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Thinking Unenslaved

Thinking Unenslaved


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Jered Dawnne (aka Synthaetica) is the former host of the "ThinkAtheist Radio Show" (blogtalkradio.com/thinkatheist/) Although raised in the Church of Christ, he divorced himself from religion 25 years ago while serving in the military. On his journey of self discovery, Jered experienced New Age religions and Agnosticism, but his roots are now embedded in Secular Humanism, with a distinct touch of Atheism. Jered focuses on "real world" issues and firmly believes in serving one's community for the greater good. His show is intended to lend support to the Atheist/Agnostic and Humanist communities, as well as to encourage a lively exchange of ideas and perspectives among committed theists and non-theists alike.

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Sorry. It took me a while to get Internet connected down here in my post-rapture bunker. I understand the world is now being ravaged by demons, angels, zombies, and other nefarious things. I hope some of you are left alive to help... more

We unfortunately missed last week due to circumstances beyond our control (aka reality). I was chagrined to miss it, but events shortly thereafter handily lent themselves to providing me with a some decent preparation time for once.... more

Tonight's show will be a little bit different than normal. There are several extinuating circumstances which may preclude the full two hours tonight. I've got an interesting topic for us to discuss (Dreams, Spirituality and Biochemistry),... more

It's the fourth Wednesday of the month, which means we're holding a small contest for blog submissions on the topics noted below. In addition to soliciting content from some of the more prominent bloggers, our panel will read (excerpts... more

Don't imply too much from the title. It just happens to be April 20th, although, some of the current legislation involving marijuana might feed into the conversation. ;-) It's another round table tonight, hopefully with all four of us!... more

Dawnne will be hosting the show from a hotel room in Madison, Wisconsin. We'll be discussing an interesting selection of topics this time, ranging from "Religious Freedom" to theist/atheist relationships. It really should be quite an interesting... more

This week's show will hopefully include several of the co-hosts, and we'll talk about several different current events and their ramifications. Format will be relatively free-form, and we'll take callers. There's no real agenda to tonight,... more

Oops. I have not done the behind-the-scenes work to get everyone here. Tonight will be a very interesting semi-ad-hoc show. At the end of last week's show, I asked the guys to do a Round Table this week, so hopefully they're all planning... more

It's the last Wednesday of the month, which means we're holding a small contest for blog submissions on the topics noted below. Our panel will read (excerpts of) the entries aloud and discuss (no, not necessarily eviscerate if we don't agree)... more

This will be a solo show, but I will take callers. I had hoped to get back on track with our semi-normal routine, but unfortunately most of my guest-hosts are unavailable. I'll admit it'll probably turn into a conversation between myself and... more
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