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    Feminine Fountain - Returning Women to Ecstasy

    in Spirituality

    Because of women's repression of sexuality, the ability to have releases similar to a man's went underground 1500 years ago to preserve women's lives.  The Inquisition and Crusdades tortured and brutally murdered almost 9 million women who did not agree with the suppression of women's sexuality, spiritual connection, and healing abilities. 
    The amazing power of women's sexual abilities was actually thought to be of such concern, that is would not be possible to have a stable society unless it was controlled.  Do we not have a right to our own bodies and our own ecstasy without someone tellking us it is evil?
    All men can learn to stimulate the women and all women can learn this and teach the men in their lives.  Don't go without this ability to be skyrocketed deeply into bliss for not one or two, but many hours on end and discover the power of ecstatic connection with the Divine possible through our very own bodies.
    Find out the truth and change your life!