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    The Business Of Doing Business with Jeff Klein - The Pitch

    in Business

    Founder of Speaker Coop, Mr. Jeff Klein, is the first of a series of business leaders, experts, entrepreneurs and public spekaers sharing their experiences and delivering vital details on creating economic and social value to a world that is changing faster than ever, more connected than ever and more technologically advanced than ever. In this first episode,we're considering the essentiality of The Pitch - knowing who you are and what you offer.

    - Speaker Coop

    - TheJourney.RyoSports.com

    - RyoSports.com

    - The Hunks I Dreamed by Neville DeAngelou

    - The Rat And The alley Cat

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    Are You a Speaker Who Writes or a Writer Who Speaks? with Jeff Klein

    in Self Help

    Are You a Speaker Who Writes or a Writer Who Speaks? with Jeff Klein

    Today @ 1 pm (CST) Healthy Mind & Body radio is talking with Jeff Klein, speaker, wordsmith and founder of Speaker Coop.

    Jeff and I have been friends and business associates for years but I’ve never had him on the show. When I thought I wanted to a write some books and go on the “public speaking scene” if was Jeff who asked me those famous words… “ARE YOU A SPEAKER WHO WRITES OR A WRITER WHO SPEAKS”

    Those words had a huge impact on me and I decided that what it was that I was and how that directionalized my business focus. Join me today and let’s dig a little deeper in to how speaking for your business is a simple tool that can take YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS to that NEXT LEVEL OF SUCCESS.

    If you have a question for Jeff or myself – 818-668-5406 
    Voicemail – 214-702-3774 
    Email – drm@drmichaelharris.com

    Website - http://jeffkleinspeaker.com 
    FaceBook - www.facebook.com/JeffKleinSpeaks 
    Speaker Coop website – www.speakercoop.com 
    Speaker Coop FaceBook- www.facebook.com/groups/SpeakerCoop

    talk to you then,

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    #NextGenTennis with Mike Baugh - Jeff Rothschild

    in Sports

    Jeff Rothschild is a registered dietitian (RD) with a Master’s degree in Nutritional Science, as well as an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). As a sports dietitian he works with a variety of tennis players including Grand Slam winners and collegiate All-Americans, up and coming ATP and WTA players, as well as endurance athletes, boxers, swimmers, and touring musicians. Jeff has also spent five years as an assistant tennis coach at CSU Los Angeles, a nationally ranked division-II program, teaches college sports nutrition, and actively stays involved in scientific research. Jeff started competing in junior tennis tournaments at age 8 and continues to play. You can find out more about Jeff at www.EatSleep.Fit

    To hear more shows on the 720 Degree Coaching Network-


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    X-RAD EPI 237

    in Current Events


    Monday May 2nd  2016


    with Xander Gibb 
    Follow on Facebook/Twitter & Check out his Website.


    Jeff Kristian


    Special Guest: Actress/Writer: Betty Bobbitt

    Call Us:  347 884 9061

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    Radio: PI Game 3 - Penguins vs Capitals

    in Hockey

    As game three ends, Mike Asti delivers his insight on how the Penguins were able to win and gain a lead in the series. Does Pittsburgh have a stranglehold on this series or can Washington tie things up?

    Jeff Furmanchin joins Mike to talk WBS playoff hockey.

    It's another Stanley Cup Playoff post game show on the Pens Initiative airwaves and the Radio: PI Podcast Network.

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    LA Kings Road Talk Radio- Seaon Finale

    in Sports

    Join the LA Kings Road Talk Radio Crew with Hipcheck, OC Hockey Legend Matt Sellwood, LA Kings Superfan Augie & producer Steve as we talk all things Los Angeles Kings hockey and the season that was 2016. We will be joined by CaliSports News NHL Editor Jeff Duarte. We take a look at the highs and lows of the season and peer into the crystal ball to speculate on what next years roster may look like. We will talk NHL awards and Quick, Doughty and Kopitars chances at bringing home an award and oh so much more.  

