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From music to politics, current events to local happenings, this show is dedicated straight talk about everything that you need to hear.

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There were things "The Voice" wanted to continue talking about from last week's broadcast, and some of it will be talked about. Probaly.However, the day's really tragic events in Dallas, Texas have eclipsed most other newsworthy stories. The... more

Lack of motivation is a very terrible thing, especially if you know that you really want or need to do something that may matter to you. Your host "The Voice", has, like nearly everyone else, noticed things in society that seem to border on... more

It's been said the hardest part of a long trip ?is the first step. That probably applies equally well to doing a podcast, or at least it does in the case of your host, "The Voice." After a long period of inexcusable non-motivation an attempt... more

More terrorist-based shootings, public rallies against the recent spate of police-caused deaths or one political candidate running with a sock-in-the-gut platform, there is, as always, plenty of topics to talk, rant, rave, or even for... more

Jazz Fest, smoke free housing possibilities, maybe some other stuff that comes to mind.

From two acts of completely crazy gun violence in the last week to a guy named God (and why that's perfectly alright) to the Jenner Transgender Sensation, there's opinion-worthy topics all over the news as well as in our own personal... more

Baltimore; Riots and looting; State of emergency; Another death of a Black person at the hands of the police. Seems like it's the same story now as it has been through the decades. Not so, unless you look at the surface of the picture, but... more

Needless to say, the riots that occured in Baltimore, Maryland are the big topic here in the USA. And to add to that a Major League Baseball game played without the public in attendance generates even more opinions and doubtless... more

Straight talk on a number of things that have happened over the last two weeks or more, and a look at some of the threads in our social fabric that has your host, "The Voice", at times worried, other times confused, and most of the time ticked... more

Your host, "The Voice", comments on things that have occurred over the past couple of weeks, from the big beatdown by a gang of girls at a fast food restaurant to a street throwdown at the St. Patrick's Day Parade and how the... more