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Communism or Fascism what are the merits, and accomplishments of both systems we debate

Cynthia McKinney was a former congresswoman , who served about 12 years in the House of Representatives. In 2004 and 2008 she ran for President us er the Green Party , and has been known for speaking out on 9/11 , Israel and much... more

Vince Easley comes onto this show to discuss his experience at the Las Vegas Bundy Trials, and we will discuss the Las Vegas shooting.

Today a mix show with topics from Ukraine to Venezuela to Syria. This show is a general mix show and you never know what to expect in these shows.

Ever wondered what was the driving motive for the Assad Govt. prior to the war and continuing into today? Ever wonder why Israel wants to destroy Syria so badly, and why they went after Libya so far. These questions will be answered... more

We will interview a man who met President Maduro and Venezuela first lady just in the last 2 weeks. Dakotah also went on FOX News and destroyed the mainstream corporate media propaganda about Venezuela, Dakotah is a... more

9/11 happened 16 years ago Monday, still many questions were never answered . How does Jet fuel melt steel?Why did 2.3 Trillion dollars go unaccounted for the day before 9/11. Why did Cheney tell Noorad to stand down. Why was there... more

North Korea and US relations may have reached a new point of tension but is there a real threat of war? We will discuss

The United States and Iran are near a breaking point. At the same time tensions between DPRK and the US are nearing a boiling over. On a smaller scale the US has been threatening action against Venezuela, is the US all talk? Or will... more

Charlottesville was a tragedy, however is the media or the president's take on the events correct. There are key elements absent from both sides reporting of the events , and I will give you a non Dem or Republicans filtering of the events.