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    Welcome to another episode of The Liberator Speaks, wherein which Shyaam The Liberator and friends will deconstruct the source of White Supremacy. We will discuss the origins and source of White Power and PrivIlege, it's point of origin, where it is derived from and how it is employed and used against Moors, African Americans and other people of darker hues. We will also discuss the Jurisdictional Authority of the United States as well as other European Colonial Powers. Don't miss another classic and epic episode as it will be very informative and entertaining. 

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    Spiritual Privilege Taken for Granted

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    Some of us have been raised in the church and many times we do not appreciate how much of a blessing that is. Many who have come into the faith later in life only wished that they had known the Lord earlier or at least were raised to know of the Lord. I think one of the things is that when you are raised in the church, there comes a time when you have to accept the truth and stand before God on your own. In this season some draw closer to God and others draw away in search for things outside of God that they think will be more satisfying.

    In our relationships with God, whether we were raised in the church or not, it is a privilege to have the gifts we have obtained. As we draw closer and surrender our lives more and more, the blessings and revelations increase. There are so many in the world today searching for peace, love, happiness, and sometimes merely a clear state of mind. Some of these people are also in the church. They are searching everywhere for the very treasure we have. Despite all of that, we still cherish sin and take our grace for granted.

    There will come a time when we will no longer have this grace and I know that we need to start getting more serious in our walks with God before it is too late. Before we look back wishing we have cherished the very gift God gave to us.

    Galatians 5:13 "For, brethen, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another."


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    White Privilege online

    in Current Events

    An in depth explanation of a specific way to throw white privilege in the face of color.

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    "Has Fatherhood Been Reduced to be a Privilege?"

    in Dads and Family

    A Passaic County Judge made a ruling that the ex-fiance of the mother to be could not be present in the delivery room during the birth of thier child. The ruling also suggest that the mother don't have to give the father notice as to when the child is born. This is a slippery slope to eliminating the voice of the father in the critical decision making of his child. Has fatherhood been reduced to be a privilege?

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    What is White Privilege

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    Many minorities think that white people have certain privileges that they don't have. But what exactly is white privilege and is it the same as racism. We will discuss it's history, privileges vs. rights and it's affects on African Americans. All of this and your phone calls are always welcomed. Let's talk about this very important issue.

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    What is White Privilege. Does White Privilege Really Exist?

    in News

    What is White Privilege. Does it Exist? Join in!  The Tim Black At Night Show 1/11/16 - Call in 323-870-4064 Tim Black At Night Show airs everyday 9P Est.Tune In! http://www.TimBlackTV.com

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    What is the Trauma of Privilege?

    in Psychology

    The children of privilege become young adults who have no idea of real life challenges. They are highly anxious, fearful, depressed, and codependent. This growing tragedy in our community needs more attention by parents and caregivers. Recognizing the patterns of overprotective caregivers, understanding the intolerance of children's insecurities, learning how to deal with narcissistic and self-loathing behaviors, exploring co-dependence, discussing the meaning of true love, dealing with peer pressure, and finding ways for becoming a love-based parent are effective approaches in managing a healthy household.

    I invite you to join me and my dear friend, Harriett Rossetto founder of Beit T'Shuvah the unique residential treatment center and educational institution in West Los Angeles, as we are discussing "the Trauma of Privilege". Harriett has organized a a course in dealing with a range of self-destructive behaviors and addictions, which are the frightening and unintended consequences of affluence and privilege on our youth.

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    White Privilege vs Ethnic Privilege

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    Is there really such a thing as racial privilege?

    If so, do White people have more than everyone else? 

    Is there a tier as to which race gets more and which gets less?

    Tune in tonight for the debat with co-hosts Bernie J, Oran, Jill, & Cee. And your host Ky!

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    Ep 6: Are The Terms Systemic Racism & White Privilege Divisive?

    in Current Events

    Race Haven Radio Show and Podcast Episode 6:

    Systemic Racism & White Privilege. Solutions Focused Concepts or Divisive Distractions?

    Join host Scott Speed, guest co-host John Costino (Entrepreneur), and our special guest Nicki Lisa Cole Ph.D. (Researcher/Sociologist) as we dialogue about the following topics from our own unique perspectives.

    What is systemic racism & White privilege?

    Where did these terms come from and why are they needed?

    Are these terms just tools used to portray “blacks” as victims and “whites” as oppressors?  

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    Live Chat:What White Privilege Means to You

    in Music

    Thalia Anguiano, a junior at Drake University who asked the question of the former Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton was asked to address how she has benefitted from her white privilege at the Iowa Black and Brown Forum Monday night during Fusion’s two-hour presidential forum. Clinton, along with other Democratic presidential candidates Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders, were pressed on issues deemed important to minority communities including healthcare, criminal justice reform, immigration, education and economic development. “Can you tell us what white privilege means to you and can you give me an example from your life or career when you think you have benefitted from it?” “I think it is hard when you are swimming in the ocean to know exactly what is happening around you so much as it is when you’re standing on the shore perhaps watching," Clinton responded.