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Stories We Live By

The Stories We Live By


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Retelling our own life stories that are creative and hopeful rather living as victims and in despair.

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First I will rant and rave about my beloved country's continuing descent into barbarism. As usual we will hear the usual nonsense about the need to pray for the victims and their families, adding millions of more guns into the population... more

A more detailed discussion about the process of being diagnosed as mentally ill or disordered and the long term interpersonal and intrapersonal consequences of believing that one is permenantly damaged as a human being. The difference... more

To be a patient in any therapeutic relationship structured by the medical model and to be working with a mental health professional not consciously committed to democratic principles is to be enmeshed in procedures that are inherently... more

Another bloodbath in a school and another discussion about what to do to stop the violence. A growing group of citizens argue that it makes sense to ban military style weapons from being sold to non military personnel while those supporting... more

We have to ask what the psychological and social cost to our society when, we as citizens, fail to stop the never ending and ever increasing violence in our society. When our children grow up fearing to go to school and watch the... more

Another discussion in my series of how psycho"therapy" represents a huge shift in human relationships both between and within people. I will discuss the rise of literacy and the concepts of universal education, the change in the arts in recent... more

The human evolved social political default position has historically been authoritarian (demanding obedient behavior to authority) and or totalitarian (which also demands obedience in thought and emotion). For several centuries the... more

America faces numerous serious problems but the problems are never defined except in terms of who is to blame, personal vitriol, and stances that either appeal only to the emotions or logic that avoids discussing the actual suffering... more

I find politicians, especially the current crop in high office in Washington to be facinating and terrifying. I know nothing about the innner workings of the political mind as I have no contact with any of them. I assume that the best way to... more

My chosen profession has been in the so-called mental health field but all that was ever discussed by those in my profession were so called mental illnesses which later in my career were redefined as mental disorders. I have long... more