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    Univ. Rochester's The Yellow Jackets from The Sing-Off

    in Entertainment

    Aaron Sperber, member of the singing group The Yellow Jackets from the Univ. of Rochester will be joining us. Even though the group was recently elimated from the hit show the Sing-Off, the talented group still has a bright future ahead of them!

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    Free For All Friday Open Mic at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets

    in Lifestyle

    Okay, bring me your dilemma, your celebration moments, your love, your dislike, your favorite subject, your least favorite subject and we can talk up a storm today.  It is open mic here at blogtalkradio.com with your host Jill Reed.  We can take a look at the world around us as it is and take a look at how it could be.  We can dissect any topic and find the value creation/production and value destruction.

    Wasn't all you ever wanted in life was to not be limited by others?  Be honest, it is okay to not like be told to follow!

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    Free For All Friday Blog Talk Radio's Sweet Perfume & Leather Jackets open mic

    in Lifestyle

    What is it you would like to talk about?  It is Friday and it is open mic day at Sweet Perfume and Leather Jackets with host Jill Reed.

    You take the mic and the topics can roll from one to the next.  We will be looking for the value in the topic and where the loss of power happens if you feel like you are up for the challenge, take the mic

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    Arts and Science Together in Business

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    Can you imagine a world without business?  It looks pretty desolate, doesn't it?  Can you look around you and see the impact of people in art and science through business in your life?  It looks pretty awesome, doesn't it?   Why is it we don't celebrate all the value creators in business instead of those who enteretain us through politics?  

    What went wrong to cause America to fall off its' course of growing into a nation full of every individual crreating values?  Is it possible there is a solution to poverty?  If so, how would the world look?  I bring this up on a Thursday hoping to stir you into returning for "Free-For-All-Friday" at blogtalk.radio.com.  I spend all week long helping you see the lowest common-denominator in many topics and have a hope that on Friday you will add your two-cents to the open mic day of the week.  Perhaps you don't like something I said, then, let me have it.  If something I shared doesn't make sense, then, come ask me a question on Friday!   Let's look at a world void of arts, science, business and then look at all the values we have because individuals merge their art and science with business.

    Bring in a better future by knowing where value comes from and where it is exchanged and why prices go up that cause declining standards of living, as you listen today.  Thanks for being here!

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    Making Love To Music Feelings

    in Lifestyle

    Okay, so, who here doesn't have a favorite song that you like to share with someone you love?  Who here doesn't have memories of a song which places you smack-dab-in-the-middle of being in love with someone and having fond memories of time well spent with someong who you were fond of?

    Can you recall how or why you fell for your first sweetheart?  Well, if you can't, I am going to help you recall those feelings of falling in love with a human instead of your dog or cat!   Why is it that we have lost that loving feeling and the desire to make love to a beautiful piece of music?  What is so special about knowing another person cares about you and that you can share values together?  Does your religion or political affiliation play a role in your feelings about making love?  Really? Why?  Isn't making love something you do in private, then, why share it with others?  

    Oh, darling, let me count the ways we can make love to each other!

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    PTFCollective's YCP - Armando Angulo

    in Soccer

    Stephen and Chris Chat with AI and WFI's Armando Angulo about LFc and South American Soccer

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    Angel Antixx

    in Spirituality


    Come frolic with your spirited Angels DC Love, Eileen Powers and Elisjah Anderzen! Enjoy the high jinx, laughter and Shenanigans along with your divine messages and Angel Antixx! You will find playful fun, crazy guest and Divine messages!!! We hear from Angels, Ascended Masters, and sometimes Joan Rivers! Some people run with scissors!! Well DC and Eileen run in straight jackets while Elisjah consults with the Masters on where we ended up!!!

    DC LOVE started to see Spirit at a young age, and thought everyone did. I connect with the Angels, Ascended Masters and Joan Rivers. I've even been to heaven and channeled healing messages from Jesus. My journey has been anything but normal, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I since have become a Reiki Master & Teacher in the Usui & Sechim methods of Reiki. I am certified with the American Federation of Certified Psychics & Mediums. My purpose is to help people in a loving way. Love is what I am, love is what I do, and love is what I listen to. Everyone, I'm DC LOVE?

    Eileen Powers is an Angel Communicator receiving messages for you from your Angels, Guides, Guardians and loved ones. She has been seeing spirits since she was a small child. Eileen is a Reiki master in both the Sekiem and Usui methods of Reiki. Eileen is an Angel Tarot and Oracle card reader trained in person by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. As an intuitive Eileen has had the keen ability to connect you with your messages and on occasion will connect with a loved one.

    Elisjah is a childhood prodigy whom discovered an innate ability to access higher levels of consciousness and healing from a very young age. He combines his exceptional ability to channel this ancient wisdom as taught to him by great celestial masters whose primary message is love consciousness revealing the silver lining of life.

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    The one and only Goal in Life for You!

    in Lifestyle

    Do you understand how to set goals?  What is a goal and why do we need them?  What does a human need to live the life they were intended to live?  What brings us happiness?  What can bring prosperity?  

    Do you really need goals or would one life goal be enough to satisfy you for ever?  What is the purpose of life anyway and does any of the "stuff" you do really matter?  How can you find happiness? Do teachers know how to help you set goals that are rational or are you taught to follow goals others have for you?  How can you change that?

    Do you care about improving life for you?  How about anything beyond that?  One goal makes a bunch of sense for each individual, not matter what gender, or human label we each have such as race, religion, political affiliation.  In fact, it is imperative we live this goal!

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    Tell the Truth Tuesday: Thrown chicken bones

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    I was unable to do my Manic Monday show last night because of overwhelming grief. Its also suiting that Prince wrote the song ,"Manic Monday" for the Bangles. I contemplated whether to do todays show from bed. I decided I would give you a little something. I have to. I have to dedicate this show to my mother. She suffered terribly while on earth. Her only passion was her children. I never understood that until I had one. Yesterday was spent locked in a hotel to harness my grief. I invited my brothers, my sister, my son was with me and my stepfather was there. I summoned a friend to bring me chicken....fried chicken and red beans and rice. He obliged. When I woke up and checked my phone, I had called people and was abrasive. Then I looked and saw there were chicken wing bones all over the floor. I was in my yellow bikini curled on the edge of the bed in a robe. What lay beside me was the book ,'PIMP" by Iceberg Slim. My editor was on the couch bed sleeping. For the first time in a long time I took my golden glass and dumped my red wine down the bathroom sink. It looked terribly similar to blood. The exact kind of blood that would seep through my long sleeve shirts after I cut myself in an attempt to feel alive. Dont worry. For the first time in a long time I am choosing coffee today instead of wine....for now. I am also dedicating this show to my childhood perfect man, PRINCE.

  • Finding Romantic Love In The Right Places

    in Lifestyle

    What does love feel like?  Why do we search for love?  What could we possibly be missing that would lead us each to seek out someone else?  Well, you probably know the answer to that.  But, how do we find romantic love?  Where does romantic love reside and how do you get it?  Romantic love is not as illusive as fool's love.  Today, I will talk about the forms of love that can lead you to romantic love!  Warning:  It may get hot at times!

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    PTFCollective's Yellow Card Podcast - John Galas

    in Soccer

    One of your and our favorite guys John Galas talks soccer