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    Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty Discusses American Hunter

    in Christianity

    Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty Discusses American Hunter

    New York Times bestselling author and star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, Willie Robertson, teams up with William Doyle, the bestselling co-author ofAmerican Gun, to share the history of America’s most well known hunters.

    American Hunter is the first book ever to compile a chronological history of America’s greatest hunters. Based on the powerful personalities of colorful men and women, this book begins with the Plains Indians and moves through legendary hunters like Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Kit Carson, Buffalo Bill, Teddy Roosevelt, Ernest Hemingway, Lyndon Johnson, and more. Also included are the histories of American fox, rabbit, deer, squirrel, duck, goose, and big-game hunting, as well as action biographies of classic hunting weapons.

    Author Willie Robertson, famed hunter of Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander, lends his voice to share this bodacious collection of true stories that you’ll want to tell around the campfire after a long day’s hunt.

    As Teddy Roosevelt put it, “The virility, clear-sighted common sense and resourcefulness of the American people is due to the fact that we have been a nation of hunters and frequenters of the forest, plains, and waters.” It’s about time we honor American hunters with a book that tells their incredible stories of skill, courage, survival, and downright bodaciousness.

    American Hunter is the perfect book for everyone who enjoys amazing tales of American history and for those who love hunting, sport shooting, and wide open spaces.

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    What's the Deal with "Duck Dynasty" ?

    in Politics

    Mark Matheny discusses the Latest News about the Duck Dynasty Controversy, and gives his thoughts on this.....

    Tune in!!!

    Be sure to check out SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!!! News ...


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    Duck Dynasty and the fight for Christian Liberty

    in Religion

    This week television superstar Phil Robertson, a self proclaimed born again Christian, was suspended indefinitely for quoting scriptures that condemned the homosexual/lesbian lifestyle. Since his suspension there has been national debate about freedom of speech for Christians. His suspension was ordered by the Lesbian Gestapo who will stop at nothing to destroy the Christian church, but the DEVIL IS A LIAR! Join True Light as we way in on this Duck Dynasty controversy and also discuss same sex marriage in New Mexico and Utah! Plus did a coach in a posh Manhattan prep school get fired for BEING NORMAL? DON'T MISS

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    Why I Don't Give A Duck About Duck Dynasty & Phil Robertson

    in Current Events

    PimpPreacher.com - Today on FIST FIGHT FRIDAY we will talk about are you offended by the comments from Duck Dynasty Dad?

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    Duck Dynasty Fiasco & Liberal Whacko Groups

    in Politics Conservative

    The Duck Dynasty Fiasco.....How many times can liberal whacko groups screw up like this?

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    Duck Dynasty Celebrity Gains Cosmetic line

    in Blogs

    Jessica Robertson, wife of the Jep Robertson of A&E's hit show Duck Dynasty, joins Dr. Sun and Podz to make her new cosmetic line.

    With her busy life juggling her four children's schedules, a hit reality TV show, and a rock solid marriage, this rough and tumble mom somehow  maintains her

    fabulous sense of style and fashion flair.

    This powerhouse mom has a keen business sense, an eye for fashion and rapidly growing fan base that has fallen in love with her southern beauty and country charm.

    Listen in as Tiffany and Christy discuss all of the upcoming releases.

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    The Gay Mafia go after Duck Dynasty

    in Politics Conservative

    The gays lost again Chick Fil A, so now they go after Duck Dynasty to have a victory against someone.

    Pro life teacher fired for being pro life

    TWITTER @briancraigshow

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    SIDETRACKED Episode 59: Duck Dynasty vs NDAA

    in Fun

    Main Topic:  Duck Dynasty vs NDAA

    Side Topics:  Latest robotic invention?  Robotic muscles.  Guess who's in the hospital?? Hint - we talked about him last show & said nobody in Nevada seems to have voted for him.  Wal-Mart isn't the only DICK corporation out there; here what a Meijer's did to a nice & helpful employee of theirs.  We've had pat downs, frisking, x-rays, strip searches, & now 'observed bowel movements'.. WHAT'S NEXT?  Want to homeschool your kid in Ohio?  The state is going to have to approve you first.  Lets weigh in on the 'knockout game.'  NFL violence now cropping up in... FANTASY FOOTBALL?? NY Lawmaker political 'homelessness' stunt goes bad.

    All This in 30 Minutes!!

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    GLAAD Attacks Duck Dynasty & More News!

    in Christianity

    In case you haven't heard the news, GLAAD has now taken offense to another Christian making a remark that homosexuality is a sin.  That Christian is a star of the hit program on A&E, called Duck Dynasty.


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    Duck Dynasty’ Is ‘Fake’! 25 Shocking Secrets & Lies

    in Entertainment


    Duck Dynasty’ Is ‘Fake’! 25 Shocking Secrets & Lies




    Teen at center of sex assault case stable after suicide attempt..
     Anonymous takes aim at Mo. town over sex assault case

    Top 20 most corrupt states in the united states  2013 who made the list.

    Golden Globe Nominations

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    Toi Book: Not Quite Good Enough" by Celebrity Author, Toi Moore

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    Was Duck Dynasty Fiasco Used As a Distraction For Passing Of NDAA?

    in Current Events

    According to "Before It's News":

    As usual, we’re being distracted by ‘important things’ while MORE important things are taking place in our government! They’re in the process of denying us our constitutional rights, our freedoms, and more while we’re out shopping for Christmas and worrying about what’s going on with Duck Dynasty and everything else. Do you agree that we are being ‘purposely’ distracted?

    America....Let's Debate!