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    Summer Session: The Journey of a Scholar

    in Education

    Join Charles Thomas, Jr. host of Forest Of The Rain Productions’, Summer Session on Monday, July 22, 2013 at 8:00 pm. His guest will be former NFL player and founder of the WC (We Care) Foundation Mr. Sean David Bailey. Mr. Bailey will discuss his journey as a scholar, his experiences as a professional athlete, the essence of the WC Foundation, and how those experiences allow him to teach others the importance of paying attention to life learned lessons in order to become a better person and leader.
    Sean David is an educator, author, philanthropist, former professional athlete, and business owner.   Sean David is the founder of the WC (We Care) Foundation. The objective of the WC foundation is to bring fathers back into the conversation with their kids as it relates to family, education, athletics, and personal and professional etiquette. 

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    Summer Session: The State of the Union: A Youth Perspective

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    Join Charles Thomas, Jr. host of Living Education eMgazine’s Summer Session brought to you by Forest Of The Rain Productions’ on Monday, July 29, 2013 for a very special show.
    The State of the Union: A Youth Perspective.
    Charles will be joined by four amazing youth who will share their perspectives on a variety of topics.  During the show, Charles and his guests will explore issues and respond to questions related to situations that impact their lives on a daily basis. You will have an opportunity to hear today’s youth offer views on matters of racism, education, sports, life, music, etc. This episode will allow you to hear the thoughts, opinions and desires of youth, who aspire to be leaders. This amazing hour and a half show will provide these four remarkable young people with a platform to address their concerns, feelings, fears, and recommendations for ways to improve our communities. This show will be their stage to engage one another in a positive, thoughtful, and critical manner. Adults like to think that we know what goes on in the minds of our youth. We don’t. On this Summer Session we get to hear them speak and they will have an opportunity to be heard. Everyone needs a voice.
    You can listen live on www.forestoftherain.net tab summer session.
    You can follow the conversation at anaturalbridge hashtag LEeMsummersession.

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    Dr. Summer Reed- The Forest

    in Entertainment

    A conversation with the cast of the film The Forest. When her twin sister disappears in Japan, a young American named Sara (Natalie Dormer) becomes determined to find out what happened to her. Sara's investigation leads her to the legendary Aokigahara Forest, located at the base of Mount Fuji. Accompanied by expatriate Aiden, she enters the mysterious.

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    Summer Session: Meet Darnell Jackson

    in Education

    Welcome to Summer Session with your host Charles Thomas.  Summer Session is sponsored by Forest Of The Rain Productions and is a part of its Living Education eNetwork.  Forest Of The Rain Productions’ mission is to expand the voices of educational stakeholders.  The voices they spotlight help create a richer dialogue which leads to a diverse exchange of knowledge and ideas within the educational landscape.
    Joining Charles on today’s Summer Session is Mr. Darnell Jackson.  Charles and Darnell will discuss "Leadership and how the 48 Laws of Power relate to Black Men" Mr. Jackson is  born and raised in Dowagiac, MI, has excelled academically, athletically, and socially. His analytical, curious, inventive, altruistic and compassionate traits guide him.
    Darnell graduated from Dowagiac Sr. High (2000) and went on to pursue a degree in Business Management & Information System (2004) from The University of Notre Dame.
    While at the university of Notre Dame, Darnell held various leadership positions (NSBE President, Wabruda Chair, OIT Manager, Freshman Retreat organizer, etc.) but none more important than his unofficial/informal position of Big Brother to many underclassmen that touched him during his time there. “The greatest satisfaction is not only knowing that you’ve guided someone down the right path, but knowing that you’ve also shown them how traveling the ‘right path’ is possible, every day.” – A perspective that continues to drive Darnell.

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    The Summer Session: Dr. Larease Thomas Talks Leadership

    in Education

    Join Charles Thomas, host of Forest Of The Rain Productions, Summer Session as he discusses Leadership and Organizational Development with Dr. Larease Thomas. 
    Dr. Thomas is the President and owner of Become, LLC, a career and leadership development firm.  She is also currently a Human Resources Manager at a large corporation.  She holds a B.A. in Psychology and an M.B.A. in Management Information Systems from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX as well as a Doctorate in Organizational Behavior from Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA.   LaRease’s dissertation research focused on career development of African-American males, particularly looking at definitions of success and the impact of mentoring on career development. She continues to use this research as a base in working with people in the community to guide and focus their careers and prepare them to enter corporate America.

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    The On Point With Summer Show - BENJAMIN

    in Entertainment

    This weeks show is "All about the Benjamins" yall, and he is getting money in multiple ways, a businessman, entrepreneur, entertainer and mogul in the making. He goes by the name Benjamin, the youngest of 12 children, born to Ms. Figaro in Miami, Florida. Benjamin has set & achieved all his goals; growing up with his older brothers and sisters, as his support system and audience. Benjamin comes from a family that loves music and entertainment. His older bothers Da los’ta Author of “Sinz of da Father,” Mr. Figaro an R&B singer and his mother Ms. Figaro hosts a multitude of community & social events.

    Benjamin begin rapping at the tender age of 12, he got his opportunity to do his first recording when his brothers invited him to a studio session, he fell more in love with music. While in high school, Benjamin decided he would learn everything there is about music, by taking up any and every music class that was available. Benjamin graduated from Miami Beach Senior High school and now currently doing dual enrollment in real estate school and business administration at Miami-Dade College, he is also a licensed car auctioneer. The benjamins are rolling in for this young mogul and yet he remains humble and hard working.

    You can always find Benjamin with a notebook not to far from him filled with his own lyrics, rhymes & poetry. He is currently in the studio working on new music and developing his new craft as a producer. Benjamin is on the road to stardom and being the next entertainment mogul.


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    Sweet Summer

    in Travel

    Summer time is often an excuse for eating sweet treats. From popsicles to pies to strawberry shortcake, you'll find tempting desserts at every party. Summer vacation is an open door for sweets. That's okay some of the time, especially when you know how to make better choices. Our guest from Wholesome Sweeteners will give you tips on what to choose and what to use when making your own. Tune in for some Summer Sweet Fun! Friday, Noon Eastern, for just 30 minutes.

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    Dr. Summer Show

    in Entertainment

    A conversation with Paul Webster from Pan and a few surprises. www.drsummerreed.com


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    Summer in the City

    in Travel

    Hot Town! Bananadog breaks down ideal summer vacations and what they have on their own personal summer agendas. Also, Dean shares a public transportation nightmare come to life.

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    Summer Seafood

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    Seafood is a year-round dish, but seems to go most happily with summertime. Learn great tips from Jane for fast and easy grilling. Fish tacos are a southwestern cuisine treat, and how about ceviche cocktails for quick crowd pleasers. Jim will cover refreshing summer wines from bargain to must have. Pasta salads and a cioppino special you won't want to miss. Also Jim covers the best under $15 sparkling wines you just gotta try. Also remember; if you call in during the live (5:30pm MT), you can ask questions of Jane & Jim. Such a deal!

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    The Best Summer Movies of All Time

    in Movies

    Counting down the best Summer blockbusters of all time