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    Weekly Wrestling Podcast Ep. 3 - 'Smash vs. CZW Part 2'

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    Destiny 'Carnage' Preview w/ George Iceman - 0:48
    Royal Rumble LIVE Reactions - 18:42
    Wrestling News Part 1 - 1:18:04
    Interview w/ CZW Owner DJ Hyde - 1:45:19
    Interview w/ Dub Boys - 2:05:19
    Interview w/ CZW Tag Team Champion Blk Jeez - 2:09:56
    Wrestling News Part 2 - 2:14:55
    NSW 'One Night Only' Preview w/ Steve Brown - 2:54:26

    CZW Owner DJ Hyde joins Matthew Grant backstage at Smash vs. CZW to talk about plenty including the relationship developed between SMASH/CZW & how it came about, a preview of CZW's 17th anniversary show, the reason why the PPV deal didn't go through, his match against Scotty O'Shea that night + much more!

    EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS WITH BLK JEEZ & THE DUB BOYS (@Jeez215 @Nate____Carter @davesoulja) -
    One half of the CZW Tag Team Champions Blk Jeez joins us to talk about capturing the gold with Pepper Parks at Cage of Death, aligning himself with Pepper & Psycho Mike to become the TV Ready Machines + UWA Hardcore's return & more! We are also joined by the Dub Boys (Nate Carter & Dave McCall) to talk about a few things including their match with the Overdogs (Sebastian Suave & John Greed), being apart of the CZW Academy & Dojo Wars + so much more!

    Promoter's Corner returns with 2 show previews as first, George Iceman joins us to kick off the podcast to talk about Destiny's 'Carnage' event going down this Sunday night + news on their TV deal, the status of Michael Elgin on this show & more. We are also joined by NSW & Steel City Pro promoter Steve Brown to talk about the return of New School Wrestling, the future of SCPW going forward + so much more!

    + MUCH MORE!!!!

    @WeeklyWPodcast @elitepodcastnet

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    The Uncle Mike And Tom Show #169 w/ PWG & CZW Live Reviews

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    This week on the show we have Full Live reviews of CZW Cage of Death, PWG All Star Weekend and Alpha-1 last show of the year. Brian The Brain returns with a Full rundown of the entire PWG weekend. Matthew Grant is back with all the details of Alpha-1's final show of the year. plus we review CZW's Cage of Death and Shine 31 ippv. Plus all the weeks Indie Wrestling News. Its your Thursday Indie Fix!!!

    @MikeTomShow @elitepodcastnet

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    The Uncle Mike And Tom Show #178 w/ PWG, CZW & AIW Live Results

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    This week on the show, Monsoon Classic joins us with his Full review of this past friday nights AIW show, Then Brian Da Brain joins us with a Full review the PWG show from Friday Night. We also cover Saturdays CZW anniversary show. we have all the weeks Indie wrestling news and preview the weekends biggest shows. its your thursday Indie fix!!!

    @MikeTomShow @elitepodcastnet

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    the blindside podcast ep 25: the ups and down of CZW

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    come join myself and Sean as we do another episode of the blindside podcast and this on is going to be a little different with the upcoming TOD (TOURNAMENT OF DEATH) for CZW. we are going to be talking about the ups and downs of czw cause there are a lot of good things with czw but at the same time there are a lot of bad.  Also we are going to be doing the top 10 favorite deathmatch/ hardcore wrestlers. but the phone lines will be open for conversation so feel free to call in the date again is 5/16 at 4:30 pm. and if you would like to call in the phone number is (323) 870-4022

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    Indy Power Rankings Reveal: CZW T.O.D. Hype Central

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    CZW presents Tournament of Death 14 at the Ultraviolent Underground on Saturday, June 13th at 2PM. Tix starting at $25 available now online or at the door.

    1st Round matchups for the 14th Annual TOD...

    CZW Owner DJ Hyde v. NOI's 'Wrench' Conor Claxton v. Nick Gage
    'Bulldozer' Matt Tremont v. Josh Crane
    Ron Mathis v. OI4K's Jake Crist
    Ricky Shane Page v. NOI's Danny Havoc
    Non-Tournament Scaffold Match
    NOI's Devon Moore v. OI4K's Dave Crist
    Non-Tournament LOL (Ladders, Orange Sacks and Legos) Match
    NOI's Lucky 13 v. OI4K's Eric Ryan

    Website (where YOU can participate in the weekly online poll voting): http://indypowerrankingsipr.wordpress.com/

    Our Facebook page: www.Facebook.com/IndyPowerRankings

    Also search “Indy Power Rankings” for our open Facebook group where anyone on the indies can promote their various merchandise, fan pages, and upcoming events

    Our Twitter: @IndyPowerRankin

    Our Instagram: @IndyPowerRankings

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    DJ Hyde Back on Yakuza Kick Radio!!

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    Tonight ...

    CZW Owner DJ Hyde is tonight's guest!!

    Topics discussed:

    -What led to DJ buying the company?

    -What does DJ feel are the main differences between Zandig's CZW AND his CZW?

    -Why was Curt Robinson included in this year's BOTB?

    -"There's absolutely no difference between Penelope Ford AND Ronda Rousey."

