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Every season is a different fictional tale. A mini-series for the ears. Every season will introduce a new genre, a new plot, and new characters.

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After talking to his mom, John heads for the next town. He has decided to end the walk after losing all of his stuff. As he walks along the highway, a friendly local offers some assitance and gives John a place to rest for the night. Visit... more

Chase and John have split up. Now John must travel alone. A week passes and he seems to be getting used to it. But when John reaches Alabama, and goes to restock supplies at a busy gas station, tragedy strikes! Don't forget to rate and... more

Once again things are awkward between John and Chase and John isn't exactly sure why. While resting on the side of the road in Tennessee, John thinks about screenwriting again. He tells Chase of a story that he wrote back in highschool.... more

Thanks to Chase, John is able to narrowly escape death. After they cross another bridge into Kentucky, they can relax as they start heading south. John makes several calls to family and friends to help pass the time.

Even with a black eye, John agrees to go out to eat with Chase, Kathy, and her husband. They hit up a small Mexican restaurant and talk about traveling. When Chase and John leave Salem, they head for Illinois, but a couple of narrow... more

John and Chase make it to the Lynn Motel. They're able to get a room and relax. But things soon get heated between them after John insists they talk... and the awkwardness ensues. John then has a realization of what's to come with the... more

Things are still tense between John and Chase. It doesn't help that they are also having a very bad week of walking. Nonstop rain, horrible roads, diversions, and an awkward encounter with some weird locals have made walking tough.... more

Things continue to change for the group after their fight. Liz, knowing that things are over between her and Chase, makes a big decision that could ultimately make the walk even more awkward than it already is. And John dreads... more

After figuring out that Liz cheated, Chase confronts John, which leads to a long yelling match in the middle of Nebraska. Harsh words are thrown around and hearts are broken as the fight ultimately leads to a sad ending that seems like... more

John, Chase, and Liz continue their trek through Nebraska. The heat and lack of shade makes walking tough, and at one point the group runs out of water. Life Straw to the rescue! The walking doesn't get easier when the group has a bad... more