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Richmond Virginia could be a dangerous place to be but it's the government we need to worry about. Virginia governor along with his cohorts are trying to take guns away but the people are not sitting by. Many from all over will be there in... more

Government education has turned into government indoctrination. When most of the professors are far leftists and teaching at tax payer funded universitites should these professors be fired? What do we do to get our schools back? They are... more

Impeachment could mean devestating news for the Democrats and Establishment Republicans but will a trial really happen? Who would they call as witnesses and just how much would it sink many politicians? Could this be the best thing to... more

Here we go again! Nancy says she will send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate! In the mean time, the pathetic Dems continue to criticize Trump for Iran and even siding with the terrorists. Can the Dems be this stupid? The media of... more

The Democrats have no shame. While there is a possible war going on, Democrats continue their partisanship and even taking up the side of the terrorists? What is that all about? Muslims in Congress are in concert with the... more

Wow, It's unbelievable that the left has associated themselves with the terrorists. These are the same terrorists that execute gay people and treat women as sub humans. What happened to the democrat party as many former democrats turn... more

What happened to the Democrat Party? It seems the Democrats are partnering with terrorists over our own President! Is power that much more important than patriotism? This as the Democrats want to remove our President from office due... more

Well the dumbass Democrats impeached President Trump on Wednesday strictly because of partisan reasons. No doubt the Democrats have wrote off any chance for a Democrat to be elected President and will lose control of the House.... more

None of this makes real sense because it looks like the ONLY success is to stain the President's record. Trump will NOT be found guilty and that is the end. Will it be worth it for the Democrats? Will Trump get the support in those swing... more

Now we all see why most good people do NOT want to run for elected positions? Who would want to break up their happy life to take on such an unforgiving job? Who wants to have most of their lives investigate for things he/she did many... more