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Thy "Friend", Thy "Big Brother"

  • Broadcast in Politics
Doreen La Guardia

Doreen La Guardia


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"Your ability to be human does not apply the minute you step outside your doorstep." (Finkle) We all remember the story of 1984 wrtten by "Big Brother?" Just how close are we living in 1984 "themes" today. Consider this.One day you are at a barbecue and enjoying yourself. The neighbor next door is filiming a video about gardening. The conversation at your barbecue involves the slave trade. During this conversation, you wind up talking about diversity. You say something to the effect that each culture should have their own country. The blacks should have theirs and the whites their own. The neighbor edits his video about gardening and your converstion.The only part about your conversation that goes up on the video is the part inwhich you said ,"Whites should have their own country. " His video goes up on facebook, twitter, and many other social media sites. Because it is popular, it gets 10,000 hits. One person listening to it is another neighbor and friend. He interprets it as racist and stops talking to you.He tells people he knows and who you also know.  People in general stop talking to you. Word gets around to someone in your work place. It then makes its way to the HR person. Several weeks later, you are fired without a general cause. Now you have a family to look after.The ability to be human has been lost since the minute you step out your door, you can be filmed. Years ago,if you made a mistake and said something that wasn't right, you were forgiven and it was forgotten about. With the technological digital age, that is no longer so.  This show sponsored by ladylibertyinstitute log onto our forum here: Youthforindependence