    -"Brittany Blake is a homegrown star" 

    --DJ: "Jay Cat ... She can tap you out." Jay Cat: "you're out of your fu**in' mind."

    -Why did Conor Claxton regress?

    -Rickey Shane Page: Why did it take DJ so long to bringhim back after TOD 2015?

    -What happened at Proving Grounds?

    -What are DJ's thoughts on Sozio? The Front angle

    -Thoughts on the Lio Rush - Joey Janela angle 

    -Thoughts on 'missing out' on key bookings

    -DJ mentions how Gabe Sapolsky "hands out business cards" in his locker room. Why does he allow that?

    -'Missing the boat" on Fred Yehi

    --DJ says there's no room on the card for a lot of new talent. Yet

    -Why hasn't Trent Acid been inducted to the CZW Hall of Fame?

    -What happened at last year's "Down With The Sickness," where he left JC Bailey out of the in-ring tribute?

    -Thoughts on Joker's comments / opinion of him

    -What's up with the BJW relationship?

    --Why hasn't Tremont been in BJW?

    -Why haven't we seen Scot Summers?

    -What fell apart with the DJ Hyde - John Wayne Murdoch "angle"?

    -If JT Dunn was not going to come back, why did he go over in his feud with David Starr?

    -Thoughts on GCW holding a DeathMatch tournament 6 days before TOD

    -Why is the Junior title an afterthought?

    -What's DJ's philosophy on 'being a heel'?

  • 03:24

    CZW Hall of Famer Jon Dahmer on Yakuza Kick Radio!!

    in Sports

    Tonight's guest is CZW Hall of Famer Jon Dahmer!!

    Topics include:

    -How did he get started?

    --Memories of his training experience

    -Meeting John Zandig

    --The beginnings of CZW

    --Was it intended for CZW to be UltraViolent?

    --When "The Icon" became John Zandig

    --The Low Ki - Ric Blade altercation

    --Why did they change buildings so often at first?

    --Dahmer's memories of CZW's early years

    --Why did he never get the "push"?

    --Thoughts on Justice Pain

    --When did Zandig start to distance himself from CZW?

    --Feelings toward the Canadians in CZW?

    --Introduction of TOD

    --Relationship with DJ Hyde?

    --What's hurting CZW today?

    -How can the indies survive in the future?


    Other topics:

    -JAPW promos from Low Ki and Chris Dickinson are played  

    -Thoughts on Ruckus and Robbie Mireno

    -In-Depth review of CZW's "Deja Vu"



  • 01:51

    "The Ultraviolent Icon" John FN Zandig!!!!!!

    in Sports

    The show you've been dying for. 

    Tonight's guest is:

    "The UltraViolent Icon" John MotherFu**in Zandig!!!!!!!!

    Topics discussed:

    -Starting CZW 

    --How did they make the transition from training school to running shows?

    -Creating the "Pyramid of Hell"

    -Philosophy on building his locker room

    --Having to "outdo" ECW 

    -Reaction to DJ's claim that the current CZW features solid wrestling, while the old CZW didn't

    -What led to the creation of Best of the Best?

    -Memories of "Deja Vu": His No-Rope Barbed Wire match vs Lobo

    -Bringing in The Messiah

    --What was his story of the attempted XPW "invasion" of the Arena?

    -How did Johnny Kashmere go from 'CZW Guy' to wanting to destroy the company?

    -Story of Justice Pain jumping to XPW

    --Thoughts on Justice Pain as a wrestler

    --Memories of the night he brought CM Punk in to face Justice Pain

    -Starting TOD

    -Memories of Cage of Death 4

    -Why was Cage of Death 5 "Suspended"?

    --Thoughts on New Jack

    -What's the history of Rob Feinstein and CZW?

    -What led to Zandig wanting to sell CZW?

    -Getting the 'itch' to come back?

    -Thoughts on Derek Sabato

    -Working with Mike Burns

    -Thoughts on Hellaware Assassin

    -What are Zandig's thoughts on Nick Gage?

    -Losing so many guys to drugs 

    -How should CZW pay tribute to Trent Acid?

    -Thoughts on the DJ Hyde 'heel' character

    -Getting ready for Zandig's Tournament of Survival

    -"Bad Boy" Joey Janela calls in to confront Zandig

    -"Dirty Daddy" Chris Dickinson calls in to challenge Zandig

  • 01:54

    CZW's Proving .... My Point

    in Sports

    Topics include:

    -"Bum Laces"

    -Spinning Plates ... For B-Boy Again.

    -Hulk Hogan shows Virgil what "F**k Money" really means

    -"What pie-chart creating mother f**er ..."

    -An AC State of Mind

    -RIP Phife Dawg


    -CZW Time

    --In-Depth review of "Proving Grounds"

    --"He was looking like a flesh-colored bag of garbage"

    --"Did Freight Train book this show?"


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    the blindside/ THE SALTY SPITTOON EP 43: Beaten To a Bloody Pulp Fiction

    in Wrestling

    welcome to the satly spittoon aka the blindside were we review the good the bad and the ugly of tv, movies, animes and pro wrestling in today ep we are reviewin the movie pulp fictions and the since it is the death match season we are going to review CZW tournament of death 1.

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