    LA Kings Road Talk Radio has been here each and every night all season long to break down the games, offer commentary and opinion, have special guests and still the only LA Kings centric show that you have come to know and love.


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    The NFL Draftastic Four Podcast: Il Blacker il progetto più dolce il succo

    in Sports

    Welcome to the NFL Draftastic Four Podcast. A weekly podcast featuring Mr. Draftastic (Jim Cobern), Pete Smith, the Silver Tongue (Bill Carroll) and Good ol' Thing (Steve Morton).

    With additional guest appearances from Montel Hardy, Donovan James and of course Jeff Lloyd. Tune in each week for the most knowledgable draft podcast out there.

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    Nsearch Radio 5-2-16

    in Religion

    Join www.project.nsearch.com and watch the first video on the page.  It’s a special reading by a man anointed by God.  It will open a doorway to God to anybody that listens to it!   Please share that video with others.  Join the site for some very nice income opportunities and the very latest news!

    Listen to Nsearch Radio from 8pm to Midnight EST every night!
    Monday Thru Thursday
    (8pm - 9pm) God’s Word - Jeff Osburn

    (9pm - Midnight) Many various Christian programs - you’ll learn something new every day!

    (7pm - 11pm) Nsearch Radio - Various Christian programs

    Saturday and Sunday
    (7pm to 11pm) Nsearch Radio - Various Christian programs

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    The Stoop with Danny Boy from House of Pain

    in Music

    It's time to jump up, jump up and get down!

    Danny Boy O'Connor from the iconic hip-hop group "House of Pain" stops by "The Stoop" to talk about his amazing efforts to save The Outisders House from the movie "The Outsiders" in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We will talk to Danny about his GoFundMe campaign, the latest news/restorations on the house and his love for the S.E. Hinton book and Francis Ford Coppola movie.

    The hosts will also debut an all-new "Top 5" list and talk about the NFL Draft, Movies, Music, Sports and so much more so make sure you tune in for another great show!

    You can check out how to help save "The Outsiders House" by heading to:
    Or by going to the GoFundMe page at:

    Help save "The Outsiders House".

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    Old Men Stories 05-02-2016

    in Entertainment

    First Hour: Old Men Stories Episode 018: Hearing and Being Heard

    Your Hosts: Roland Willits and Jeff Young

    In this eighteenth episode of "Old Men Stories" (originally aired in April 2012) you'll hear some FUN stories from a couple of master storytellers who will teach you how to bring out that master storyteller within you that waits to be unleashed. All of us have a story to tell, and we all are Master Storytellers at heart.

    Second Hour: Old Men Stories "Opry"

    Your Hosts: Angie Senger, Ron Honrud, Roland Willits

    Featured Singer / Songwriters and Songs Played:

    1. Randy Barlow: "Willow Run"
    2. Jeremie Ray Faga: "A Little Crazy"
    3. Angie Senger and Roland Willits: "Mystic Magic Hymn 3" (Intermission)
    4. Donna S Scheer: "Rocky Mountain Sky"
    5. Boxcar Bob: "Hobo Blues"

    In this hour you'll hear old-time country (plus a few modern) singers/songwriters share their stories and wonderful music.

    Listen live and join the chat at:  http://oldmenstories.wq4dradio.com

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    Liberty Will Not Be Knocked Down With Special Guest Charles Earl

    in Politics

    Join Joe Enroughty, Jeff Kleb, Jeffry Sanford, and Andy Craig for The Old Dominion Libertarian Radio Network on Monday, May 2nd, 2016 at 7pm Eastern, as they welcome Charles Earl to the program.  Charlie was the 2014 Libertarian Candidate For Governor Of Ohio who was kicked off the ballot after Ohio Governor John Kasich and the Ohio GOP spent over $600,000 to have him illegally removed.  We'll be getting election analysis from Charlie as well as our panel of hosts, and we'll be discussing the War on Drugs.  This is an episode you won't want to miss.  Feel free to call in with comments or questions by dialing: (347)-994-2949