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    John Carver Show - Weapons of Our Warfare

    in Self Help

    This is a sermon I shared on April 24, 2016 while my youngest daughter, Juliana, was at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland for a bone marrow transplant.  Some of what I share, in this sermon, includes:

    There have been MANY Ancient weapons that have been used over the centuries.

    Land mines are explosive devices planted in the ground, and have been used in conflicts all over the world. During the Mongol invasion of China in the 13th century, Chinese inventors came up with the “Underground Sky Soaring Thunder”, a land mine so terrifyingly titled, it’s name alone should’ve been enough to force armies into retreat.

    The tenth century fire lance (or lightweight hand cannon) fired shrapnel at the enemy from a long bronze or iron tube small enough to be carried by a soldier.

    There were psychological attempts at warfare like those used by Sun Tzu (The Art of War):

    “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

    2 Corinthians 10 - New Living Translation (NLT)

    Strategic warfare does not happen by accident.  Life has a way of attacking you and trying to stop you in your track by design.

    I am the Pastor of:

    Faith Outreach Chapel

    1713 Rittenhouse Avenue 

    Baltimore MD 21227

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    The Dave Portnoy Show Callers

    in Football

    Talk to Jim Renner, State of Union, Live Calls

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    Mindfulness in the Workplace & Retirement Account Portability

    in Business

    On this week's program, the hosts talk with guests from eMindful and Millennium Trust Company on issues related to mindfulness, retirement and more.

    The first guest is Kevin Renner, SVP of marketing and product management for eMindful. Employers are facing a new crisis: The proliferation of stress, burnout, obesity and other chronic conditions at unprecedented levels among their employees. In the span of 12 months recently, the percentage of U.S. employees reporting they were stressed at work jumped from 73 to 83 percent, according to the Work Stress Survey conducted by Harris Interactive. Among the most innovative developments in behavioral wellness and holistic well-being today is the application of evidence-based mindfulness training to stress and other modifiable health cost drivers facing employers. A burgeoning body of scientific research has demonstrated that mindfulness is highly effective in improving behavioral health and chronic diseases. In this interview, we will discuss some of the latest findings with Kevin, who has worked in the mindfulness field with eMindful since 2010.

    The second guest on the program this week will be Terry Dunne, SVP and managing director of Rollover Solutions Group at Millennium Trust Company. Employees in health care tend to switch jobs frequently; they need portability of their retirement benefits to help ensure that they can save well for their retirement. This topic touches on a critical public policy goal of preserving assets for retirement savings. For Americans, there is approximately $25 trillion earmarked for retirement. This includes DC, DB, government entities and IRAs. There are over 630,000 DC plans with over 90 million participants – many DB plans and government-type plans. IRAs now hold over $7 trillion in assets. The issue ties to every industry, health care included. What should Americans be doing to enhance their retirement years?

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    John Carver Show - There's More Left in Your Tube!!

    in Self Help

    I started the John Carver Show as a way to share information that can help you keep moving forward in your life.  I have to admit some of the shows are a reminder to me to keep going even when I wanted to quit and give up.  This is one of those shows.  It's a reminder to me...and I bet to you too.  I hope this show gives you encouragement and a new "second wind" to keep going!!


    John Carver




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    Profile:Bradford Young/Cinematographer/Selma/A story of Life

    in Movies

    Originally from Louisville, KY Bradford Young is a cinematographer who studied under the tutelage of filmmaker Haile Gerima. As a cinematographer Bradford is most concerned with finding the sublime in the ordinary. His works ambition is to explore and celebrate small local things, photographically. His recent film contributions include: Ava DuVernay’s SELMA, which was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture and won for best Original Song.  JC Chandor’s A MOST VIOLENT YEAR, for which Bradford was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Cinematography in a Motion Picture.  Ed Zwick’s PAWN SACRIFICE. David Lowrey’s AIN’T THEM BODIES SAINTS and Andrew Dosunmu’s MOTHER OF GEORGE for which he was awarded the 2013 Sundance US Dramatic Competition Excellence in Cinematography Award for both films. Other films include Dee Rees’ PARIAH, for which he won the 2011 Sundance US Dramatic Competition Excellence in Cinematography Award, Ava DuVernay’s MIDDLE OF NOWHERE, Tina Mabry’s, MISSISSIPPI DAMNED, Paola Mendoza’s ENTRE NOS and Andrew Dosunmu’s, RESTLESS CITY. Bradford just completed production on Denis Villeneuve’s A STORY OF YOUR LIFE, starring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. Bradford was named “25 New Faces of Independent Film” by Filmmaker Magazine in 2009 and Variety Magazine’s “Up Next 25 Masters of Their Craft” that same year.  Bradford was also profiled in Variety Magazine’s prestigious “10 Cinematographers to Watch 2015” Bradford is a 2014 inductee into the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as well as a 2015 inductee into the American Society of Cinematographers. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Join us for a chat with Juliana Park, Author of The Abundance Loop

    in Lifestyle

    Ever feel stressed that it’s never enough? No matter how hard you work, there’s not enough money, time, energy, support? Juliana Park, author of The Abundance Loop,  joins Erica to discuss how you can shift from the scarcity mindset to one of abundance.

