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It looks like the Democrats have turned more Socialist today with Bernie winning in more states? What happened to the Democrat Party? Why do the successes of the Trump Presidency cause the Democrats to freak out? How did so many in... more

Ever wonder why the kids are leaning hard left after years of government schools? Do parents even realize just how much the schools are indoctrinating our kids by teaching climate change, revised history, and prejudice against... more

Could this be planned? Is Hillary working with Bloomberg to take over the nomination process from other Democrats? What will Bernie followers do? Could there be another riot at the Democrat National Convention like there was in... more

Why do people not pay attention to local politics? Nationally, they like Trump and what he is doing but unfortunately local politicians are depending on locals to stay away, and so are the parties. Local politicians like to take your tax money and... more

Democrats are getting their asses handed to them by President Trump. However, Democrats are doing all they can to bring in illegals to join their party, vote illegally and take over our country. The New Way Forward legislation is as... more

We keep hearing how people need to go into huge debt to get a college degree but where is this all coming from? We have been brainwashed to think that if you get a college degree then you will be guaranteed a great job making lots of... more

Democrats are a mess. They have no clear front running and seem to be losing steam every day. Even Chris Matthews isnt happy with the Democrat field of Presidential Candidates. In the mean time, we have a breather but NEVER think... more

President Trump hit a grand slam last night in his State Of The Union Speech. He listed his accomplishment and blew away the Democrats. Democrats were embarrasing! Why the MIssouri Highway patrol try to kill Jeffrey Weinhaus?

The caucusses in Iowa ended up a disaster! Isnt that what we think of when Democrats run the country? 5 billion for a website for Obamacare and Democrats think they can run anything? No real winner in the caucus because the... more

Republicans better get it together in the primaries because if they send the same people back to D.C. many of those same Republicans will continue to work against the President behind his back as they have done. Why are the voters... more