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    Keeping It Reel 265: Justin Simien

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    On the latest episode of the BIG show, we sit down with the writer/director of the upcoming film, Dear White People, Justin Simien. The film, which won an audience award at the Sundance Film Festival, is a satirical look at race on a contemporary college campus. Plus, we'll look at my 15 Films Favorite Films About Race as we count down to the release of DWP. In addition, we'll have entertainment news and reviews of the latest films, including Gone Girl all on Episode 265 of Keeping It Reel with FilmGordon.

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    Hosted by Tony Gosling and "Old Labour" Martin Summers the "Friday Drivetime" show broadcasts live from the award winning Bristol Community FM 93.2 radio station.

    This latest episode, June 20, 2014, covers commentary and investigative analysis on Great Britain and the world.

    1st Hour: Glenn Greenwald on RTE about a year of Edward Snowden revelations: Potential new leader of the European Union. Cameron may fail to stop Jean-Claude Juncker getting EU president job – but is the EU democratic? Avon & Somerset Police Chief Constable, Nick Gargan, and gross misconduct – he was also part of Lady Diana inquiry in Paris but was suspended from that. Why and what does he know? Benefit assessment firm ATOS has been found to lie in getting the DWP contract by Public Accounts Committee, about ability to fulfil contracts – delayed assessments and payments; Work Programme found worse at getting disabled people to work than previous system – Universal Credit catastrophe, 'bailing out the rich and kicking the poor in the teeth'; ... Bristol Port Authority, cash for questions (barrage); Iran hanging and jailing billionaire bankers for banking fraud; UK spooks say monitoring of social media legal because companies based abroad; interview with Glenn Greenwald on surveillance state from RTE (Irish radio).

    2nd Hour: Investigative reports: Iraq and ISIS – Syrian revolutionary soldiers, weapons from Saudi Arabia and Qatar paid for by west. Was Iranian nuclear threat fabricated by Israel and America? PMQs Iraq Chilcot Inquiry. Ukraine – two Russian journalists killed, Russian gas supply stopped, Foreign Minister sacked. with Daphne Havercroft from SWWHAG & Mike Birkin from South West Friends of the Earth (FOE).

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    San Fernando Valley Political Scene

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    As we move into the 2014 Election Cycle, the candidates for State and Federal Office are lining up. There will be many challenges against entrenched political machines on both sides of the asile. We will begin our program with candidates for State Office. They will be Democrats and Republicans, all with a common goal.

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    Filmmaker Justin Simien (Dear White People) Interviewed

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    In the standard Afronerd Radio tradition, we attempt to give our listeners a full aural meal!  It's still a "double mint" Sunday with The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm and Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk batting second at 7pm eastern.  What's sure to be an exciting and informative broadcast, check out our interview with budding filmmaker, Justin Simien who is causing quite stir with his film short and soon to be full length movie, entitled Dear White People.  DWP is a provocative look at the frictional relationship between Black and White (including INTRAracial conflicts) students attending a fictional predominantly White northeastern university.  This is not the film (nor the podcast) to miss!  And least we forget, The Comic Shoppe starts off first, with the crew's weekly analysis of the latest news in the world of comic book, fantasy, sci-fi  and video gaming.  Feel free to call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

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    Dear White People: Redefining the Hollywood Hustle

    in Pop Culture

    If you haven't heard of "Dear White People" then you've obviously been on a remote island somewhere.
    From the mind of writer/producer/director Justin Simien and producer Lena Waithe comes a concept that has created an internet firestorm.  What started out as an online campaign to raise $25K to produce a feature film, has not only raised $40K, but also has the media buzzing about this filmmaking team.  In just one month, the trailer for "Dear White People" received 705,000 views.  It's also opened up a dialgue about race relations in a supposed 'post racial' America. 
    Check out the "Dear White People" concept trailer on Youtube by clicking http://youtu.be/watjO62NrVg
    Follow "Dear White People" on Twitter at http://twitter.com/dearwhitepeople
    Get your "Dear White People" t-shirts at   http://skreened.com/dearwhitepeople/dwp-basic   
    The rest of the "Dear White People" team:
    Angel is currently working as a Producer for Participant Media's TakePartTV, launching on YouTube in July. 
    Ann is currently Managing Director at the Hub LA, a creative space and social enterprise with the mission to connect, empower and resource the people of LA working to create change. 

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    Please join Marsha Cook on Friday November 18 at 1PM EASTERN NOON CENTRAL - 11PM MOUNTAIN - 10 AM PACIFIC when she welcomes the  children's  authors of Dancing with Bear Publishing.  JD Holiday will be producing the show and the chat room will be open as well as the phone lines. Celebrate the beginning of a wonderful long run.Who says you can’t have books on the  top twenty children’s books  on Amazon in a few short months. They didn’t know publisher Rie McGaha and her Editor in Chief R Jeffreys. The books and their authors are Amelia by Debbie Roppolo and What Are You Afraid Of? by Kiki Howell.  Also on the show is Rosemary McKinley. She has a new Thanksgiving book called The Wampum Exchange The authors will be discussing how it happened and what’s next for them.http://www.blogtalkradio.com/worldofinknetwork/2011/11/18/a-good-tsory-is-a-good-story--host-marsha-cook
    link to the show

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    Day Without Power- DWP- with Kevin Hodge and ApprenticeTEACHer

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    Day Without Power is part of a Global Wireless rEVOLuSION in Technology Awareness...which is bringing the world to UN Limited Access to clean energy and water-from-air technologies...what if we ALL turned off the lights one day each month?? Could we survive??
    646-200-3474 Call IN!

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    Paul Sloane, UK's leading speaker on Innovation

    in Business

    Paul is the author of 17 books on lateral puzzles, creative problem-solving and lateral leadership. He’s sold over 2 million copies of his books. He is the founder of Destination-Innovation (http://www.destination-innovation.com/), a consultancy firm that helps organizations improve innovation.

    He’s a considered a top, if not the top speaker on innovation in the UK.

    Recent clients include Accenture, ARM, Bayer, BT, DWP, EADS, HMRC, London Stock Exchange, Lloyds of London, Microsoft, Motorola, Nationwide Building Society, Nokia, Orange, PWC, Reckitt Benckiser and Shell. And he works with small businesses and non-profits, too.

    Come on down. Get a cup of coffee. Relax. Let’s listen to Paul and his ideas on improving creativity and innovation that you can use...today.

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    Celebrate Older People's Day - Inspirational Stories Shared

    in Lifestyle

    To celebrate Older People's Day, Linda Stevenson will be interviewing Sylvia Hopwood live. Find lout exactly what inspired her to start a business in her 60's and why anyone can do the same!

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    Interview #1 - Devil Wears Prada authors Grdnofevrythng and Telanu Speak Out

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    This show marks my first effort at conducting an actual interview as we move away from the world of animation and to the world of living, breathing actors. Despite having nothing that could be considered canon femslash content, in just a few years the film version of The Devil Wears Prada has spawned a hugely successful following of the Miranda Priestly/Andrea Sachs femslash pairing. And my two special guests are partly responsible for that. First we'll talk to Grdnofevrythng, moderator for the DWP femslash community on Livejournal and the successful veteran fanfic author of "No Matter the Miles", about her inspirations (and her workload!). Later, I'll be reading out loud from the transcript of the interview I conducted earlier with Telanu, known better on LJ as Somniesperus, the hugely popular pioneering author of such fics as "She Likes a Prizefight" and "Truth and Measure" who was one of the very first put high-quality DWP femslash on the Net. Between the two of them, you'll learn everything about what makes this couple work.