    She will walk us through the 8 steps to manifest conscious wealth, starting with challenging your beliefs about what is possible and taking action steps to create the life you want.

    She can ultimately help you develop an awareness of how your mindset can impact your money and your life so you feel that you have and that you are… more than enough. 

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    TRUNEWS 03/18/16 William Murray, Juliana Taimoorazy | Communism and Genocide

    in News

    Did the red diaper babies of the 60’s disappear, or grow up to become the ruling elite? Rick will greet the President of the Religious Freedom Coalition William J. Murray to answer that and why the communist utopia is a road to hell. In Part 2, the Founder of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council Juliana Taimoorazy will explain the significance of calling ISIS’s war on Middle Eastern Christians a genocide, as well conveying a deep-felt cry for help from her nazarene brethren in the West.

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    Our Visit 2 Amalgam Comics, Daredevil 2, Luke Cage Trailer & more The Grind@6pm

    in Politics Conservative

    Harambee with a side order of cornbread, greens and salad (healthy!!) to our every expanding and loyal audience! Our regularly scheduled Saturday broadcast was preempted due to our appearance at the first annual Blackfinity Gauntlet podcast meetup held at the world famous Amalgam Comics in Philadelphia, PA.  But we are BACK and ready to discuss Blerd/Geek/Bleek matters today at 6pm EST.  Listen to your Podcast Enterprise Crew (Capt. Kirk, Claire Lanay, Dburt and The "Uncanny Daryll B.) as they unravel this week's latest pulp flavored topics: giving our impressions/highlights of the Blackfinity meet and greet in Philly;  Netflix' Daredevil, Season 2 makes it way to your Wi-Fi platform of choice; and speaking of Netflix, we finally get a skosh of the Luke Cage imprint, scheduled for release in September; The Root has a piece likening Marvel/Netflix' Iron Fist to Tarzan. 

    British Man of Steel (or is that UNCLE), Henry Cavill visits NYC's Time Square and goes unnoticed (wearing a Superman "t"); Ta-nehisi Coates' Black Panther #1 has 300K in pre-order sales (whoa...and the swag is forthcoming); with Jeremy Renner intimating that he would be open to a Hawkeye Netflix series, is the streaming service going to be the waystation for every other Marvel imprint?  And what Marvel IP could be worthy of a series? (where's DC's streaming service analog?).  Lastly, The Mission's Joseph Illidge affirms that he does not need a Miles Morales to appear in the highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War. 

    My eyes cross water to the gift of a symbol. It is a statue which represents freedom won at the cost of death...and while my studies in philosophy render such  a concept false, my experience with the nature of man dictates that fallacy is often truth-Shang-Chi 

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    #04 - Escaflowne

    in Television

    Escaflowne is widely revered as one of the most compelling and awesome anime's ever! Haven't heard of it? Listen to this episode and soak in the awesomeness!! Join Mason, Raven, and special guest Juliana as we delve DEEP into the world of Energists, Draconians and Guymelfs on the distant world of Gaia. A swashbuckling tale of adventure, romance, and giant robot suits of armor. Escaflowne is both a mecha AND romance anime, making it quite the standout among the classics! Listen to the revelations about it all here on this long awaited episode of Anime Attic presented by Meltdown Comics!

    Twitter: @animeatticlove
    Instagram: animeatticlove

    Produced and engineered by Mason Booker
    Logo by Laura Darby www.Lauradarby.com

    #escaflowne #anime #animeattic #shojo #shonen #deepmomentswithRaven # podcast #episode04 #meltdown #meltdowncomics #mecha

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    Miracles and Poems Episode

    in Women

    In our first interview we chat with author J Kat Renner, who discusses her book, Our River of Life. J Kat will discuss her unique approach to writing and talks about her spiritual foundation.  We ask J Kat about her career as a writer and what she has planned for the future. To read up on Our River of Life and other books J Kat has written, please visit her site at jkatrenner.com.

    In the second segment of the show author Sherry Rentschler joins us in the first of two parts of her chat with us. In Part 1, Sherry discusses her book, Midnight Assassin. Discovering her gift of writing at age 5, Sherry has expressed herself in various facets of writing; from newspapers to poetry to storytelling. Sherry discusses her inspiration and shares a unique fuel for her creativity. Check out more of Sherry and her books on http://www.sherryrentschler.com/.


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    John Carver Show - What we have is a GIFT!

    in Self Help

    This is a semron I shared on February 21, 2016.  It is the week that Irina (Our daugther's Kristina and Juliana birth mother) is in town to donate bone marrow for a bone marrow transplant for Juliana who has been fighting cancer since 2007.  In this sermon I don't go into great details about this week the theme is very important to all of us.

    We were all given,earned and taught things that can help other people.  Some of what I share includes:

    I remember some people congratulating my camera for taking a good photograph.  They forget it’s the person using the camera as a tool to take a good photograph.

    Often times, people get a “big head” (stuck up) when their gift, used by God, gets attention.


    Jesus, also, understood that he was a Gift to the world.  I will come back to that thought later.

    So often people forget the gifts that others have given them.

    Sometimes I forget that my mother was given a heart.  I am, POSITIVE, the family of the gift giver has NEVER forgotten.

    There is much more I share in this sermon...