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Survival Medicine


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Doom and Bloom,Nurse Amy,Dr Bones,Survival,Survival Medicine,Traditional and Alternative Medical Advice including Survival Medicine or Collapse Medicine.

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#355 THE SURVIVAL MEDICINE HOUR PODCAST Southern California has been hit with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake which followed a 6.4 the previous day. Hundreds of smaller quakes have hit the general area as well, and residents are... more

#354 Survival Medicine Hour podcast Ask anyone on the street which of the five senses they would least be willing to sacrifice. They probably will tell you that their vision is the sense they would most want to preserve. Imagine a world where a... more

Public support for the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana is at an all-time ?high?. Many believe that the effects of products made from the Cannabis sativa plant are all ?psychoactive?; that is, mind-altering. Studies,... more

The school year has ended, and families are planning this summer's campouts. Camping trips are a great way to create bonds and memories that will last a lifetime, also a great way to get kids off their smartphones and annoy the heck... more

You might associate armed attacks with wars or survival scenarios, but they can occur in normal times as well. The recent mass shooting in the public facility in Virginia Beach is a reminder that, in these toxic times, no one is safe from... more

Last week, the Altons discussed less invasive methods of wound closure off the grid like steri-strips, butterfly closures, and medical or industrial glues. Those are great for minor injuries, but they aren't solid enough to keep some wounds, say... more

#349 Occasionally, we have the honor of a mention in books that are of benefit and interest to the preparedness community. We have authors like James Wesley Rawles, Franklin Horton, A. J. Powers, Patrick Shier, and Charley Hogwood to... more

SURVIVAL MEDICINE HOUR PODCAST with JOE ALTON MD and AMY ALTON ARNP In survival scenarios, you can bet that there will be lots of injuries that break the skin, your body's natural barrier. Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr.... more

SURVIVAL MEDICINE HOUR PODCAST The use of tourniquets to control bleeding has been in use for centuries, sometimes praised and sometimes reviled as a tool of the devil. We learned a few very painful lessons, though, in Iraq... more

It's a rare individual who passes an entire lifetime without breaking a bone. Accidents happen, and trauma can occur with such force that even bones may be damaged. Injuries to bones present in the form of breaks in the skeletal... more
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