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Hillary has the Media on their side and they are willing to compete against the Trump voters. Who owns the Media? Why are they doing their bidding for? Where is the establishment in all of this?

The Media had the debate all set up. Lester Holt was part of the Hillary debate team. He had anti Trump questions and was the "fact checker" only against Donald Trump. Did people see this?

Will Hillary continue her lies and hide her record? Will Hillary talk about Benghazi? Will Donald Trump stay on message or will he attack Hillary on substance or personal?

We keep hearing how politicians are doing all they can to keep us safe but are they? Do you feel safer with Hillary Clinton in charge or Donald Trump? Why arent the good ones in a group calling out the bad apples?

Getting the majority to vote for Donald Trump is NOT Trump's biggest problem. The Establishment of both parties have worked hard to insure they get the voting results they want. How can this be stopped? What kind of VOTE FRAUD will the... more

Are you paying attention to the media on how they are withholding information and editiing out information to favor Hillary? What happened to the Media? Who really controls the media?

Is their really a Federal Income tax law that forces Americans to pay a tax? Why are many experts saying there isnt but we end up paying it anyway?

What kind of cover up is going on with the lamestream media? What have they been hiding? Is Trump heading for a landslide?

Talking about lots of new this morning. What about policing for profit? Why is this happening? Idiot protestors show up at the Mike Pence rally to slam Phylis Schlafley. That and much more on today's show!

Is voter fraud a big problem? What ways of cheating will happen and who will do it? What should be the penalties?