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    Cage Side Submissions Ep:106 D. Hooker,A Smith, O. Dugulubgov M.Moraes

    in MMA

    Welcome back to another episode of Cage Side Submissions,Brought to you by Future Legend  We plan to  provide you with unique and fun-filled SHOWS. News, highlights, and interviews Please feel free to call in with your questions and comments at anytime. 657-383-0267 For our Host Steve Rychel (@CSSRadio) Unfournatly Host Rachael Blaze (@RachaelBlaze) wont be able to join us so FightbookMMA Writer Korey Lane (@Koreylane80) will be filling in 

    Our First Guest is UFC Featherweight Daniel"The Hangman"Hooker 12-6 (@danthehangman) dan is looking to get back to his winning was after dropping a decision loss to Yair Rodriguez at UFC192 Dan is slated to to return to the octogon March 19th at UFC Fight Night 85 in Brisbane Australia aganist Mark Eddiva

    Our Seond Guest is Cage Fury Fighting Championships and Victory Fighting Championships Middelweight Champion Anthony "LionHeart" Smith 24-11 (@lionheartsmith) Anthony is on a seven fight winning streak Anthony is coming off a first round TKO victory over Josh Neer with saw him capture the VFC title and avenge a earlier loss to Neer  

    Our third Guest is World Series Of Fighting Lightweight Ozzy Dugulubgov (@Ozzymma1) Ozzy is riding a three fight winning streak last earning a decision victory over Nic Herron-Webb December 18th at WSOF 26

    And our final guest is WSOF Batnamweight Champion Marlon Moraes 15-4-1 (@MMARLONMORAES)last time in the cage Moraes faced Sheymon Moraes on August 1, 2015 at WSOF 22 Moraes won via rear naked choke submission in the third round to retain his WSOF Bantamweight Championship.and is slated to return Febuary 20th at WSOF 28 Against Joseph Barajas

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    Unusual ENCOUNTER with Pastor Fred

    in Religion

    "Behold, I and the children whom the LORD hath given me are for signs and for wonders in Israel from the LORD of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion" (ISAIAH 8.18; KJV)? Welcome to the Prophetic season of MIRACLE ESCALLATION. Get ready for three signs of JUBILATION.¦ Dancing ¦¦ Singing ¦¦¦ Laughter.

    Join us TONITE @ 11PM(CET) 10PM(GMT), click on this link for the time in your ZONE. Rev BLAZE, Pastor Ernest, Prophetess Doreen and I with others shall be ministering LIVE. Call in Nr. 646 652 4649. Get to the TOP on the Plattform of GREAT GRACE.

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    Channeling the Best You for Success with Fox News' Jedediah Bila

    in Lifestyle

    On Wednesday February 3rd, on Y-CLAD CHAT is Jedediah Bila, to talk her success as a TV host and analyst at Fox News and Fox Business and serve up information to channel the best you for success.

    Jedediah was recently named one of mediaite.com's sexiest people in news. We'll chat up her thoughts on this recognition, as well as, what and how to channel sex appeal productively without it being received as sexual. Plus, how can we use her principles to politics to achieve success in our businesses.

    Jedediah has a published book, Outnumbered, and her columns have been published at PolicyMic, Human Events, Verily, The Daily Caller, Newsmax, FoxNews.com, Breitbart news, The Blaze, Townhall, and in AMAC's newsletter and print magazine. Topics include culture, education, politics, relationships, media, fitness, and more. She is also a featured speaker for the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute and Young America's Foundation.

    On Fox News and Fox Business, Jedediah regularly hosts Outnumbered and guest-hosts The Five, Red Eye, and Kennedy. She is also a regular Contributor to FNC and FBN on a wide range of political, cultural, and lifestyle topics. She guest-hosted talk radio as well.

    Jedediah is a native New Yorker who currently resides in Manhattan. She loves animals, fitness, and organic foods.

    After our highly anticipated interview with Jedediah, we will broadcast on the latest lifestyle, event and fashion news and bring you our Designer Feature for the day.

