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    Employers Aren't Only Looking for Competence

    in Jobs

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter points out a few of the things employers are looking for when they interview someone for a job.

    Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter has been a coach and recruiter for what seems like one hundred years.

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    GoodRx Saves Consumers -- and Employers -- $ on Pharmacy Expenses

    in Health

    When GoodRx first came up on CoHealth's radar in 2012, the company's co-founder, Doug Hirsch, described the mission this way: "We want to mimic companies like Orbitz and create prescription-drug-price transparency so consumers are informed and can afford the medications they need." 

    Since then, GoodRx went on to win awards and accolades for its consumer-friendly interface (including CoHealth kudos for helping one of your co-hosts save $40 on a Rx). The company has also grown its services to include a transparent PBM for employers, a GoodRx plaform for physicians, and even a GoodRx search for pet pharmaceuticals.

    Join us to find out what's good about GoodRx for you and your employees.




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    Total Employee Well-being & Private Exchanges for Smaller Employers

    in Business

    On 2015's final program, the hosts talk with special guests from TailorWell and CBIZ on topics related to private exchanges and workplace wellness. After a short break for the holidays, we'll be back on the air on Friday, Jan. 15.

    The first guest on this week's show is Peter Morris, CEO of TailorWell, a Seattle-based tech company that builds product-centered private exchanges for smaller employers (five to 500 employees). Zillow’s model in the real estate industry can be applied in the small group health insurance market. While brokers are scrambling to respond to competing business models from the likes of Zenefits and Gusto, their small employer customers remain under-served. The majority of small employers are concerned about providing health insurance because it’s the right thing to do, and they want the right product at the right price. They value product and price transparency, and seek guidance and value from their broker. In this interview, Peter and the hosts will discuss how to deliver what small employers need in a more efficient and valuable way.

    The second guest on the show – and final guest of 2015 – is Emily Noll, the national director of CBIZ Wellness Solutions. In this interview, Emily and the hosts will discuss improving employee engagement with holistic well-being programs. Employers are taking the next step in workplace wellness: they’re focusing on complete employee well-being. Rather than solely focusing on employees’ physical health, the move focuses on complete well-being to improve all areas of life – including health physically, mentally, financially, socially, emotionally, etc. Other trends in the wellness/well-being space in 2016 involve incorporating wearable devices into programs and using gamification to produce results.  

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    Ask Dr. Applewhite About Support for Learning Disabilities

    in Education

    Most teachers, from elementary to college levels, are able to identify when students have difficulty learning, within the first weeks of a semester. However, employers and co-workers are not able or qualified to identify employees with Learning Disabilities unless the person is willing to ask for an accommodation. Your donation supports our radio broadcasts, and allow us to continue helping Veterans who are Adult Learners/Students  with disabilities reach their education and workforce goals? Visit http://whiteappleinstitute.org and click on DONATE. Click on RADIO to listen to episodes of the Ask Dr. Applewhite Radio Talk Show anytime 24/7.

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    How to Face the Scariest Employment Challenges of 2016

    in Business

    There are a number of hot issues, new developments and emerging challenges that will likely catch employers by storm in 2016. Supreme Court decisions, federal and state laws, and actions by federal regulatory agencies have called into question the very nature of the employer-employee relationship as well as what rights and benefits employees should be entitled to in the workplace.

    From providing paid sick leave and equal employment, to extending equal rights and benefits to same-sex partners and accommodating pregnant women, an employer must comply with new obligations that may require altering business operations.

    Join us as our guest Beth Zoller (@BethZoller1) and host Meghan M. Biro discuss a variety of topics you'll want to know to avoid fines, penalties, complaints, litigation or harm to the organization's reputation. This #WorkTrends conversation will help employers and HR professionals be proactive and prepare to respond to changes in a meaningful way.

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    Profiting in a World Where Customers Rule with Author Tema Frank

    in Entrepreneur

    Best-selling author, international speaker and consultant, Tema Frank has over three decades’ experience in business & marketing strategy, usability testing and customer improvement.

    In 2012 she created the Frank Online Marketing Show, which has now become the Frank Reactions podcast, and extended her consulting, speaking and teaching services.

    She is also author of the best-selling book, Canada’s Best Employers for Women: A guide book for job hunters, employees and employers and will discuss with host Kelly Scanlon on Smart Companies Radio her just released book; “PeopleShock: The Path to Profits When Customers Rule. Discover what businesses can do to improve the customer experience and the three essential ingredients to profitability in the digital era.

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    Career Connections featured on STRICTLY BUSINESS April 27, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    in Education

    1:00 April 27, 2016 – STRICTLY BUSINESS  - Kevonta Black, Ryan Mapes, Brad Bapst and Mike Thompson features Kristin Kinnard, representative with CAREER CONNECTIONS INC, a full-service staffing agency providing assistance to employers in Southeastern Ohio since 1990. It is locally owned and operated and enjoys a reputation for excellent customer service and quality placements. It acquires orders from employers in a wide variety of industries for an even wider variety of jobs. It fills both temporary and direct-hire jobs, from entry-level to chief executives.   Kristin will discuss how they help area businesses with qualified employees.

