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Thinking Unenslaved

Thinking Unenslaved


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This will be a solo show, but I will take callers. I had hoped to get back on track with our semi-normal routine, but unfortunately most of my guest-hosts are unavailable. I'll admit it'll probably turn into a conversation between myself and Zach, provided we don't just turn it into a big chucklefest. But we will stay on topic with the following, and any caller input will limited to these topics as well: 1. This whole heinous proposition that the earthquake and tsunami in Japan were in any recompense for the Pearl Harbor attack and/or the result of prayers for God's help against Atheism. In fact, I plan on re-broadcasting several clips of this particular bent of self-obsessed christo-fascism that struck me as particularly disgusting. Which should easily lead us to the idea of 2. Atheist/humanist charity, both as a simple expression of personal impetus and as a definitive movement to differentiate our charity from those hosted and supported by religious organizations. This is directly related to the concept of personal responsibility to community (however defined), and should be interesting if for no other reason than Zach and I disagree on this subject. From there, if the first two topics haven't taken up the entire time, we'll move onto 3. A discussion of current news items relating specifically to the Catholic Church, and the continuing shenanigans of the Westboro Baptists and recent litigation involving their endeavors. For some people in the world, the show time has changed. It's now at 10pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time), which is 3am UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).