    Designer Feature: Selene Moon-Cut Necklace

    The Selene Necklace is a platinum over sterling silver beaded moon cut necklace. It is stunning and sparkles as far as the eye can see. We like to think of it as an affordable alternative to diamonds, achieving the bling without the cost.

    8mm thick.

    Hand made In Italy.

    Officina Bernardi Collection

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    Election 2016 - Who will the Media Elect in 2016?

    in Politics

    Let's be honest......The media....NOT THE ELECTORATE will elect the next POTUS!  The media will elect most Federal offices.  The media will have a major impact on state and local elections.  The electorate - aka "We the People" have become sheeple in this process.  That is the simple truth.

    Main stream media, cable news providers, talk radio, etc etc pick and choose the information they want the people to know.  The so-called "freedom of the press" has become the public relations/marketing department for the polticial establishment and the various special interest.

    Main Stream Media
    Fox News - Cable News
    CNN - Cable News
    The Blaze - Cable/Internet News
    Talk Radio - Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, etc etc etc

    When was the last time any of these news outlets honestly reported the facts about elections or candidates?  They violate FCC regs that require they must support the public interest. This would mean reporting all the facts not just the ones the political establishment wants them to report.  News - aka Freedom of the Press is a for profit business.  Thus, today's news outlets are controlled by those who pay their bills.  The political establishment has substantial influence and control over the news we hear.  Thus, we no longer have "Freedom of the Press".  This is more proof, the American experiment is over and America is dying.

    Talk Radio is OPINION, but is frequently passed off as FACTS. 

    If you disagree with any of the above statement, please call in and explain why I am wrong.

    I want to be wrong, but that is not the way I see it in 2016.


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    Cage Side Submissions Ep:105 C. Kongo C. Yanez J. Lybarger G. Smith

    in MMA

    Welcome back to another episode of Cage Side Submissions,Brought to you by Future Legend Apperal  We plan to  provide you with unique and fun-filled SHOWS. News, highlights, and interviews Please feel free to call in with your questions and comments at anytime. 657-383-0267 For our Host Steve Rychel (@CSSRadio) And Host Rachael Blaze (@RachaelBlaze)

    Our First Guest is Bellator MMA Heavyweight Cheick Kongo (@kongo4real) 23-10-2 Cheick is coming off a unamious decision victory over Alexander Volkov at Bellator 139 and is now slated to return Febuary 26th as the Co-Main event at Bellator 150 against Vincius Spartan 

    Our Second Guest is Bantamweight Carlos"The Assassin" Yanez 1-1 (@CmyAssassin135) 

    Our Third Guest is UFC Straw-weight Jocelyn "Lights out" Lybarger (@mmajocelyn) 6-2 Jocelyn is coming off her UFC debut a short notice Decision loss to Tecia Torres at UFC 194 Aldo Vs. McGregor 

    And our final Guest is Newly Signed Bellator MMA Welterweight Gilbert "Midnight Magic" Smith 12-4 Gilbert is coming off back to back stoppage victorys witch saw him capture and defend the RFA Welterweight title recently Gilbert has signed with Bellator MMA he will be looking to make a name for himself in there higly competive Welterweight division 

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    Unusual Encounter with Pastor Fred

    in Religion


    Welcome to 2016, my year of GREAT GRACE!


    Come enjoy the greatness of the Lord as Rev Blaze, Pastor Ernest coupled with other Ministers of the word and I take you out of the ARK unto the ALTAR where we enjoy His PRESENCE on UNUSUAL ENCOUNTER WITH PASTOR FRED. Ever saturday @11.00PM (Germany), 10.00PM(GMT). Click on this link to know the time in your zone. Be on top and GREAT GRACE.

