobtr.com/8750557 | Call-In: (773) 897-6543

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    Reggae Icon Carl Malcolm & Iron Lion 4 Chesapeake Bay Reggae Festival May14-15th

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    Carl Malcolm initially learned the keyboard, picking up skills on the instrument at his local Methodist church. He attended St. Elizabeth Technical High School before moving to Kingston, where he worked for a shoe company and was a reservist in the Jamaica Defence Force. In 1965 he joined his first group, The Volcanoes, alongside Al Brown, the pair staying together until 1969.[1] Malcolm then gave up music while he continued his studies, but returned when he joined the group Big Relations, led by Jo Jo Bennett. Malcolm recorded briefly as a solo artist, recording "Father Free Us" for Clement "Coxsone" Dodd's Studio One label, before spending time in the United States.

        6th annual Chesapeake Bay Reggae Fest 


          757-354-9443 KP,  757-746-5542 Crystal


    iRon Lion says,"I've been blessed to be backed by some of the best reggae musicians in the business.Veteran Grammy nominated musicians have taken the stage backing me and other current and up and coming world class traveling musicians also.When we take the stage,we bring sweet vocal harmony,drums,bass,keyboards,guitars and horns on occasion.Beach and Island-style events are our specialty.We play at colleges,festivals,private parties,bars,clubs,amphitheaters and more places! As iRon Lion I've opened for Jimmy Cliff,The Wailers Band,SOJA and many more kings of reggae music!

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    Serena Dyer

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    Please welcome Serena Dyer to The Best Ever You Show.

    Serena Dyer has co-authored a book with her father, Dr. Wayne Dyer, titled Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You about her experience growing up with spiritual parents (released June of 2014).

    The book is a daughter’s response to her father’s wisdom and provides readers a glimpse into what life was like growing up with seven brothers and sisters -- and Dr. Wayne Dyer as a father. Serena is a contributor to Huffington Post, Mind Body Green and Positively Positive where she shares stories on varying subjects, including meditation, travel, the spiritual journey and life with her brothers and sisters. She regularly appeared on stage with her father at Hay House events. She is also a featured speaker at spiritual, motivational and wellness events around the United States. Her subject matter covers a wide range of topics, but she always seeks to share her personal spiritual perspective in a way that encourages introspection and personal growth. While completing her master’s degree at the University of Miami, Serena was moved by startling statistics concerning the global tragedy of human trafficking. Although most of her work is done privately, Serena does add her voice to raise awareness via the charity Stop Child Trafficking. Serena currently resides in south Florida with her husband Matt and daughter Sailor.


    Website - www.serenadyer.com

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    The Joseph Price Show

    in Politics Progressive

    Friday, April 29th 2016.
    Due to limited time, I am unable to accept phone calls.

    -Millennials hate crony capitalism, not capitalism.

    -Why Baby Boomers and Gen X need to look at themselves, instead of blaming Millennials, and more.

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    Healing Northern Racial Hate: Sherri Bevel Examines Dr. King's Chicago Movement

    in Women

    It's one thing to be told that certain bathroom facilities are for "white only" and you have to use the"colored" toilet when down South. It's another thing to get beat up when walking through a white neighborhood and you can only live in certain areas of the city when in the north. A new book, The Chicago Freedom Movement" examines Dr. King's confrontation with northern racial hate when trying to end segregated housing in Chicago. Rev. James Bevel was a principal organizer in Chicago and the book examines much of his activities in the directing of non violent protest tactics. His daughter Sherri Lynn Bevel is our guest today to examine the effectiveness of the northern movement against racial hate

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    X-RAD EPI 234

    in Current Events

    Wednesday April 17th 2016


    with Xander Gibb 
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    Susan Shaner


    Guest: Musician Daniel Brodax

    Call/Skype Us: 347 884 9

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    Prophetic Power Surge, Here, Where the Miraculous Happens

    in Spirituality

    Prepare for the Miraculous move of God in the name of Jesus


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    Tune-in and listen to some powerful Enlightenism insights on the show that’s changing how to think of POWER. On today’s show, join Malcolm Kelly, author and holistic philosopher, in a thought-provoking breakthrough in how to use Enlightenism to create “A Clear Path to Your Authentic Self.”  Mr. Kelly sheds light on how unlearning toxic beliefs and values removes the self-created illusions blocking your path to your Authentic Self. He explains that this unlearning process is the work you must do for yourself, without depending on others’ beliefs and values. (For further Enlightenism insights, read Malcolm Kelly’s book, “Seeds From the Ashes”).

