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    My 30s vs My 20s and the Most Awkward Massage of My Life

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    Host Anna Lind Thomas and co-host Laura Perkins talk about our 30s vs 20s, awkward massages and why we hate Spanx. Follow us on Twitter @HooHasPodcast and Facebook.

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    One thing about being in your 20s is that everyone you know is going somewhere at some point..and it sucks when your not one of them...maybe your scared, not use to it, or just plain have doubts....anyone else feel that way? Well this show is for you...lets talk about why traveling is so darn awesome!

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           Before the COOL CRITICS which started in AUGUST of 2011, was SESSIONS.  It was just me.  Tolliver, getting my Internet feet wet again.  I joined Jay on Blog Talk, and said NETWORK, that's how that all started - I KNOW you didn't hear this show, but maybe you did.  I was doing something on BLOGTALK not on the JKN.  And my concept was SATURDAY, SESSIONS AT SIX, and that was 6pm eastern.  For a little catching S S S.  Sessions on Saturday at 6.  I don't know if any of you have done this, but it's funny, you write something and set it aside, you take a picture and store it, you record something and forget you did it, then you listen to it.  I'm 66 now, I was 61 then, you'll hear me say it.  It's why Valcine says when she addresses me, my age, I've been aging myself since I was in my late 20s I do believe and have not stop - All praises to God, I'm still here - you see the news, you understand.  Check this out, let me know what you think.

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    Join Us For The Top 10 Stoner Tracks And MORE!!!

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    sooo for breakfast i had some delicious white chocolate raspberry star barz by Dr. J. This bottle can be found on the recreational side of a dispensary. i specifically got it from dank Colorado off elm street in Denver. It caught my attention because it was relatively inexpensive for a high dosage. This place sells it in the teens instead of the 20s to 30s like most recreational edibles in the 60 to 100 mg range. I initially thought it was going... to be white chocolate coating with raspberry filling, but it turned out to be raspberry flavored white chocolate which was a plus for me bc i personally love chocolate..... especially white chocolate. It went great with my coffee, and it was very decedent. The marijuana taste was not too overwhelming, and the chef seemed to hide the Marijuana very well. It was so delicious my munchies was telling me to eat more, but obviously, i remembered to fallow the golden rule and eat edibles responsibly. I took 1 piece at 10 mg and it gets you RIPPED. I'm a regular smoker... so if you aren't a regular smoker i suggest half of a piece.

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    Has your early 20s sex life gotten stale? Do you think everything is about you? Are you young, white, and easily offended? Great, then this episode is for you! This week, NYC-based comics Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson sit down with Comedy Cellar regular WIL SYLVINCE to find out what it was like growing up with Haitian parents in Brooklyn, fearing you raped the first girl you ever slept with, when's the best time to eat a , the difference between a good blow job and a bad blow job, how someone with a huge dick can think he has a small dick, the difference between Black women and White women in bed, touching titties on school grounds, and what the late Patrice O'Neal kept in his treasure chest (duh, of course he had a treasure chest).

    Today's episode is sponsored by SQUARE SPACE! Go head... build ya own website. It's way easier than you think, Krystyna did it and she sucks at design. For 10% off your purchase, visit squarespace.com and enter code GWF at checkout.

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    Knit Designer Natalie Servant

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    Natalie Servant lives in Ottawa, Canada, and says 'I'm an engineer by training and a software tester by day. I became a compulsive knitter in my 20s and that evolved to designing my own patterns in my 30s. Lace knitting was my first love, but I enjoy working in a variety of techniques. Lately many of my designs have been exploring my love of Art Deco architecture and design.' 

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    Jeff Lin | The Pratfalls podcast

    in Pop Culture

    “We don’t know how to do it. But, yes, we can do it.”

    Out Solutions, serves on the Schubert Club Board of Directors, co-founded Smart Factory, has spoken at Ignite Minneapolis and Giant Steps and was named one of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal’s 40 under 40.

    “My parents left their country when they were in their 20s.”

    Jeff talks about his proclivity to get in over his head and how that’s led to him running his own business. He talks about his openness and desire to try things he’s never done before. And Jeff connects his willingness to take risks to the fact that his parents immigrated to the US from Taiwan in their 20s. Jeff also talks about how he got into making and working with technology, how he uses scientific thinking to solve creative problems, and how he balances running a company and being a father.

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    Sancista Brujo Luis joins on The Corner with the Spanish Tarot

    in Spirituality

    Sancista Luis is a first generation American, born from Puerto Rican parents. He was born in Northern Massachusettes where he still resides with his two daughters, granddaughters and his two dogs. Sancista Luis was born with a thin membrane over his face which his Grandmother proclamed would give him the gift of sight, although his eyes never fully developed within the womb and doctors told his mother he would probably be completely blind by the age of 3; this never came to pass but his poor physical eye sight, aided the young Luis in developing his senses at a very young age. A clairvoyant seer and Medium Channeler, as a child he would travel every summer to Puerto Rico with his parents where he learned to develop his Spiritual gifts with his Grandmother Juana and other mediums in an old shack that was used for Spiritual Veladas and Sesiones. As a teenager his intrests in Neo Paganism soon led him to the Afro Cuban Lukumi religion, where he recvieved his Collares and Warriors. In his late 20s he meet the late Puerto Rican Medium and Sancista Hector Luis Rodriguez who would become his Godfather in Sanse. A few years after that, he traveled to Bani, Dominican Republic where he recieved his baptism and Aplazamiento within the Dominican 21 Divison tradition. He later traveled to Venezuela and Colombia in his spiritual quest for all things related to Espiritismo and it was in Venezuela where he fell in love with the Tradition of Maria Lionza. Today Sancista Luis holds spiritual reuinions at his home, and does Spiritual Consultations at a local Haitian Botanica in Everett Massachusettes. He also conducts Misas with elder Cuban Babalocha Esteban Quintana. He is the author of Light and Progress; A Handbook for the Developing Mediums within the Puerto Rican Espiritismo Criollo Mesa Blanca System and translated Manbo Paula Wedo's Vodou Manual, Ayibobo; Gracias la Misericordia into Spanish.