    Kristi J. Kinnard

    Career Connections, Inc.

    Your local staffing experts since 1990.

    280 East State Street, Suite A, Athens, OH 45701

    334 Second Avenue, Suite 1D, Gallipolis, OH 45631

    Office: 740-594-4941 ext. 101

    Fax: 740-592-6289


    FaceBook:  https://www.facebook.com/careerconnections


    Kristi J. Kinnard

    Career Connections, Inc.

    Your local staffing experts since 1990.

    280 East State Street, Suite A, Athens, OH 45701

    334 Second Avenue, Suite 1D, Gallipolis, OH 45631

    Office: 740-594-4941 ext. 101

    Fax: 740-592-6289

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    200th Show Special with MCC President Jessica Walker

    in Business

    On April 27, my guest will be Jessica Walker, the President of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce. She is a public policy expert who has advocated on behalf of New York City residents, neighborhoods and businesses for more than 15 years -- with successes in every role taken on. Her work has left an indelible imprint on the city that she loves.

    Before joining the Chamber in 2016 she served as Vice President for Government Affairs at the Partnership for New York City, which represents the city’s major corporate employers. Jessica served as the chief liaison between elected officials and the city’s business leaders and as a policy analyst/advisor/writer for the organization's influential CEO. The objective was to advance pro-growth policies and forge public-private partnerships that strengthen New York City’s economy and create jobs. Prior to that, Jessica was a leading advocate for elderly New Yorkers.

    At the New York Academy of Medicine she oversaw the launch of Age-friendly New York City, a public-private initiative designed to make the city a better place in which to grow old. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg implemented 59 policy improvements based on this work such as lengthening the time allotted for pedestrians to cross street intersections.

    Jessica also served as a policy expert at United Neighborhood Houses of New York, an association of settlement houses and community centers throughout the five boroughs. There, she led the organization's research, advocacy and policy work on issues relating to older adults and their social service needs.

    She also led a successful pilot initiative to increase utilization of geriatric mental health services and authored an influential report that dramatically heightened the city’s response to the high numbers of New York seniors aging alone and “at risk” of becoming socially isolated.

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    When Congress listens more to Wall Street than Main Street Policyholders loose

    in Podcasting

    When Congress listens more to Wall Street than Main Street, Insurance Policyholders are placed at a very serious disadvantage. Why? Because the number of Lobbyist for Conglomerates who participate internationally have a great deal more power and influence to set Insurance Industry Standards, layout Employee Benefit Programs that can be setup in their favor against claims filed by insured, and make policyholders wait for almost a decade before receiving any settlements, if they get and compensation at all.  And why is this happening? Congress is listening more to them than you.  

    Do your political representatives know how you feel about this situation?  Have you ask them if they will support Insured Civil Rights Legislation?  Have you let them know how long it has taken to receive any benefits from your insurance carrier or how life has changed since being involved in a car accident?

    Let's talk about these issues today.  Save the Date! 

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    "Lunch & Learn"Series w Dr. Minetta "Ways to INCREASE Your Business PROFITS" Pt2

    in Business

    Lunch and Learn Business Series with Dr. Minetta Hare. present  "The Power of ASKING" 
    Join Me Every Thursday ~ 12 pm ET/USA 

    This is a radio show designed for Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Employers, Professionals and Marketplace Leaders

    TODAY'S SESSION:  Ways to Grow Your Business:  Ask for What You Want! 

    Every Thursday, 12pm ET LIVE.... Dial 1-347-945-6272 with Questions and Comments


    PRAYER AND INTERCESSION for BUSINESS SUCCESS: Join me as we get intentional about praying for our businesses and the people we serve.

    Invite your friends! I want as many people to cover their businesses in prayer as possible so I am opening this training up to anyone in business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or are in direct sales, you don’t want to miss this! I’m so excited to see what God will do when we prioritize prayer in our business.  ENROLL: To get resources and materials to this FREE training, email your name & email to us: globalprayerforce1000@gmail.com 

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    Join Rodger Cota, DTM, PDG & Dana LaMon DTM, AS, for an indepth conversation

    in Education

    Join the witty and polished Rodger Cota, DTM, PDG, for a indepth interview with the dynamic Dana LaMon, DTM, AS.
    A professional speaker for 24 years, Dana LaMon has given presentations for training programs, conferences and conventions. He has presented keynotes for organization such as Optimist, Kiwanis, National Public Employers Labor Relations Association, and National Work Force Development Professionals. He has done repeat engagements for Bausch and Lomb, Boeing, Vanguard Investments, Texas Workforce Commission and the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Dana joined Toastmasters International in 1988 and has achieved both designations of World Champion of Public Speaking (1992) and Accredited Speaker (1993). He remains active as a member of three Toastmasters clubs.

    A graduate of Yale University and University of Southern California law school, Dana retired as an administrative law judge in 2010 after 29 years of service. Much of his time now is spent mentoring highschool students in public speaking.

    Dana is the author and publisher of four books: The Soul’s Mirror, The Excellence Book, Master the Ceremonies and Making the Moment Meaningful.

    Blinded at four years old, Dana was reared in Compton, California, as one of twelve children. He currently resides in Lancaster, California.