    Malcolm Kelly: Power of Mind Radio - “Practicing the Principles of Enlightenism – A Clear Path To Your Authentic Self:  Part 3”  | Wednesday, April 27, 2016 | 12:00pm PST/3:00pm EST | Listen Online: http://tobtr.com/8750519 | Call-In: (773) 897-6543

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    As we know and have read Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. met at the halls of the legislature. For the Civil Rights Bill more than 50 years ago, the vote on the Floor of The Senate and the House. Today I visited theses two same halls one directly across from the other. They must have been well prepared for the day because it is quite trying. The man we all knew as Malcolm X is being described by other writers like George Breitman the text says' thus according to Dr: John Hendrick Clark 
    In his pamphlet "Malcolm X The Man and His Ideas"...............George Breitman gives the following description of Malcolm ' s appeal as speaker: His speaking style was unique--plain, direct like an arrow, devoid of flowery trimming.  He used metaphors and figures of speech that were lean and simple, rooted in the ordinary daily experience of his audiences.

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    We are back on Re-Evolution Radio! Thank you for tuning in. Tonight we have another exciting episode of Light Upon Light with your host Imam Yusuf Abdus Salaam. Please make sure you have your notes handy as he takes you on another journey on the path of knowledge. Listen in as he discuss a number of topics such as religon, politics, current events and much much more. As you already know Light Upon Light is on every Tuesday and Thursday night at 10p.m est so dont for get to listen in. Re-Evolution Radio Tune In and Drop Out.

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    Dr. Alli Muhammad - Dangers of Negropean Parenting of Black-African Children 11B

    in Politics

    The Dangers of Negropean Parenting Against Black Children (The dilemmas of Crackers-In-Blackface Parenting)

    Traumas of Black-African children, the Cracker-In-Blackface (Negropean) Parents; birthing & parenting Black children and the (multifaceted) racial psychoses as a result of it: PT. 11B Traumatic-Black Obtrusive Negropean Psychopathic Narcissistic Child Disorder!

    Dr. Alli Muhammad MS, PhD, MD:

    The Traumatic Black Obtrusive Negropean Parenting Disorder (AKA Cracker-In-Blackface Parenting Disorder); The Origins, Ingredients and Psychology of the Negropean Parenting & Birthing Black children and the (multifaceted) racial psychoses as a result of it. Psychopathic & Psychotic Behavior!

    Dr. Alli Muhammad CGIC-RBPP exposes the origings and ingredients of Negropean Parenting and the (multifaceted) racial psychoses as a result of it; the corollaries of the Traumatic Black African Holocaust Disorder as a result of the Black African Holocaust.

    Baba Osagyefo Olugbala Revolutionary Goon, General Dr. Alli Muhammad M.S., PhD, MD AKA "Super Nigga". Fights for us on many battlefields he is our BOLD REVOLUTIONARY BLACK POWER WARRIOR GENERAL. Dr. Alli Muhammad is the Chief-General-In-Command of the RBPP.

    The Revolutionary Black Panther Party – RADIO BROADCAST
    Tonight – Thursday – April 28, 2016 - 9:30 pm EST
    9:30PM Eastern | 8:30PM CDT| 7:30PM MDT| 6:30 PM Pacific
    TOPIC: The Dangers & Origins of the Negropean Parenting of  Black-African Children!

    PART XI.B - THE PSYCHOPATHY: The Nergopean Psychopathic-Narcissitc Child Disorder!
    (Psychopaths, Narcissist & Abusers: Psychopathy & Psychoses from Children to Adults)

    (By Dr. Alli Muhammad - CGIC-RBPP)

    Call: 347-637-2773 To Listen In!
    Online: www.blogtalkradio.com/revolutionaryblackpantherparty