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1268

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Leslie Jordan Clary from Reno Nevada, a survivor and writer who's produced numerous pieces on childhood sexual abuse (CSA) and is planning a book on childhood trauma. "I don't want it to be just about my own experiences," she says. "I want to focus more on empowerment and practical coping strategies than the abuse." But it's obvious Leslie will have plenty in her own background to pull from. "I was sexually abused by my paternal grandfather until I was seven, when he dropped dead of a heart attack." She says she's come to understand this as something she's very grateful for. "I believe this abuse is at the core of many of my struggles. I kept silent, and in fact suppressed the memory until I was in my mid 20s when watching my son grow began triggering memories." It caused her to look at her own life differently. "I began to do a lot of work at that time, mainly writing workshops with Ellen Bass and Laura Davis in Santa Cruz. Then in my early 30s I got married, had another child and basically pushed the abuse to the back of my life again." Her marriage wasn't a safe place to deal with such issues. For years she dealt with PTSD but didn't realize what was going on. "After my sons were grown I divorced and now in my 50s found the abuse coming to the forefront of my life again. For the past several years I've been writing a lot about it, and have begun working on a book about healing." Leslie says she recently realized she needs to share other survivors' stories. "Of course, I would never use any actual stories without first talking to the person," she says, adding she'd be willing to change a person's name, "if necessary."

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    The Kerri Edelman Show presents Blues Metal Band Sons Of Texas

    in Rock Music

    There is nothing subtle about Texas. There is a reason why we use the term “Texas-sized” to describe anything in life that’s exaggeratedly large, from posteriors, to bong hits, to jugs of beer. This boldness, naturally, extends to the Lone Star’s musical exports, loud n’ proud legendary artists like ZZ Top, Pantera, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, among many others. Now, firmly in that cocksure lineage, is a mighty bluesy metal band from McAllen, Texas aptly named, Sons Of Texas. The young quintet’s debut, Baptized In The Rio Grande—produced by the iconic Josh Wilbur (Lamb Of God, Crowbar, Chiodos, Hatebreed)—is a Texas-sized portion of power metal grooves, dazzling guitar solos, strip joint/tailgate sing-along choruses, and soulfully charred vocal melodies. Sons Of Texas was spawned in McAllen, Texas, a valley town without the music legacy of Austin or Arlington. Sons Of Texas solidified in 2013 around a lineup of local all stars. The group is Mark Morales, vocals, Mike Villarreal, drums, Nick Villarreal, bass, Jon Olivarez, rhythm guitar, and Jes De Hoyos, lead guitar. Despite being just in their mid 20s, never having recorded an album, and having only existed for about a year, the guys play with seasoned authenticity and fiery brilliance. Baptized In The Rio Grande is an album for raising hell and enduring hard times. The record spans good old bad boy anthems like “Texas Trim” and “Baptized In The Rio Grande,” the stately ballad territory of the haunting “September,” and the dead end job-frustration of “Pull It And Fire.” The standout “Blameshift” showcases the guys have modern rock radio potential without sacrificing heft for hooks. For more information, visit www.sonsoftexasmusic.com


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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1256

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Dorinda Korlacki from Rehoboth, Massachusetts, a survivor who was abused by her father until age 9. Then she told her mom. "That was the moment my life changed," Dorinda says. Her mother removed she and her brother from the house, and they all began to attend therapy. In middle school her dad tried to assault her yet again. "I told my mom, who in turn told my therapist. She told my mother not to say anything," she reports. "I started breaking down and going into depression. I didn't go to school, stopped my therapy, and I started smoking. The school filed truancy charges on me." They ended up in court, where a judge was told of her father's abuses, and he discovered no police reports had ever been made. "After court I was taken to a room with a female officer to give my statement," she says. Her teens and 20s were a time of turmoil and drug use. At 15 she began seeing a boyfriend who was 25, was hospitalized on 2 occasions for suicide attempts, and she got pregnant at 16. The birth of her daughter caused her to clean up and leave her boyfriend. "At age 21, I met my future husband. I became pregnant and had my second daughter by age 23. We were married a year later." In her 30s, Dorinda's brother's wife revealed he'd been "diddled" by their father, too. "This was another turning point in my life," she says. "We did not discuss it any further than me informing him of what she had said." When she was 40 her brother finally decided to talk about their shared abuse, which sent Dorinda into a deep depression. Last year things changed. "I made a conscious decision to actively participate in my own healing regardless of how it affected others. This is where I am today, on my journey to recovering."