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    Morning Sex Radio: Listeners Choice

    in Entertainment

    We like to stay unpredictable around here.  Today on Morning Sex Radio, we want to connect with you!  We've received question upon question of things you want answered and we'll be answering them live.  Every second Staurday of the month we will bring you the "Listeners Choice" episode where we reach out to all of you.  It's boring to talk about what we want to talk about all the time.  The questions are juicy, so expect thorough explaination and pure, raw, honesty.  If it's one thing you know about us already, is our filter.  Well, the lack thereof!

    Morning Sex will still give you the entertainment news of the day.  Still be prepared for Shai's 2 Cents in 2 Minutes and Mycki's Motivation, all coming up this morning from 10-noon.  

    Follow us on IG - @morningsexradio and tell a friend to tell a friend that we're not scared to own our sexuality!

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    Sex Talk with Nikki and Astrid

    in Comedy

    Join Nikki and Astrid tonight with the Relaunching of "Sex Talk with Nikki and Astrid"

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    SEG13 Healing Sessions - SEX Power

    in Energy

    Last episode I talked about Sexual Energy, this week its all about sex. People are engaging in this sacred ritual without knowing the ramafications. The act of sex is a complex power if it is not understood it can reek havok in anyone's life. We live in a society where sex is promoted in all things as a means to sell products, pollute the minds of people to help them self destruct. Most believe that this is a natural act that it is normal for people to engage freely and that when its time to have sex what to do comes naturaly so they pay no attention to the intricasies of this act. Most have not been taught the truth about sex. I will dig in to this topic in this episode.

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    Creepy Sex and how you got there!

    in Spirituality

    I don't want to Fuck you! There is a thin line between love and hate, and it is in this "in-between" place that the Creepy bug thrives off of the sick sex that abuses and causes you to steal sexual energy and harm others. It's the creepy crawly behavior that distracts you from your personal failures and makes you think you're really okay, after you've sucked dry another persons love! It's the taboo sex that seemed okay to share with another until you are forced to eat the shit of the other lover. Why are we doing this to ourselves and how did we get here? Join Rev. Goddess as she shares stories she's heard and creepy sex she's been involved in and how to break the reckless sour sex that slides us backwards from HIGH Sacred Sex and Love! And learn how to bring the kinky sex play in its rightful place!  Join the show and lets discuss the fuck Mess we've all been apart of, and lets BE enlightened, for fucks sake! 

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    Same Sex, Sacred Relationships and how to create more magic through tantra

    in Spirituality

    Same Sex Love, Same Sex Struggle, Same Sex Sex, Same Sex Courage, Same Sex Marriage, and God, and not in that order. All the ingredients for Sacred Sex Magic. Rev. Goddess will be joined by her good friend, who is a healer teacher and gay man with all the knowledge to share his insight into how he has come to learn and expand his Spiritual Nature and bring tantra into his life. 

    Michael Mirlas, mature handsome and a lover of life is influential in techniques to help others grow and thrive in their personal lives. He now adds to the tantra conversation on gay sacred sex and dealing with love freedom and God/Goddess!

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    Sex talk with Jazzy

    in Romance

    Let's talk about sex.

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    Case of the Ex: Sex with your ex (lovers, friends and situationships)

    in Entertainment

    We have an exciting show for you this week!  Morning Sex will be discussing the CASE OF THE EX: Sex with your ex.  Isn't it odd that years after you've broken up with someone, they want to come out of nowhere saying they miss you and how they fucked up?  This could be an ex lover, situationship or just someone you occasionally smashed in the past.  Have you ever had an ex you wanted back so badly, you put your pride aside to get them?  What kind of message does it give off when you occasionally smash your ex?  Has there been an instance where you were on the fence about a new BAE and an EX?  

    We will also be sitting down with celebrity author and socialite, Shod Santiago!  Come chop it up with us as we get all up in his head about what he thinks about ex's, talk about his book: Gucci & Gold, and find out what he has up his sleeve for the future.  

    Tune in to the madness this Saturday from 10am-noon and tell a friend to tell a friend!


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    International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

    in Politics Progressive

    Jill Brenneman and Amanda Brooks co-host the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Talk Radio event. XXBN joins sex workers, allies and advocates from around the world in recognizing December 17, the International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers. As we approach this day, we come together to remember those  lost this year and renew our commitment to the on-going struggle for empowerment, visibility, and rights for all sex workers.


    Memorial Hastag Will Be: #Dec17

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    How Meditation Can Improve Your Sex w/ Giselle Jones, sex therapist, Ep.73

    in Women

    Giselle Jones, a sex therapist at The Center for Healthy Sex, mindfulness facilitator, yoga instructor, and licensed pyschotherapist (phew!), talks with T&A about how to clear our minds and connect with our bodies for better sex! She's left no stone unturned in all the factors that contribute to a stymied orgasm.  She shares her wisdom, common issues that come up with patients, and most importantly, how we can all solve this problem with a few practical tools.  She even guides a mini meditation at the end of this episode.  Her voice is so soothing, your tension melts when she says 'hello'! 

    Show Notes

    We are bombarded with sexual images that are not realistic that can affect our sexuality. (09:10)

    What is the definition of mindfulness? (9:48)

    What is the enemy of enjoyable, juicy sex? (11:30)

    Listen here for an interesting description of the UCLA MARC Institute’s secular study program for mediation. (15:12)

    On an evolutionary level, our brains have not advanced that far from prehistoric times when it comes to the ‘fight or flight’ response. (15:50)

    What are two approaches we can take when looking at orgasm? (17:31)

    What are some things they do at The Center for Healthy Sex?  (19:55)

    It can be difficult to get people to ‘buy into’ the idea that sexual ‘problems’ are more emotional-based than they believe. (21:29)

    What common problem and response do women face that keeps us in a heightened state of anxiety? (22:34)

    FULL Show Notes & Links HERE: http://www.tatalksex.com/in-your-head-during-sex-try-this-w-giselle-jones-sex-therapist-mindfulness-facilitator-ep-73/

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    #38 Jon Pressick: Best Sex Writing of The Year

    in Lifestyle

    This week we are joined by Jon Pressick: Editor of Best Sex Writing of The Year, host of Sex City and blogger of Sex in Words! 

    Best Sex Writing of the year is a collection of sex related internet pieces by an eclectic mix or authors. From gender fuild adult film star Jizz Lee to notorious college girl / star Belle Knox 

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    #24 The Return of Raw Sex

    in Lifestyle

    After a small hiatus, Alicia: The Sexual Intellectual returns to tell her listeners all about her adventures in the field of Sex Education. From her scholarship to the National Sex Ed Conference in New Jersey, to her expirementations in the fetish world. Joining her is an ever so sexy and special guest to help enhance your listening pleasure, lead dancer with buns of steel, Men of Desire's George Card.