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    What is Gender?

    in Parents

    Today’s guest is Laura A Jacobs, LCSW-R, an advocate for all those discriminated against, marginalized, and otherwise not recognized for their self-defined identity. Laura identifies herself as trans and genderqueer. She is a recognized leader in the advocacy for LGBTQ people.

    Laura will help us understand what’s going on socially and politically in the LGBTQ community. The vitriolic hate filled discrimination against people who do not identify as gender binary is no different than hate towards other races, religions, people with mental health problems, and many others.

    Laura A. Jacobs: "I am a psychotherapist, activist, public speaker, and author devoted to the exploration of identity and the relationship between individual and society, the diversity of gender identity and sexual expression, and the search for meaning.
    As Lawrence Jacobs, I worked in the arts as a musician performing independently and with bands, a composer of solo works and for independent theater, and a photographer exhibiting in galleries, as well as in less glamorous positions such as corporate middle management."

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    Gender Journeys

    in LGBT

    Today Rosemary and Deirdra will introduce their new series, Gender Journeys. They will share the Why that inspired these shows and how in their own journey to be better allies they chose to share it with the world. There is science. There are personal stories. There is hope but there is still alot of work to be done in understanding one another and reaching out in Love. Whether you are Transgender, a friend, a family member and yes, even a parent, we hope that you find something that will help or support you and inspire you to reach out and help educate even more people. We will be bringing on guests to share their stories and to answer your questions live, either on the phone lines or in the chat room. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry but we hope that all of them will make you think.

    Today we would like to give an opportunity to you, our listeners, to share the questions with us that you would like answered. We are doing this show for you. We want to know what You want to know. If asking so publicly is hard for you please send your questions or comments to ~


    We will keep your confidentiality and honor each and every one of your Beautiful Hearts! ~ Namaste

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    Gender Roles, Gender Confusion, Gender Wars

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will discuss the many variables that causes the breakdown in the relationship between Black men and women. Are we subconscious misogynist and feminist and don't know it and if we are, how does that affect our daily interactions with other Black people? Are Black men and women confused by what their roles are in the present Black family and how does that confusion fuel and contribute to the so-called "Gender War"? Who is at fault for this confusion? How does this confusion snowball into bigger issues that only hurts us yet benefits so-called White Supremacy? The angry Black man vs the angry Black woman? Lets discuss it.

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    Gender identity

    in Lifestyle

    So now a days if you are a man you can claim that you identify as a woman and use the women restroom. We have now come to a point as a nation that we award a man for being "courageous" and calling him "brave and stunning" for turning himself into a woman. And when said guy identifies as a woman you must refer to him as "her" or else be labeled a misogynist.

    It's things like this that is making America the shithole that it is now. And now we have teachers at the kindergarden level asking kids if they identify as a boy or girl. They don't want to call a girl a girl or a boy a boy for that might offend them if they don't identify as the sex they are born as.

    This now makes people question their "gender identity". "I'm I really a boy....or am I a girl?" If you can't tell what sex you are by looking at your genitals then there's a problem. And that's why we are going to tackle this issue tonight. We will be talking about a few people that have "gender identity" issues and try to examine why these people are having these issues.

    So set back....relax....and enjoy The Jason Echolls Podcast!!

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    The Gender Role

    in Romance

    A place where men and women can get together and have fun open dialouge.

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    The Gender Role

    in Romance

    a place where men and women can come together and have open dialouge in a fun and great setting.

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    The Gender Role

    in Romance

    A place where men and women can laughand discuss relationships and current events in an open setting.

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    The Gender Role

    in Romance

    A place for men and women to have fun dialouge

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    The Gender Role

    in Romance

    A place for men and women to have fun and meaning full conversations.

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