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    If You Run Out of Anything, Don't Let Be No Damn Eggs!!!

    in Social Networking

    Let's discuss this small but huge issue if you are faced with the challenge of no eggs in the house and you are trying to cook. Join the show at 10:00 a.m. Call (818)301-5834.

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    Yoni Eggs: The Benefits & How to Get Your Sexy Back w/Cyndi

    in Women

    Information about yoni eggs is popping up everywhere. On Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. And, I can say they are a sacred woman tool worth learning about & investing in. Today we will discuss what they are & the benefits of using one.

    The Red Tent Wisdom radio program... The Feminine "Art of Sensuality and Surrender" Cyndi Harris is an irresistible living coach (specializing in abundant living, women's sensuality and spiritual development), spiritual doula (Spiritual & personal transformation), and joyologist. Plus a natural health advocate and pratitioner. She combines a blend of fun, playful, sensuality, and spirtuality w/ humor and love to help her clients achieve a happier and more balanced approach to joyful living. 

    She assists women in their return to the sacred feminine wisdom that is their birthright.  For more information go to: www.redtentwisdom.com or Check Cyndi out on Vimeo at: http://vimeo.com/cyndih/videos or YouTube at: http://youtube.com/redtentwisdom

    Also, be sure to schedule your Wisdom Discovery Session at: Red Tent Wisdom for more information. This is your chance to talk to Cyndi one on one.

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    Bunny Business - Why a Bunny Hides Eggs on Easter

    in Dads and Family

    What on earth does a big bunny have to do with Easter anyway?  Don't worry Pat and Eric have tons of answers, from Norse mythology to the Beasie Boys, you are about to learn a lot more a that funny bunny that hides eggs on Easter morn.

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    ReelTalk: Batman v Superman Review, Breakdowns and Easter Eggs for JLA

    in Entertainment

    Hints or (Easter Eggs) about The Justice League Films 

    Performance Breakdown

    Batmans's "Knightmares" 

    Superman's return 


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    Part Two: Golf Tip Four, Eggs Benedict Pie, Peeled Onion Dream, and Barry White

    in Entertainment

    Here you'll learn Gold Tip Four and ask "Whatever Ever Happened To Golf Tip Number Three and Golf Tip Number Two?" But we also offer the strange history of Eggs Benedict — not invented by Benedict Arnold — give you a poem, and remind you of that time you were happy, just driving along, and that certain song came on the radio to ruin it all. Here's the poem:

    Peeled Onion Dream Pie

    “Just peel the onion,” you told me. “Peel back the
    layers and see what you find.” “Nothing,” I replied,
    but I was wrong. Nothing was just what I found 
    there at that very particular point in time.

    Now I know an onion is full of space, and space 
    of course is full of stars. So let’s talk about 
    observation, seeing time move, and wondering when  
    and how simple viewing snaked its way through
    the amygdala to turn itself into critical thinking. 

    To make this pie, I suggest you start out with one
    perfectly large, unfathomably sweet Vidalia onion.
    Peel it back until you all you can see is stars, motion,
    and mathematics. Opine to your heart’s desire.

    Percolate. Steep overnight. Reflect. And finally
    inject just a drop or two of raw emotion to give it 
    that special zip. Spread this filling warm over a thick 
    skin of bread dough and caramelized minced onion.

    Bake in a wood-fired adobe oven in the darkest heart 
    of night just north of Nogales while you sing arias with    
    wild coyotes and breathe in the same stars that I 
    alone could not see inside the onion. 

    Serve in a paper bag. 

    Try to think your way out of it.

  • Geese That Lay The Golden Eggs

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It"s My House" radio podcast we shall discuss the topic of the "Geese That Lay Golden Eggs".

    The best way to have a real peace of mind when it comes to financial matters is to create and develop your own financial offense and defense plan.  Make sure that you have pen and paper available to take plenty of notes or if you care to do so take notes via your laptop, phone, or other devices.

    Feel free to call in with your suggestions and comments as well.

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    Scrambled Eggs with CCChicks

    in Comedy

    Sizzling up scrambled spiritual lessons today! Follow our flight every Wednesday at 9amCST

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    CEO in 10 with Charlie Lanktree ot Eggland's Best Eggs

    in Lifestyle

    There is no denying eggs are a staple in the American diet. With the recent release of the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, America’s love of eggs, especially eggs that provide added nutrition, will likely increase.  .One of the key recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines is to consume a variety of protein foods, including eggs, as they provide other important nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids. Eggland’s Best eggs, in particular, have four times the Vitamin D, more than double the Omega-3, 10 times the Vitamin E and 25 percent less saturated fat than ordinary eggs…all with only 60 calories per egg. And besides their superior nutritional benefits, EB eggs taste better and stay fresher longer than ordinary eggs.Charlie Lanktree, CEO of Eggland’s Best, is an expert on the egg industry and shares the following with your listeners:  Do you expect to see a spike in egg sales because of the newest Dietary Guidelines? How can Eggland’s Best eggs be integrated into meals as part of an overall healthy eating pattern?

    ?      Do you expect to see a spike in egg sales because of the newest Dietary Guidelines?

    ?      How can eggs be integrated into meals as part of an overall healthy eating pattern?

    ?      What are the nutritional benefits of eating the egg yolks?

    ?      Your company mantra is “Better Taste. Better Nutrition. Better Eggs.”  How do Eggland’s Best eggs differ from other eggs?

    ?      Egg prices were up and down this past year due to the Avian Influenza (A.I.) outbreak in 2015…where do things currently stand?

    ?      Where can listeners go for more information?




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    Kp Radio Hawaii 2-17-16... “Apocalypses, Openings, and Cosmic Eggs"

    in Education

    Show link

    Talked about (among other things):

    Foods and stuff and energetically “charging” them.
    Energies related to this Kp blog post..
    Cosmic Disclosure episode 7.
    Radio interview of John Pilger… indigenous rights, and how what he said correlates with the Kingdom of Hawai’i re-energizing.
    Well, there’s more stuff in here that I forgot about.
    Lada Ray new post about the Kp blog and Kingdom of Hawai’i and Alie James (Kingdom supporter).
    Openings = new connections.
    Meeting with Blossom Goodchild (blog) tomorrow.


    <a href="http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2016/02/17/kp-radio-hawaii-2-17-16-apocalypses-openings-and-cosmic-eggs.mp3" target="_blank"><strong>MP3 download link</strong></a>

    [Pre-show notes: "Yeah, you heard me... it's all about "Apocalypses, Openings, and Cosmic Eggs". So there."]

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    California- Eggs in Crisis. What's the future?

    in Food

    Chef Gerald Egger from TheSoCalChef.com will be interviewing Cory Grundy. A buyer and distributor of eggs in California for decades; Mr.Grundy will explian the significaince of the law passed by voters back 2008 (Prop 2). How will it impact not only restaurants, but households. Eggs are expected to rise to nearly $5.00 a dozen. This law is now making egg producers throughout the United States of America to scramble. California is a leader in agriculture, as well as reforms. Worring many egg ranchers for their own livelyhoods.

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