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    The Def Fresh Show (S8E3)

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    Join The Staff of The Def Fresh Show & ttonight as we are joined by the cast of ?#‎SexBattles? Queena Jones Jacob Marshall & Chris A Dilworth as we Recap This Weeks Foolryand All it's glory as enter into our 8th Season of the Def Fresh Show ...Our purpose is to show you the world through the eyes of the Urban Male.. So Pull up a chair and let’s talk..

     Local Artist Spotlight: 

    QOTW: Is streaming service profitable for the Artist. 

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    Mystical Awakenings: Numerology with Arjay Followed by New Show

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    Hosts, Deb DeRousse and John Cassidy are so excited to bring in this first time guest.  Arjay is a Numerologist, Healer, Mystic, and Spiritual Teacher.  He is the only Numerologist at The Unity Tree Spiritual Center & Art Gallery in Houghton Lake, Michigan.  Arjay's passion is helping others on their search for spirituality and enlightenment.

     The first hour will be Mystical Awakenings, the second hour will be "Our Guiding Light" with Hosts, Deb & Arjay!

    We will be making some very special announcements tonight about additions to the network, listen to find out what those additions are.  

    Call in with questions for our guest @ 347-850-8292

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    Shroom Tyme With Ryk & Jake

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    What an incredible first run of ShroomTyme! Thank you so much to everyone that has called in, been our guest and have supported us by listening and spreading the good word! We are taking a small summer vacation and will return soon with new guests, new segments, and a new format! We want to center the show around you, the listener and we already have some great ideas! We are also working on our web site which will be much more interactive, and have content that deals with the love we all have with Pop Culture!

    On behalf of Jake and myself, Thank you again for all your love, support, and good vibes! We could not have done this show without all of you!

    Don't forget to call in tonight to share your thoughts, and ideas! We go live at 9pm est. and the number to dial is (929) 477-4081!

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    Come and join Daniel as we discuss  our expanding knowledge of the magical and powerful beings we are becoming. /


    "What is needed, during this powerful time, is for humankind to let go of pre-existing concepts of what this new world will be, or what all of this is going to look like.  There are no "veterans" or "professionals" for where humanity is now going.  Even though you have made several ragged attempts at achieving what it is you are now seeking in your society, the peoples of the Earth have never come close to where it is you are heading now.  You need to go forth into this blinding energy as babes..........playmates in a sandbox of reformation and expansion.   You must love each other and your planet unconditionally...............as true reflections of self.  Only in this is the hope of ascension for your world, and infinite expansion for your species!

                                                                                --The Reconnections

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    Dr. Paul Karpecki on the next Power Hour!

    in Entrepreneur

    Dr. Paul Karpecki on the next Power Hour!

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    Five Down! On to the next five years of Black Trans Advocacy

    in Family

    The Black Trans Advocacy Conference (BTAC) is not just a convention, it's a joyful family reunion. This year the gathering celebrated its 5th anniversary with attendees from across the country and as far away as Jamaica. BTAC is a unique life changing five day program that furthers education, provides linkage to resources, community building and organizing, leadership development and celebration of diverse identities.Winners at this year’s gala awards ceremony included Elle Hearns (Monica Roberts Advocacy Award); Angelica Ross, Bryanna Jenkins, Yusuf James and Wriply Bennet (BTAC Trailblazer Award); Aurora Jonez (Community Ally award), and DeeDee Watters (Advocate of the Year).

    Each day transgender people are faced with bias that affects all areas of life. According to Injustice at Every Turn: A Look at Black Respondents in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey, Black trans and gender non-conforming people reported experiencing the highest levels of discrimination of all transgender people based on the combination of anti-transgender bias with structural and individual racism.
    Black Trans Advocacy, through its national advocacy center and affiliate state chapters works daily to advance social equality with specific focus on inequities faced in the black and transgender human experience.Hear about this year’s BTAC celebration = what was learned, what was shared, what was celebrated this Wednesday at 8:30PM EST/7:30PM CST on CAN WE TALK FOR REAL, your award winning blogtalk radio. Call (347)215-8985 then press “1” to listen and join in the conversation.