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    The Friday Night Turn Up with DJ Choppzz

    in Radio

    Week 2 of the Turn Up gets even hotter with DJ Choppzz spinning on the ones and two's and blowing your phones and computers out of the water. Mixing all of your favorites from trap music to old school and new school. Turn Up with us before you go out and blaze the streetz! Bluetooth us in your car on your way out if you got it and call us at 347-945-6867 to listen in and turn up or listen in live on our media player!!!

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    Cam vs Peyton / Superman vs Clark Kent : Super Bowl 50

    in Sports

    Cam Newton and Peyton Manning proved to be victorious, as they led their teams to subsequent SuperBowl births. The Panthers destroyed the overmatched Cards, while Peyton outlasted Tom Brady and the Patriots in their annual matchup. Reportedly, this may be Peyton's last Rodeo! To which, Coach Belichick acknowledged the legend's last victory over him with high praise for the 5 time MVP. On the other half of the bracket, Cam may be revolutionizing the sport as we know it. With his ability to play the QB position like a protypical signal caller and a tremendous option threat, teams are powerless to stop the BEAST from Auburn U. Needless to say, the winner of SB50 will either cement their legacy or blaze a trail that will need to a new age in the NFL.

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    Humpday 13# - 30 Things To Let Go Of In 2016 [Part 1]

    in Pop Culture

    Today Our Hot Topic From the NYC TODAY Magazine is:

    30 Things To Let Go Of In 2016

    You may call in at 347.205.9920 or Chat with us on show page. LIKE US & Follow Us NOw!!!


    Wendy Reliford

    Earl Reliford

    Rick Blaze

    Memeka Meme 

    Maurice D Muhammad

    Piper Carter

    Julian Rivera (Valerines Son)

    Your host, Janel and her co-hosts Lauren, Kim, Al, Val, Mabana, Julius and Sandman will be giving you real talk, interesting interviews, Hot Topics and funny moments; including prank calling, good music, pop culture and current events. Don't Miss This Saturday! Don't Miss Any Wednesday! 

    New Music By: [TO BE ANNOUNCED]

    Call in at 347.205.9920 to comment live on the show,


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    Cage Side Submissions Ep 104 R.McCullough J.Colleen R.Font C.Anderson

    in MMA

    Welcome back to another episode of Cage Side Submissions, We plan to  provide you with unique and fun-filled SHOWS. News, highlights, and interviews Please feel free to call in with your questions and comments at anytime. 657-383-0267 For our Host Steve Rychel (@CSSRadio) And Host Rachael Blaze (@RachaelBlaze)

    Our First Guest is Randy McCullough 3-0 Randy Has fought at Flyweight and Bantamweight Last Fought Ocotober 9th At Fury Fighting 8 Where he Won A Unamious Decision over Mike Trinh

    Our Second Guest is King Of The Cage Straw-weight Champion Jamie Colleen 3-0 (@Jamiecollenne85) Jamie is coming off her first scuessful defence of her title a 5th round TKO over Calie Cutler January 8th at KOTC Thunder&Lightning 

    Our Third Guest is UFC Bantemwight Rob Font11-1(@RobSFont) Rob made a statement in his UFC Debut with a 1st Round Ko over George Roop and is slate to return to action January 16th UFC Fight Night 81 in Boston against 6-0 Joey Gomez

     Our Final Guest is UFC Light-Heavyweight Cory Anderson 7-1 (@CoreyA_MMA) Corey is on a two fight winning streak since suffering his first pro loss and will be returing to action March 5th at UFC 197 Against Tom Lawler

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    Author Dan Blaze: Conversation Skills for the Ultimate Professional

    in Books

    Dan Blaze has been involved in the art of sales and relationship management for over 19 years, having performed various aspects of sales including cold-calling, direct selling, and independent sales and marketing. The Suadela Mercury Co. was established for the purpose of providing independent services in sales and lead generation.

    Having dedicated several years to the pursuit of knowledge, and the experience to use that knowledge in real life situation, Mr. Blaze, and the Suadela Mercury Co. now aim to share that knowledge with aspiring sales professionals througout Canada, U.S. and the world. 

    To order: