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Chris Jay & Al Suarez will discuss the up to 100 activists this past week have been arrested in St Louis/Ferguson on the year anniversary of the killing of Mike Brown by officer Darren Wilson. People have been shot by the police, as well as... more

The US Political Prisoners Two young men who have been political prisoners in the US, one of whom Al has met personally, will be our guests. Chris Jay and Al Suarez of Voice of Rebellion Radio will talk on the topic of political prisoners.... more

Darryl Cherney potential GPUSA candidate for President and survivor of an FBI set up involving a bomb in the car he was traveling in ,the case was moderately publicized . Darryl Cherney is an environmentalist and may challenge Green... more

Two African greats one who nearly liberated nearly the entire continent of Africa from the Rothschild family to the African Che Guevera who freed Burkina Fasko from an oppressive government Thomas Sankara whose fight will always be... more

Activist Darryl Cherney who was framed in 1990 of a bomb plot with a FBI planted bomb , environmentalist activist musician and possible seeker of GPUSA nomination Darryl Cherney joins the program.

As the US and EU continue to support fascists the worldover, especially in Ukraine, Russia, who had 10s of millions people killed during WWII, who defeated 90% of the Nazis by the time D-Day came on the beaches of Normandy, is... more

May Day is recognized as the international day of the workers yet in the U.S. it is often demonized on the media, it is now in general obscurity. We will talk about what May Day is it's originations break some myths that it is associated with... more

Voice of Rebellion will be discussing the U.S. nearing martial law with open Jade Helm at the same time as the Yemen War crisis

In the past few months when the US has made sanctions against nations it has backfired. From Russia, to Iran, and now with the UN deciding to sanction Houthis in Yemen and make sure Al Qaida is armed there, while the country... more

ted as an activist for Puerto Rican independence (independista) at Florida International University in Miami. Hosts Chris Jay and Al Suarez interview her on Voice of Rebellion radio out of Stay Bold radio. Al and Chris have been targetted... more