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    Gail Eisnitz, author of "Slaughterhouse" Chief Investigator for Humane Farming

    in Current Events

    Our guest tonight is Gail A. Eisnitz, author of the book "Slaughterhouse" and Chief Investigator for the Humane Farming Association (HFA).

    Gail A. Eisnitz, a winner of the Albert Schweitzer Medal for outstanding achievement in animal welfare, has done work that has resulted in exposés by ABC’s Good Morning America, PrimeTime Live, Dateline NBC, and has been featured in newspapers including The New York Times, Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press, Texas Monthly, Denver Business Journal, Los Angeles Times, and US News & World Report.

    Eisnitz was the driving force behind a front-page, award-winning exposé in The Washington Post documenting slaughterhouse atrocities entitled “They Die Piece by Piece.” 

    It is often assumed that farm animals are slaughtered in a clean, orderly process that minimizes stress and pain.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  HFA’s groundbreaking investigations have exposed the fact that farm animals are routinely dismembered while still fully conscious in U.S. slaughterplants.

    The USDA’s Meat Animal Research Center (MARC) in Nebraska has, for decades, been using taxpayer dollars to fund meat-industry research to genetically and chemically alter farm animals.  In addition to torturing and mutilating live, defenseless animals, MARC has starved to death as many as 6,500 animals.

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    Analytical Disharmony & Home Loss Companion - Recovering From Game 3

    in Hockey

    This podcast won't be pretty, folks. Things are starting to breakdown in round 2 as Tampa is showing themselves to be far more experienced and problematic than the Florida Panthers. But, are the NY Islanders really just beating themselves? Yes they are. Listen in as we sound off and discuss with Tampa Bay Lightning writer, Mike Corcoran, and later with our own analytics wizard, Broadway Jay.

    We will take call-ins, time-willing.

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    Renewal Transformation!

    in Youth

    Loren C & Arjeana Due

    "Pain is not for LIFE!"

    JOY Christian Center

    P O Box 18

    Victorville, CA 92393

    760 951 9484 Office/Fax

    760 596 5931 Cell

    Email: lorendue@gmail.com

    Donate thru PayPal: propheticnetworks1@gmail.com

    Web Site: http://www.lorendue.com

    Face Book: Loren Due

    SKYPE: drlorendue

    Twitter: DrDue

    Ingenio: http://www.ingenio.com/Loren Due

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    YOUNGEVITY:  lorendue.youngevity.com

    MIXLR: http://mixlr.com/lorendue

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    Christian Diversity

    in The Bible

    Guest speaker: Dr Mary Jo Odom-Dull is the CEO and founder of Vesicle Learning Inc., and CEO of Tower of Grace and Compassion. Chairwoman and Chief Training Officer of the Organization for Abused and Battered Individuals (O.A.B.I.), located in Trinidad and Tobago. In addition, she is the Chairwoman for the V.A.S.C.O center.  

    Galatians 3:28Living Bible (TLB)

    We are no longer Jews or Greeks or slaves or free men or even merely men or women, but we are all the same—we are Christians; we are one in Christ Jesus.

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    Children's Corner: Give it a Go, Eat a Rainbow (children's nutrition)

    in Family

    Children's Corner: Give it a Go, Eat  a Rainbow (children's nutrition)

    Kathryn Kemp Guylay is a certified nutritional counselor with a master's degree in business and a successful career as a management consultant. She is the founder of the national non-profit organization Nurture and the for-profit Healthy Solutions of Sun Valley. Kathryn is a speaker to various organizations, including non-profits, schools and corporations. She is involved in the thriving small business community in Ketchum, Idaho as a Mentor for the Ketchum Innovation Center. As a sought-after wellness expert, Kemp Guylay is often interviewed by leading media and hosts her own radio show on workplace wellness at KDPI-FM in Ketchum, Idaho.  Her book, Mountain Mantras: Wellness and Life Lessons from the Slopes won several awards and was a No. 1 Bestseller on Amazon in the snow-skiing category in 2015.

    For more information visit: Give it a Go, Eat a Rainbow!, Speaker, Executive Director of Nurture, Founder of Healthy Kids,